Ba 1-2 Amicale FC

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Referee: Kader ZITOUNI [TAH]
Assistant Referee 1: Paul AHUPU [TAH]
Assistant Referee 2: Phillipe REVEL [TAH]
Fourth Official: Ravitesh BEHARI [FIJ]
Ba [FIJ] v Amicale [VAN]
Govind Park, Ba, Fiji
Sunday 27 April 2014
Kick-off: 1pm
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI [TAH]
1. Epeli CODRO [GK], Avinesh SUWAMY, 3. Meli CODRO, 4. Marika MADIGI, 5. Ronil KUMAR, 6. Jone VESIKULA, 7. Maciu DUNADAMU, 12. Remueru TEKIATE, 14. Peni FINAU, 15. Osea VAKATALESAU, 18. Laisenia RAURA.
SUBS: 8. Aisea CODRO, 9. Abbu ZAHID, 10. Mavileko NAKAMA, 11. Josefata NEIBULI, 13. Kini VILIAME, 19. Manasa NAWAKULA, 20. Shameel RAO, 21. Samuela NABENIA, 22. Jone SOROLO [GK], 23. Leone VURAKANIA, 26. Epeli LAIROTI.

Coach: Yogendra DUTT (FIJ)

AMICALE: 1. Chikau MANSALE (GK), 4. Davide TALONE, 9. Esava NAQELECA, 10. Nikola VASILIC, 13. Francois SAKAMA, 16. Daniel NATOU, 17. Nelson SALE, 34. Colin MARSHALL, 29. Dominique FRED, 30. Jack WETNEY, 31. Marko DORDEVIC,
SUBS: 20. Michael RUTHERFORD (GK), 18. Robert TOM, 21. Paul YOUNG, 24. Kensi TANGIS, 25. Laitia TUILAU, 26. Silas NAMATAK, 8. Milan MATIC, 35. Richard ANISUA, 37. Fenedy MASAUVAKOLO

