FC Gaitcha 8-1 Lupe Ole Soaga

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A sad way for the Samoans to bow out but for Gaitcha it’s all they could have asked for. They’ll nervously await the results of the final two group matches before learning their fate.
90 +3′ Lifted in toward the back post but the half-volley is uncontrolled. There’s a Lupe player down to receive treatment.
90+2′ It’s a shot from distance by Drawilo to test the makeshift keeper but it’s held safely.
90+1′ Four minutes added on here.
90′ Gosche gets in behind but the flag is raised.
88′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 8-1 LUPE OLE SOAGA! It’s another substitute on the scoresheet – Kaqea is played in behind and he taps home Gaitcha’s eighth.
87′ Substitution for Lupe, Vaa Taualai is coming on in place of Lionel Taylor.
84′ The calculations are getting tricky for Gaitcha. If it stays this way they require a Ba loss or anything other than a draw in Auckland v Amicale to advance.
83′ Kai is in behind again but it’s offside. Meanwhile, a yellow card is shown to one of the Lupe defenders.
82′ Gaitcha make a sub – Albert Kaqea is on for Jim Ouka. Ouka receives a round of applause from his coach – he asked for goals for his front line and they have delivered.
81′ The crowd is starting to get in behind the Samoans now, who are playing with a makeshift goalkeeper wearing a bib.
79′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 7-1 LUPE OLE SOAGA! Bertrand Kai slots home his second penalty of the day and it’s a massacre now for Lupe.
78′ PENALTY and a RED CARD! Sikovi receives his second yellow and Gaitcha have a penalty! Crazy scenes here – Lupe have already used their substitute goalkeeper and Faafua Ataga Laloata will face the spot kick!
77′ The free kick is straight at the wall and dribbles through to Sikovi.
75′ Kai finds space and he is fouled, right on the edge of the area.
75′ The follow-up ball in is nodded wide at the back post.
74′ Ouka is through, he rounds the keeper but his touch is wide. Tries to chip it back across goal to Kai but it’s just too heavy and Lupe scramble clear.
73′ A few ominous clouds here – and some rain starting to fall.
70′ The free kick is a cheeky short one and the winger slams it into the side netting.
69′ A yellow card for Ted Sikovi and for Andrew Setefano.
68′ Lupe’s midfield is almost non-existent at the moment – the space for Drawilo and Sansot is remarkable.
67′ Toto has it in the net but the flag is up for offside.
63′ Gannon has a go on the volley but it’s harmlessly wide.
61′ Glorious, glorious counter attack by Gaitcha. A Lupe corner is cleared, Kai breaks and it ends with a left-footed shot which is just over the bar.
60′ Gaitcha certainly not content with this lead, they’re going all out to add to it.
59′ Chance! Ouka pounces on an error at the back, he’s hauled down but play continues and Kai fires it into the side netting.
58′ Gaitcha are appealing for a backpass here – the referee is unmoved.
55′ There are few games where you can say there were three goals in four minutes…twice.
54′ Substitution for Lupe – goalkeeper Ted Sikovi is on for Toetu.
54′ A yellow card for Luki Gosche.
53′ This scoreline will have implications elsewhere… Gaitcha’s goal difference now stands at five, level with Ba and three greater than Amicale.
52′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA! 6-1 LUPE OLE SOAGA! It’s chaos for Lupe now – another careless turnover and Jim Ouka is first to the cross. Poor goalkeeping to allow it into the back of the net.
51′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 5-1 LUPE OLE SOAGA! Cedric Sansot deserves a goal and he has one now – he’s first to a cross and side-foots it home.
50′ The less said about that effort on the volley by Makalu the better – it’s out for a throw.
50′ An airswing by Laloata allows Gaitcha to break.
49′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 4-1 LUPE OLE SOAGA! It’s Jean-Louis Toto! Horrible error at the back by Lupe, the substitute pounces to make it 4-1.
48′ Free kick lifted in from the right by Drawilo and somehow Sansot heads over the bar!
46′ Bertrand Kai controls on the volley and fires over the crossbar from six yards – it was offside anyway.
Kick-off! And we are back underway in Ba.
Some half-time substitutions to work through. For Lupe, Faafua Ataga Loloata is on for Ishamel Taulai. Meanwhile for Gaitcha, Kevin Coma has brought on Leopold Makalu and Jean-Louis Toto – it’s unclear who has come off for now.
