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Fiji: 19. Francine LOCKINGTON (GK), 2. Cecelia NAINIMA, 3. Miliana NARUKU, 4. Margaret TABUANITOGA, 5. Sereima NAVUGA, 7. Laca TIKOSAYA, 10. Aliza HUSSEIN, 12. Ledua SENISEA, 13. Titilia WAQABCA, 15. Koleta LIKUCULACULA, 16. Cema NASAU
Substitutes: 20. Laite SALAMEI (GK), 6. Bulou NAUGAVULE, 8. Maca RALAGI, 9. Silina QARAWAQA, 11. Louisa SIMMONS, 14. Mere CIRIA, 17. Adi BAKANICEVA, 18. Harina ERASITO
Coach: Yogendra DUTT (FIJ)
New Caledonia: 1. Karine XOZAME (GK), 2. Darnelle HACE, 4. Mune BAKO, 5. Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA, 6. Isabelle ILENGO, 7. Elise LALIE, 8. Jackie PAHOA, 10. Marie-Laure PALENE, 12. Lucinda KOINDREDI, 15. Justine MALAXAN, 18. Katinka TAKAMATSU, 19. Joelle LEME
Substitutes: 20. Kathleen WAUNIE (GK), 3. Flaureen AUSU, 9. Shaya IHMELING, 11. Cassidy CAWA, 14. Yvonne XOWI, 16. Jessica ALI SAÏD, 17. Nancy NYADOUN
Absent: 13. Océane ZASINA
Coach: Matthieu DELCROIX (FRA)
Match Officials:
Referee: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: John PAREANGA (COK)
Assistant Referee 2: Stephanie MINAN (PNG)
Fourth Official: Nelson SOGO (SOL)
FULL TIME: Fiji claim the bronze medal after beating New Caledonia 3-2
90+7′ YELLOW CARD: LALIE is booked for New Caledonia after a clumsy challenge
90+6′ Fiji awarded a free kick from 30 yards, and they use plenty of time taking it
90+4′ ALI SAID through on goal, but up comes the offside flag
90+3′ New Caledonia move to three at the back as they seek an equaliser
90+1′ Seven minutes of added time
90′ TAKAMATSU blasts a shot, but drags it to the right
88′ GOAL!!! 3-2 FIJvNCL PAHOA gets in behind the line and finishes on the angle
86′ Driven effort from PAHOA, but LOCKINGTON is on the spot to save
83′ New Caledonia dominating use of the ball right now
79′ Short drinks break here now for the players
77′ SUB NCL: The injured Joelle LEME is replaced by Jessica ALI SAID
76′ New Caledonia have a player down hurt
75′ GOAL!!! 3-1 FIJvNCL New Caledonia own goal off a corner kick
74′ Fiji have a corner coming up
73′ SUB FIJ Harina ERASITO on for Bulou NAUGAVULE
71′ SUB NCL: Yvonne XOWI on and Justine MALAXAN off
69′ New Caledonia drill a free kick in, but LOCKINGTON claims
68′ New Caledonia building in attack now
66′ Fiji have a player down and play has paused
64′ Elise LALIE rides the challenge and shoots, but it’s safely into the hands of LOCKINGTON
61′ Joelle LEME does well to win the ball back inside the box, but her shot is straight into the side of the goal
59″ TAKAMATSU beats her marker and shoots, but it’s high and to the right
57′ NASAU dribbles three into the box, but her last touch takes the ball away from her
55′ New Caledonia have a player down and play is paused
53′ LOCKINGTON off to collect high following a New Caledonia corner
52′ New Caledonia building with the ball, but Fiji up to task so far
50′ LIKUCULACULA makes inroads with the ball, but is eventually closed down
49′ New Caledonia survive some early pressure and pass it out from the backs
46′ Back underway here at the CIFA Academy
HALF TIME: Fiji lead New Caledonia 2-1 in the 3/4 play-off
45+6′ Fiji have three corners in a row to finish the half, but New Caledonia hold on
45+4′ New Caledonia scramble well to block a Fiji corner
45+4′ Corner coming up for Fiji
45+3′ Fiji with a throw deep in attacking territory
45+2′ New Caledonia given a free kick 35 yards out from goal
45+1′ Six minutes of additional time to be added
44′ New Caledonia blown offside
41′ New Caledonia free kick after Fiji foul in their attacking box
41′ Fiji awarded back-to-back corners
40′ It’s all Fiji right now, enjoying plenty of ball
38′ Fiji earn a corner after some good build-up play
37′ Fiji camped in attacking territory right now
35′ GOAL!!! 2-1 FIJvNCL NASAU muscles through two tackles and shoots low to the right
34′ Fiji free kick from 30 yards is blasted to the left
34′ Play resumes after the drinks break
31′ Play pauses for a drinks break
30′ Lucinda KOINDREDI goes on a long run, but her shot is away to the right
29′ Fiji awarded a free kick from 30 yards, but they can’t make anything of it
27′ New Caledonia with some patient build-up play
25′ The powerful free kick is pushed to the left by AJAPUNHYA
25′ Free kick for New Caledonia just outside the box
23′ Fiji with a good chance via HUSSEIN, but New Caledonia scramble and clear
21′ SUB FIJ: Bulou NAUGAVULE on for Ledua SENISEA
20′ Game flowing end-to-end right now
17′ Koleta LIKUCULACULA hits one from 10 yards, but New Caledonia keeper Karine XOZAME takes
16′ Good save from LOCKINGTON after Jackie PAHOA shoots
15′ Good free kick in from Ami-Nata AJAPUNHYA, but Francine LOCKINGTON claims for Fiji
14′ New Caledonia enjoying some possession now
11′ GOAL!!! 1-1 FIJvNCL Katinka TAKAMATSU beats her marker and cuts back, finishing well
10′ Aliza HUSSEIN whips a shot from range, but it’s wide
8′ Fiji dominating the match so far
6′ SUB NCL: Darnelle HACE off and Flaureen AUSU on
5′ GOAL!!! 1-0 FIJvNCL Cema NASAU nets for Fiji for an early lead
4′ Play resumes and New Caledonia play with 10 for the time being
2′ Early pause for a hurt New Caledonia player
2′ Good early chance for Fiji, but the ball bounces up and into a Fiji hand. free kick New Caledonia
1′ We are underway here between Fiji and New Caledonia

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