Coach: Nathan HALL (AUS)
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0′- Match kicks off
1′- Peni FINAU intercepts but David TALONE has the ball for Amicale
2′- Amicale free-kick taken by Colin MARSHALL after Daniel NATOU was fouled by Osea VAKATALESAU
3′- MARSHALL plays a ball to Nikolas VASILIC but Ba repel the attack.
4′- Colin MARSHALL plays a long ball forward but TEKIATE heads clear. Amicale retrieve and shoot but saved by Epeli CODRO.
5′- Francois SAKAMA runs into Marika MADIGI and its an Amicale throw-in.
6′- Nelson SALE combines with MARSHALL who crosses but Nikolas DORDEVIC header is wide.
7′- Free-kick for Amicale after foul by VAKATALESAU. Daniel NATOU shot saved by Epeli CODRO.
8′- Nikolas VASILIC shot draws another save by Epeli CODRO – Amicale on top in the early stages.
9′- DORDEVIC through ball intended for MARSHALL is cut off by the Ba defence.
10′- Avinesh SUWAMY tries to set Osea VAKATALESAU clear but his pass is overhit.
11′- Nelson SALE thwarts Osea VAKATALESAU who was bearing down on goalkeeper Chikau MANSALE – good defending by SALE.
11′- GOAL! Avinesh SUWAMY scores for Ba! A quick throw taken and SUWAMY lashes home a great goal.
12′- A crowd of around 3,500 has built up at Govind Park.
13′- Free-kick for Amicale to be taken by Daniel NATOU.
14′- Kini VILIAME loses possession to Jack WETNEY. Late tackle by VILIAME on David TALONE.
15′- Ronil KUMAR ball for Maciu DUNDAMU is collected by Chikau MANSALE.
16′- Corner kick for Ba after Laisenia RAURA shot deflected wide by MANSALE with DUNADAMU unable to tap it home from close range.
17′- DUNADAMU slams a shot high over the crossbar.
18′- David TALONE floats high ball into the box but headed away by Osea VAKATALESAU.
19′- Corner kick for Amicale taken by Colin MARSHALL.
20′- DORDEVIC, VASILIC all up for the corner but goalkeeper Epeli CODRO punches clear and earns himself a free-kick.
21′- Long driven ball forward forces Nelson SALE into heading the ball out for a throw-in.
22′- Amicale push forward through Nelson SALE and Dominique FRED. MARSHALL finds WETNEY and Ba concede a corner.
23′- David TALONE takes the corner.
24′- Marko DOREDEVIC wins the header but fails to test Epeli CODRO.
24′- YELLOW CARD Marko DORDEVIC goes into Kader ZITOUNI’s book after a deliberate handball.
25′- Free-kick for Ba taken by Avinesh SUWAMY but Amicale clear the danger.
26′- Free-kick for Amicale taken by Colin MARSHALL.
27′- David TALONE finds Daniel NATOU who plays it wide to Esava NAQALECA but the Amicale attack breaks down.
28′- Remueru TEKIATE steps in to win the ball for Ba.
29′- TALONE under pressure concedes a throw-in deep inside Amicale territory.
30′- Maciu DUNADAMU earns a corner kick after Nelson SALE chased down the Ba striker.
31′- Corner swings in but is punched away by Chikau MANSALE – Avinesh SUWAMY left foot drive hit and MANSALE saves – its another Ba corner.
32′- Corner punched away again by MANSALE. SUWAMY is again there but this time his shot hits the side-netting.
33′- Amicale on the counter-attack with Colin MARSHALL who crosses but Jone VESIKULA heads clear for Ba.
34′- Avinesh SUWAMY cross looks for Osea VAKATALESAU who fouls Chikau MANSALE.
34′ – Nelson SALE down injured and the players take on refreshments. SALE looks fit to continue.
35′- Long ball played forward into Ba territory. VASILIC wins the ball and brings NATOU into play. Patient build-up by Amicale.
36′- Dominique FRED tackled by Laisenia RAURA.
37′- Osea VAKATALESAU turns Colin MARSHALL but runs into Daniel NATOU who quells the threat.
38′- Avinesh SUWAMY tries a long range dipping shot that fails to threaten Chikau MANSALE’s goal.
39′- Francois SAKAMA makes a slide tackle on Osea VAKATALESAU.
40′- Corner kick for Amicale.
41′- Marko DORDEVIC wins the header but again its wide and Ba will restart with a goal kick.
42′- Jone VESIKULA takes a throw-in and Ba look to break quickly. DUNADAMU shoots straight at Chikau MANSALE.
43′- Daniel NATOU tries a forlorn shot from distance and Epeli CODRO will restart with a goal kick.
44′- Dominique FRED plays the ball in-field and Kini VILIAME concedes a corner after miscontrolling the ball.
45′- Osea VAKATALESAU looks for a free-kick after being clipped by referee Kader ZITOUNI says no.
45′- Just one minute of additional time to be played.
45+1′ – Laisenia RAURA tackles Dominique FRED and Amicale have a throw-in.
45+2′ – Francois SAKAMA shoots but Epeli CODRO saves.
HALFTIME – Ba 1-0 Amicale
46′- The match restarts. No changes for either side.
47′- Francois SAKAMA links with Jack WETNEY as Peni FINAU and TEKIATE shut down the Solomon Islands international player.