Job half done for Gaitcha – they’re giving themselves a chance to qualify. Lupe went ahead after five minutes but the New Caledonians responded wonderfully. A physical match so far but Gaitcha look extremely dangerous on the break. Plenty more chances in this one…
Just a reminder of the situation in Group A – Gaitcha can draw level on points with Ba with victory, but the Men In Black play later this evening and currently boast a superior goal difference (5). The runner-up’s record will be compared with those from Groups B and C to pinch the last spot in the semi-finals.
45 +4′ The referee shows a yellow card to Wajoka.
45 +3′ Now a free kick for Gaitcha in a dangerous area for a clumsy challenge on Wajoka. It’s taken short but it’s wasted.
45 +2′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 3-1 LUPE OLE SOAGA! …and slots it home! 3-1 with half time looming.
45 +2′ PENALTY! It’s a spot kick for a hand ball in the area! Kai steps up…
45+1′ Crowd reacts to a fairly sickening sound after Sansot collides with Taulai.
45 +1′ There will be four minutes added on at the end of the first spell.
45′ Great turn by Ouka, but his left-footed shot is straight at the goalkeeper.
45′ Taulai is down with a head knock, the referee halts play.
44′ …and a free header for Drawilo, but he nods it wide!
44′ Corner flicked on at the near post, Gannon chests it away for another corner…
43′ Ouka’s chest control makes room for the volley but Toetu reacts well to make a superb point blank save!
43′ Bit of a fumble by Toetu but he recovers well enough.
42′ Nyikeine is about 25 metres out of his goal to clear, but the defender does the job for him. A bit of miscommunication there.
41′ Bearune does well to slide in and stop a Lupe counter attack.
40′ The Lupe goalkeeper is called upon again, this time he chests the ball clear.
39′ Superb touch by Drawilo to get clear of his marker. It’s rolled in behind for Kai but the goalkeeper is out smartly to smother.
38′ Yet another diagonal through ball, yet another offside against Gaitcha…
37′ Gannon pulling the strings from midfield, trying to free up Toni but the defence is up to the task. The Lupe bench screaming for a penalty but nothing given.
37′ Down the other end and it’s a chance for Ouka, who cuts inside but his shot is blocked.
36′ Good ball in by Gannon but it’s cleared away by Sansot.
35′ Nyikeine certainly didn’t look comfortable clearing that one on the half-volley. Meanwhile, it’s a free kick for Lupe in an advanced area for a hand ball.
32′ A Lupe defender – Laloata I think – is down to receive treatment. He’s off the field now and play resumes.
32′ Kai tries a one-two with Wajoka but the execution is lacking and it’s a goal kick.
31′ Gosche finds himself with room, he spots the keeper off his line but sends his effort a long way over the goal.
30′ Ouka down the left, Kai is all alone in the middle but the winger can’t pick him out. Kai is getting a wee bit frustrated here.
30′ Kai in acres of space…he picks out Wajoka who streaks away but the flag is up again!
28′ Wajoka blasts wide again, offside again!
28′ Beautiful backheeled volley by Gannon to pick out his man. Not sure it was intentional, but it was definitely pretty.
Kai breaks down the left, it’s a dangerous ball in but play is called back for offside. Wajoka smashed his effort high and wide anyway.
27′ Toni and Bearune in a bit of a disagreement as to whose throw it is and the referee just having to calm things down again.
26′ A high Lupe backline is struggling to contain the pace of Gaitcha here.
24′ Gaitcha in behind again, Wajoka is in the clear and the goalkeeper hesitates, but the attacker opts to shoot rather than pick out the unmarked Bertrand Kai.
24′ Ouka leaves his foot in, free kick to Lupe.
23′ Corner comes in and Sansot is lurking, but the keeper gets a hand to it and it’s out the other side.
22′ Good hold-up play by Kai, he lays it off for Drawilo who shoots, but it’s deflected behind.
21′ This time it’s two Lupe players who collide in mid-air, but Gaitcha can’t make anything of the rebound while the pair are sprawled on the turf.
20′ The midfielder wins the header, it’s toward an unmarked Wajoka but his first touch lets him down.
19′ Sansot, who has been superb thus far, lifts the through ball into a dangerous area, Kai is onto it but it’s cleared into touch.
