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Samoa: 23. Ted SIKOVI (GK), 2. John HALL, 4. Filipo BURETA, 7. Andrew MOBBERLEY, 9. Paulo SCANLAN, 10. Desmond FAAIUASO (c), 13. Lionel TAYLOR, 14. Keone KAPISI, 16. Marcus ALIMONTI, 18. Henry PUPI, 20. Silao MALO
Absent: 5. Jarrell SALE, 11. Jai INGHAM
Substitutes: 1. Faalavelave MATAGI (GK), 3. Kaipo TAGALOA, 6. Ryan MARTIN, 8. Cameron MARTIN, 12. Mike SAOFAIGA, 15. Luki GOSCHE, 17. Joseph TYRELL, 19. Lapa TONI, 21. Samualu MALO, 22. Charlie TAPELU (GK),
Coach: Scott EASTHOPE (NZL)
Papua New Guinea: 20. Ronald WARISAN, (GK), 2. Daniel JOE, 4. Alwin KOMOLONG, 5. Felix KOMOLONG, 7. Raymond GUNEMBA, 8. Michael FOSTER, 9. Nigel DABINGYABA, 12. David MUTA (c), 17. Jacob SABUA, 18. Tommy SEMMY, 19 Koriak UPAIGA
Substitutes: 1. Ishmael POLE, (GK), 3. Valentine NELSON, 6. Patrick AISA, 10. Obert BIKA, 11. Wira WAMA, 13. Roland BALA, 14. Emmanuel SIMON, 15. Philip STEVEN, 16. Jeremy YASASA, 21. Sammie CAMPBELL, 22. Otto KUSUNAN, 23. Leslie KALAI (GK)
Coach: Flemming SERRITSLEV (DEN)
Match Officials
Referee: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Hilmon SESE (VAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Johnny ERICK (SOL)
Fourth Official: George TIME (SOL)
FULL-TIME: Samoa 0-8 Papua New Guinea
90’+4′ PNG continue attacking with a four-pronged attack going up against just three defenders
90’+3′ SIMON breaks but HALL gets a toe in to deny the shot
90’+3′ SUB PNG Patrick AISA comes in for Nigel DABINGYABA
90’+2′ DABINGYABA pulls the ball back into the box but there’s a lack of finishing
90’+1′ GUNEMBA plays SIMON in but he stumbles and can’t collect
Three minutes additional time
90′ SAOFAIGA can’t get the ball before A. KOMOLONG
90′ A. KOMOLONG with time to pick out FOSTER who has his cross shot blocked by SIKOVI
89′ SEMMY attempts to hook the ball in at the near post but SIKOVI meets his effort and sees it off for a corner
88′ GUNEMBA rounds three players before releasing but has pulled the effort too wide
88′ MISS! Alwin KOMOLONG steps up to take the penalty but sees it twice saved by SIKOVI to deny him
87′ RED CARD Keone KAPISI is shown a straight red after bringing down Raymond GUNEMBA in the box
86′ GUNEMBA goes down in teh box
85′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-8 Papua New Guinea Raymond GUNEMBA with a hat-trick as he rounds SIKOVI and shoots
85′ Long ball from HALL but A.KOMOLONG brings it down and GUNEMBA is away
83′ SUB PNG Koriak UPAIGA is replaced by Jeremy YASASA
82′ MOBBERLEY with a long delivery looking for SAOFAIGA but Alwin KOMOLONG beats him to the ball
81′ SUB SAM Marcus ALIMONTI is replaced by Lapa TONI
80′ SEMMY thunders his free kick goalwards but it’s just pushed outside the upright by SIKOVI
79′ YELLOW CARD Lionel TAYLOR is cautioned for Samoa
74′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-7 Papua New Guinea SIKOVI punches away but Nigel DABINGYABA is on-point with his finish
70′ SUB SAM Desmond FAAIUASO is replaced by Mike SAOFAIGA
69′ SEMMY with options but opts to go himself but can’t finish
68′ SIKOVI races out and this time keeps a tight hold in the ball as GUNEMBA bears down
67′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-6 Papua New Guinea Koriak UPAIGA adds to PNG’s tally
65′ Again DABINGYABA is free on the right as the ball is played wide but he opts to play middle and Samoa are able to temporarily relieve the pressure
63′ DABINGYABA attempts to bring down a cross but instead sends the ball out for a goal kick
63′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-5 Papua New Guinea A mistake from SIKOVI under pressure sees Raymond GUNEMBA play into an empty net for Papua New Guinea’s fifth of the evening