48′- David TALONE shuts down Osea VAKATALESAU after good work by Laisenia RAURA.
49′- Ba start the second half at a fierce pace hemming Amicale into their own penalty area. Pressure off with a free-kick for the Ni-Vanuatu club.
49′- YELLOW CARD Laisenia RAURA [BA]
50′- David TALONE defends desperately to keep Osea VAKATALESAU at bay.
51′- Colin MARSHALL pass for Dominique FRED is picked off and Ba counter-attack only for Nelson SALE to halt Maciu DUNADAMU.
52′- Avinesh SUWAMY cross is headed away by Marko DORDEVIC.
53′- Osea VAKATALESAU spots Chikau MANSALE off his line but his attempted lob is a poor one and Amicale survive.
54′- Colin MARSHALL wins a free-kick for Amicale. Its taken but Ba concede a corner.
55′- Jack WETNEY takes the corner for Amicale. Headed away by Osea VAKATALESAU but the ball deflects off DORDEVIC for a goal kick.
56′- SUBSTITUTION Amicale: Kensi TANGIS on, Francois SAKAMA off.
57′- Jone VESIKULA earns space and unleashes a shot but its just wide.
58′- Marika MADIGI pass is intercepted by Dominique FRED.
59′- GOAL! Dominique FRED equalises for Amicale, his shot squeezing past Epeli CODRO.
60′- Amicale have a spring in their step now.
60′- GOAL! Kensi TANGIS the substitute has nosed Amicale in front! Two goals in one minute!
61′- Ba look stunned as the visitors take the lead and secure two valuable away goals.
62′- SUBSTITUTION Ba: Abbu ZAHID in, Kini VILIAME off.
63′- The tension is
palpable as this amazing match turns toward Amicale’s advantage.
64′- Kensi TANGIS has another shot and it wasn’t far away from a third for Amicale.
65′- Abbu ZAHID finds Osea VAKATALESAU but the ball comes off Nelson SALE – Ba have a corner.
66′- Corner hits the Amicale side-netting – not what the home side needed.
67′- Jack WETNEY finds TANGIS but Laisenia RAURA intercepts and Ba counter-attack.
68′- Remember, Amicale has never beaten Ba before in the OFC Champions League – what a turn around here at Govind Park.
69′- Chikau MANSALE takes a goal-kick for Amicale.
69′- SUBSTITUTION Ba: Josefata NEIBULI on, Laisenia RAURA off
70′- Marika MADIGI squares a ball for Avinesh SUWAMY who shoots but David TALONE flings himself at the shot and blocks it.
71′- Ba shot flashes across the face of the Amicale goal box.
71′- SUBSTITUTION Amicale: Fenedy MASAUVAKOLO on, Daniel NATOU off
72′- Jone VESIKULA plays the ball to Josefat NEIBULI and Ba have a corner kick.
73′- Corner is defended by Amicale.
75′- Nelson SALE heads away a Ba cross.
77′- Avinesh SUWAMY takes the free-kick.
78′- Osea VAKATALESAU looks for a penalty but Marko DORDEVIC clears the danger unflustered.
79′- Osea VAKATALESAU gets into another good position but DORDEVIC is there again to halt the Ba striker.
80′- Remueru TEKIATE finds Ronil KUMAR. Now Peni FINAU has it but a poor pass sees the Ba move break down.
81′- NEIBULI finds Avinesh SUWAMY but the cross isn’t a good one. Amicale clear the danger.
82′- Amicale under some pressure here as they defend this precious 2-1 advantage.
83′- SUBSTITUTION Amicale: Jack WETNEY off, Milan MATIC on.
84′- Avinesh SUWAMY long range shot flies high over the crossbar with Osea VAKATALESAU looking for a cross.
85′- Colin MARSHALL restarts the match with a goal kick.
86′- Nelson SALE has to repel a Ba counter-attack as the home side try to force the game. Amicale launch a counter of their own but VASILIC cross goes out for a goal kick.
87′- Free header for Marko DORDEVIC but its a goal kick. Let off for Ba.
88′- Chikau MANSALE rushes into a clearance as Ba attack.
89′- Marika MADIGI switches play to MAVILAKO. Milan MATIC concedes a throw-in. Time running out for Ba. Amicale just want to hear the fulltime whistle.
90′- A minimum of five additional minutes will be played. More drama to come?
90+1′ – Amicale under pressure. Ronil KUMAR finds NEIBULI but his shot hits the visitors’ side-netting!
90+2′- Dominique FRED is stretchered off with an injury. Ba restart with a throw-in. MADIGI finds VAKATALESAU. Free-kick for Amicale, handball by SUWAMY.
90+3′- Nikolas VASILIC tries to chip Epeli CODRO but its a goal kick.
90+4′- Ba working hard to get possession and a low cross by VAKATALESAU is cut out by Marko DORDEVIC.
90+5′ – Marika MADIGI heads an Amicale free-kick clear from the Ba penalty area.
90+6′- Kensi TANGIS takes the ball into the corner and tries to run time down – corner conceded.
90+7′- Ba counter attack with Osea VAKATALESAU.
90+7′- Fulltime whistle blows.
FULLTIME: Ba 1-2 Amicale

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