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New Caledonia 7 – 0 American Samoa

See below for all the play-by-play action.
The starting line-ups were as follows:
New Caledonia: 1. Beatrice TOLUAFE (GK), 2. Glenda JAINE, 3. Marie WANAKAIJA, 4. Claire KAEMO, 5. Marielle HAOCAS, 6. Marilyse LOLO, 9. Christelle WAHNAWE (c), 10. Celine XOLAWAWA, 12. Cheyenne DIEUMA, 13. Madeleine JAINE, 17. Kim MAGUIRE
American Samoa: 1. Sancia SOPOAGA (GK), 2. Meleane IOAPO, 3. Fuataina SIATUU, 5. Fiso LETOI, 7. Tuiemanu RIPLEY, 9. Moaga SIAULAIGA, 14. Lela WAETIN (c), 15. Nikki TOLMIE, 16. Ava MANAO, 18. Trixie MAVAEGA, 20. Alma MANAO
Referee: Tupou PATIA (COK)
Assistant referee 1: Jovita QILAMASALA (SOL)
Assistant referee 2: Wanting YAGUM (PNG)
4th official: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
The match kicks off
2′ New Caledonia captain Christelle Wahnawe has the first chance of the match when she chests down a bouncing ball and shoots but her effort goes well over the bar
4′ Wahnawe lays the ball off for Celine Xolawawa but her volley is nowhere near the target and rolls out for a goalkick
6′ New Caledonia have a great opportunity to score when goalkeeper Sancia Sopoaga fails to deal with a dangerous situation on the edge of her box and Kim Maguire fails to direct the loose ball home
7′ Sopoaga maes a good save at the feet of Madeleine Jaine
11′ New Caledonia very nearly go ahead when Wahnawe tries to control in the box under pressure from Sopoaga and can’t get a clean enough connection to score
12′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 1 – American Samoa 0: The home side does go ahead this time and it is Wahnawe has gets the goal, sliding the ball past Sopoaga and just inside the near post
13′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 2 – American Samoa 0: New Caledonia have their second and again Wahnawe is the scorer, this time finishing off a Kim Maguire cross with the outside of her right boot
18′ Xolawawa shoots from the edge of the box but her effort flies across the face of goal
19′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 3 – American Samoa 0: Les Cagous go further in front when Kim Maguire lofts the ball over Sopoaga
20′ Maguire has another effort seconds later but it goes straight to Sopoaga this time
22′ Wahnawe tries to complete an early hat-trick but her lob sails over the bar
26′ American Samoa are enjoying their best spell of the match but are yet to create a chance
30′ After suffering that early goal rampage, American Samoa have found their feet and the match is now a much more even affair
32′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 4 – American Samoa 0: Their hard work is undone again though when Wahnawe earns her hat-trick but finishing off a Glenda Jaine cross
35′ Sopoaga makes a good save from a Wahnawe shot
37′ Madeleine Janie strikes the side netting for New Caledonia after her own cross comes back to her at the near post
39′ Wahnawe charges towards goal but is called back for offside
43′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 5 – American Samoa 0: Wahnawe has her fourth of the afternoon with another good finish as Les Cagous continue to run rampant
45′ Celine Xolawawa sees her close-range effort tipped over the bar by Sopoaga
The first half comes to an end
The second half kicks off
46′ Xolawawa has a chance straight away but her curled effort can’t beat Sopoaga
49′ Les Cagous have a free kick in a useful position wide on the left but the usually reliable Wahnawe wastes it with a poor delivery
52′ Xolawawa hits a strike straight at Sopoaga
56′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 6 – American Samoa 0: Wahnawe scores yet again when she gets around Sopoaga and slides the ball into an empty net
59′ Sopoaga makes a good save from a Wahnawe effort
63′ SUBSTITUTION: Fiso Letoi is replaced by Tasi Alailesulu for American Samoa
65′ SUBSTITUTION: Kim Maguire is replaced by Stephanie Pahoa for New Caledonia
67′ YELLOW CARD: Substitute Pahoa is cautioned for New Caledonia
67′ SUBSTITUTION: Cheyenne Dieuma is replaced by Kamene Xowie for New Caledonia
72′ Trixie Mavaega has one of American Samoa’s best attempts of the match but can’t beat goalkeeper Beatrice Toluafe from the edge of the area
73′ SUBSTITUTION: Fuataina Siatuu is replaced by Filiga Ioapo for American Samoa
76′ SUBSTITUTION: Marilyse Lolo is replaced by Marjorie Pouye for New Caledonia
78′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 7 – American Samoa 0: Substitute Pouye makes an immediate impact by scoring her side’s seventh
83′ SUBSTITUTION: Nikki Tolmie is replaced by Julliam Muasau for American Samoa
90′ Three minutes of injury time will be played
The final whistle is blown

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