Fiji Football Association (FFA) president Doctor Muhammad Shamsud din Sahu Khan is ready to get his hands dirty this season by taking an active role in the ground work of Fiji soccer.

First on the list is assistance to soccer districts affected in the recent flash flooding as the Ba-based lawyer, after the Fiji FA Board of Control meeting on Sunday, will take an active leadership role to close critics’ mouths.

“We have agreed that I will lead a development committee as we have a very revamped programme for 2009. We have changed a lot of programmes starting with the changes of dates for our calendars because of the recent bad weather,” he added.

“We have set aside $200,000 which will be sorely used for development. Starting this year every Super Premier district must have an Under-18 league which will supplement the needs of the Under-20 division. They are also required to have at least two women’s football clubs.”

“We are going to be strong on development where full time development officers will be employed in the West (2), South (2) and also the North. They will be charged with development programmes and I will personally see that work will be done because we have set aside a substantial amount of money for this programme.”

Dr Sahu Khan led the ground work immediately after the BOC assessing damages to his districts from the recent flash flooding.

“Some of our affiliate districts were severely affected and we would provide technical assistance to help them start the new season.”

He said the bad weather forced a redraw in the 2009 fixtures starting with the Pillay Garments Champion Versus Champion Series between Ba and Lautoka on February 7 & 21.  Ba will also play in the Oceania League on February 14 while the National Soccer League, which a sponsor is expected to be announced tomorrow, will kick-off on February 28.

He said the Fiji Bitter FACT will be in Suva on the Queen’s Birthday Holiday in June, the Battle of the Giants which will be played over two weeks could be in Labasa, while Nadi will close the curtains with the Courts Homecentres IDC at the Vodafone Prince Charles Park.

Dr Sahu Khan added that the future of national coach Juan Carlos Buzzetti is under discussion after Fiji’s performances in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Oceanian Qualifiers, 2008 OFC Nations Cup, OFC Men’s Olympic Football Tournament and OFC U-20 Championship last season.  

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