62′ Silao MALO plays the ball through to MOBBERLEY but the flag on the far side goes up as he takes a touch
61′ YELLOW CARD Desmond FAAIUASO is cautioned following a challenge on DABINGYABA
59′ SUB PNG Jacob SABUA makes room for Emmanuel SIMON
58′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-4 Papua New Guinea Raymond GUNEMBA draws SIKOVI off his line before laying off to Nigel DABINGYABA who calmly plays the ball into the back of the net
58′ Samoa with a rare venture into PNG’s half but they can’t finish
57′ SIKOVI fumbles the ball but manages to smother it before PNG can do any damage
57′ SUB SAM Henry PUPI is replaced by Joseph TYRELL
56′ FAAIUASO with a clumsy challenge gives away a free kick
55′ SEMMY plays a tidy pass wide to DABINGYABA who takes two touches as he lines up his shot but sends well over the target
54′ Silao MALO blocks on the line as GUNEMBA shoots from a metre out
53′ MOBBERLEY has a go from just off the left of the area but his shot lacks power and it becomes an easy take for WARISAN
52′ UPAIGA takes off the foot opponent to send PNG back on attack
51′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-3 Papua New Guinea Michael FOSTER gets his brace as he fires in a close range shot
50′ GUNEMBA whips in a corner but its tipped over the cross bar by SIKOVI
49′ HALL halts DABINGYABA as he goes in on goal
48′ Strong passing passage from Papua New Guinea, the ball is played to SEMMY out wide but the flag goes up as he bears down on SIKOVI
46′ Back underway in the second half with PNG continuing to pressure the Samoa backline from the outset
HALF-TIME: Samoa 0-2 Papua New Guinea
45’+2′ GUNEMBA flashes the ball over the wall but it’s punched off the line by SIKOVI
45’+2′ Free kick for PNG 10m off the top of the penalty area
45’+1′ Dangerous for Samoa as SIKOVI comes off his line leaving the goal mouth open, but GUNEMBA can’t take advantage
45′ Two minutes additional time
44′ SEMMY lines up a long range shot but he’s mis-hit it well off target
43′ Excellent defending from JOE to touch the ball off the foot of MOBBERLEY and send PNG on the counter
43′ Another exciting build-up from DABINGYABA and GUNEMBA with the latter just sending his effort over the target
42′ PUPI sends but gives it far too much and it’s a goal kick for PNG
41′ A shove from behind by Tommy SEMMY on SCANLAN gives Samoa possession on the half mark
41′ Felix KOMOLONG leaps at the back post to head down the corner but he sends it outside the upright
40′ PUPI does just enough to slow the advance by FOSTER but Samoa aren’t out of trouble as they face down another corner
37′ FAAIUASO goes through two defenders who remain on his tail as he lines up to shoot – his effort is straight at WARISAN as he makes claims for a penalty
36′ The ball bobbles wide after taking a deflection for a Samoa throw
36′ GUNEMBA whips in a corner but it’s headed away by John HALL
33′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-2 Papua New Guinea Raymond GUNEMBA does a couple of turns, wrong-footing the keeper before slotting in PNG’s second
33′ UPAIGA with a decent intercept to prevent the ball getting to FAAIAUSO
32′ SABUA with a long range effort that’s tipped over by SIKOVI
31′ SEMMY with another crossed delivery but GUNEMBA can’t get a decent touch to it
31′ Daniel JOE attempts a cross from the right but sends it behind the goal
30′ GUNEMBA brings down a cross, and shoots but the flag has already been raised for offside