18′ The corner is dealt with safely, but the referee has to speak with another couple of players. A bit of niggle in this one to start!
18′ Gannon lifts the set piece in dangerously, it’s on target but Nyikeine gets a strong palm to the ball. Corner kick.
17′ Gannons ball rather fortuitously finds a striker, but the defenders are across to clear. Meanwhile, there’s a foul on the other side of the field and Christian Luewadria receives a yellow card.
15′ Yellow card to Laloata for the challenge.
15′ Faalogo’s long throw causes headaches in the area, but it’s cleared and Wajoka is fouled cynically on the break.
13′ Lovely switch of play, Wajoka finds room but the defender is across to deflect his centre for a corner kick. Gaitcha starting to find their rhythm in the front third…
12′ The referee has some words with Wajoka and Faalogo after a collision off the ball.
11′ It’s knocked in behind for Wakanumune, who fouls the goalkeeper.
9′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 2-1 LUPE OLE SOAGA! The ball is nodded back across the goal, Jean Christ Wajoka reacts first and smashes it home! They weren’t behind for long…
8′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 1-1 LUPE OLE SOAGA! Frenetic start to this game, Yvanick Pawawi connects with a long ball by Sansot, his first touch is a beauty and he knocks the ball past the keeper and into the net.
6′ Gaitcha go straight down the other end, Kai’s cross gets a touch but it’s harmlessly wide of the goal.
5′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 0-1 LUPE OLE SOAGA! Lapa Toni smashes it home after a run down the left from Taulai and a clever step over from his fellow striker. Glorious first-time finish by Toni.
4′ Wajoka tries to lift the ball in behind the last line of defence but it’s too heavy and cleared by the goalkeeper.
3′ A long throw find the head of Taualai, but it’s straight at the goalkeeper Rocky Nyikeine.
1′ Gaitcha show their intent early, knocking it wide for their attackers to run on to but it dribbles in behind for a goal kick.
Kick-off! And we are underway in Ba for game one, Lupe playing in a changed green strip and Gaitcha in their usual red.
Welcome to a sunny Govind Park for this matchday six encounter between New Caledonia’s FC Gaitcha and Lupe Ole Soaga of Samoa. Team lists are in and available below.
Big match today – Lupe are playing for pride but Gaitcha are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. They need to win, and hope results in this evening’s games in Ba and Suva go their way.
Team list: 16. Rocky NYIKEINE (GK), 4. Loic WAKANUMUNE, 5. Jean-Paul READ, 6. Cedric SANSOT, 11. Bertrand KAI, 12. Jean-Christ WAJOKA, 13. Georges BEARUNE (C), 15. Patrick DRAWILO, 19. Christian LUEWADRIA, 20. Jim OUKA, 22. Yvanick PAWAWI
Substitutes: 1. Mickael ULILE (GK), 3. Leopold MAKALU, 8. Patrick DIAIKE, 9. Albert KAQEA, 10. Marius BAKO, 14. Jedidha SAIKO, 17. Jean-Louis TOTO, 18. David BEARUNE, 23. Pierre NYIKEINE, 24. Auguste WIWANE
Suspended: 2. Jeremie DOKUNENGO, 7. Emile BEARUNE
Coach: Kevin KOMA (FRA)
Team list: 18. Mataio TOETU (GK) 2. Vaalii FAALOGO (C), 3. Andrew SETEFANO, 4. Vito LALOATA, 6. Lionel TAYLOR, 7. Silao MALO, 9. Lapa TONI, 10. Luki GOSCHE, 11. Ishmael TAULAI, 13. Scott GANNON, 14. John TE’O
Substitutes: 1. Ted SIKOVI (GK), 12. Faafua ATAGA LALOATA, 16. Soliai LETUTUSA, 17. Ikenasio GOSCHE, 20. Apisaloma FAAFUA LEIATAUA, 21. Vaa TAUALAI
Absent: 8. Kareti SOAFA, 15. Victor LAPALAPA, 19. Paul UALESI
Suspended: 5. Suivai ATAGA, 22. Oscar AMATAGA
Coach: Paul UALESI (SAM)
Referee: Nicholas WALDRON (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Folio MOEAKI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Mark WHITEHEAD (NZL)
Fourth Official: Albert MARU (PNG)

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