29′ The ball falls nicely for UPAIGA who has drifted into midfield, he takes a pop but it’s well stopped by SIKOVI who is having a great game
28′ SEMMY loops a cross in but it’s cleared out
27′ SEMMY tries to chip the keeper from out wide but his effort drops behind the cross bar
26′ One-two play from DABINGYABA and GUNEMBA but they can’t quite finish some im
pressive build-up with a shot
26′ SEMMY and DABINGYABA have switched flanks with latter now playing up the left for PNG
25′ DABINGYABA makes a strong push into the area, cuts the ball back for his attacking partner but it’s cleared away
24′ A five-strong defensive circle surrounds SCANLAN to win the ball back as he attempts to create a chance for Samoa
23′ GUNEMBA with a solo run into the penalty area, he beats two but SIKOVI puts up a decent block to deny
22′ MUTA sees UPAIGA at the other end and sends long but SIKOVI is at the edge of his area to smother
21′ MOBBERLEY sees SCANLAN making a free run up the right but gives his pass far too much
20′ SIKOVI comes out to block, GUNEMBA holds the ball and manages to get off a cross with an empty goal but it’s put out by Henry PUPI for a corner
18′ SEMMY sends to the back post for an arriving DABINGYABA but it falls over the goal line
18′ A double-challenge on SEMMY earns PNG a free kick 20m off the corner of the area
17′ UPAIGA’s clearance comes off Desmond FAAIUASO
16′ SABUA with the corner delivery, SIKOVI slaps away from danger and it takes a touch on the way out for a goal kick
16′ GUNEMBA feeds through for SEMMY who takes a touch and drills low but SIKOVI drops to push outside his post
14′ Papua New Guinea putting pressure on Samoa’s defence but GUNEMBA is dispossessed
13′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-1 Papua New Guinea Michael FOSTER calmly slots between SIKOVI and his post to open the scoring for PNG
13′ Keone KAPISI doesn’t much around clearing straight out
13′ SABUA plays between two defenders for SEMMY to chase but gives it just enough to see it run through to SIKOVI
12′ PNG make a quick counter attack and although SEMMY has time in the middle Samoa swarm to close down his shot
11′ Andrew MOBBERLEY combines with Silao MALO – the former sends in a cross but MALO fluffs the volley in front of goal
10′ SIKOVI is back on his feet and getting ready for a goal kick
9′ SIKOVI has gone down at his post and requires treatment
8′ GUNEMBA receives and plays through to SEMMY who goes at goal, he turns inside but SIKOVI does enough to disrupt and SEMMY sends his effort wide
7′ Back up the other end with Raymond GUNEMBA taking on three defenders and the keeper – his cross is just out of SIKOVI’s reach but the back post finish hits side net
7′ Jacob SABUA tries a tricky backheel in the box but it’s picked up by ALIMONTI and Samoa counter
6′ Daniel JOE races up the right but has to come back after meeting Marcus ALIMONTI at the back for Samoa
5′ MUTA goes down in a challenge from Filipo BURETA which earns the hosts a free kick
4′ Ronald WARISAN clears a shot to David MUTA in the centre of the park but Samoa have won back and apply pressure
3′ Poor goal kick from Ted SIKOVI is played wide by Raymond GUNEMBA for Nigel DABINGYABA who can’t quite get the cross in for SEMMY to finish
3′ Michael FOSTER with a cross-shot that goes out the back by-line
2′ Koriak UPAIGA looks for options up front but opts back to Alwin KOMOLONG who distributes long
1′ Tommy SEMMY makes a lightning run up the left wing but Desmond FAAIUASO and Paulo SCANLAN close down his attack
1′ Papua New Guinea kick things off in the final group match for the hosts and their opponents Samoa

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