FC SKBC 1-4 Lotoha’apai United

Follow the play-by-play action below.
FC SKBC: 1. Richard DONOVAN (GK), 3. Sinisa TUA, 4. Trevor KAITUU, 5. William FONG, 6. Gun KANG (c), 11. Johnny SIONE, 12. Rueben LUVU, 13. Melfi ALSHERHRI, 14. Miguel DIAZ, 17. Neemia KALEOPA, 18. Sam KOME,
Substitutes: 2. Sione LUI, 7. Dunstone ALEZIRU, 9. Kaleopa SILIGI, 10. Raynel KRISHNA, 15. Jerry KENA, 16. Joseph KOROIADI, 20. Sione MAU (GK)
Coach: Rishi PRAKESH [FIJ]
Lotoha’apai United: 20. Sione FAUPULA (GK), 2. Sione UHATAHI, 4. Samisoni MAFI, 5. Fineasi PALEI, 6. Hemaloto POLOVILI, 7. Mark UHATAHI (c), 8. Lafaele MOALA, 9. Tupou UHATAHI, 11. Timote MAAMALOA, 14. Michael UHATAHI, 15. Matana PAONGO
Substitutes: 1. Brady KITE (GK), 3. Oliveti VAI, 10. Soakai VEA, 12. Soane FAUPULA, 13. Sione KITE, 16. Sefo LELEA, 17. Kakala VAINUKU,
Coach: Fetu’u VEA [TGA]
Match officials:
Referee: Amos ANIO [PNG]
Assistant Referee 1: Norman BAFINU [PNG]
Assistant Referee 2: Jeremy GARAE [VAN]
Fourth Official: Amitesh BEHARI [FIJ]
The final whistle sounds
90′ + 2′ Low drive from Soakai Vea is stopped by the foot of Donovan at the near post for a corner
90′ + 1′ Another offside from Lotoha’apai United
Three minutes additional time
90′ Delivery into the box but the flag goes up on Maamaloa
89′ FC SKBC earn a corner but it only gets as far as Soakai Vea who covers half the field in no time
88′ SUBSTITUTION Gun KANG makes way for Jerry KENA of FC SKBC
88′ Free kick for FC SKBC
87′ SUBSTITUTION Lafaele MOALA is replaced by Soane FAUPULA for Lotoha’apai
86′ Oliveti Vai brings the ball into the box but is closed down
85′ Off the post from Moala and back into play but the flag is raised anyway
84′ SUBSTITUTION Lotoha’apai replace Matana PAONGO with Oliveti VAI
84′ Moala caught offside
83′ Sione Uhatahi lobs into the box, easy capture for Donovan
81′ GOAL!!! FC SKBC 1-4 Lotoha’apai United Gun KANG gets on the board for the American Samoa club champions with a tidy tap in
80′ Luvu shots but Michael Uhatahi makes a body block
79′ GOAL!!! FC SKBC 0-4 Lotoh’apai United Mark UHATAHI converts from the spot
78′ Lotoha’apai with their second penalty of the match, Mark Uhatahi steps up again
77′ The ball drops in front of the SKBC goal mouth but Neemia Kaleopa heads away for a corner
76′ Maamaloa is caught in the offside trap set by FC SKBC’s defenders
76′ Too much power on the delivery from Luvu and he competely misses Kang up front
74′ Mark Uhatahi with just the keeper to beat but Melfi Alsherhri arrives out of nowhere to whip the ball away as Uhatahi winds up his shot
73′ Ruben Luvu in behind a free kick for SKBC, he drives low but it has no power
72′ Kome is past his man but Sione Uhatahi doesn’t give up easily as he chases the FC SKBC man down
71′ Handball in the centre is taken quick by FC SKBC
70′ Terrible clearance from Faupula but he’s fortunate FC SKBC have dropped the pressure
69′ Kang hits his effort straight into the six-man wall
69′ Free kick on the edge of the area after a foul on Kang, the Korean is in behind
68′ Sione Uhatahi curls a free kick towards the far post but an arriving Tupou Uhatahi can’t convert
67′ SUBSTITUTION FC SKBC bring Raynel KRISHNA on in place of Miguel DIAZ
65′ Ball richochets out of the box to a waiting Fineasi Palei who blasts well off target
64′ Gun Kang concedes a free kick
62′ Free kick for Lotoha’apai and it’s Samisoni Mafi taking this one
61′ Through ball from Moala for Tupou Uhatahi to run on to but his shot is collected by Faupula
60′ Free kick out left taken by Siligi but curled straight to a waiting Faupula
60′ YELLOW CARD Michael UHATAHI is cautioned for a challenge on Gun Kang of FC SKBC
59′ Some fancy footwork from Soakai Vea beats his man once, but not twice as FC SKBC win possession
58′ Lotoha’apai breaks but are slowed by the FC SKBC midfield
56′ GOAL!!! FC SKBC 0-3 Lotoha’apai United Timote Maamaloa whacks into an open goal after Donovan comes off his line to clear
55′ Kome takes off up the left, beats Sione Uhatahi before firing off his let but not enough power
54′ Kome is put through on goal and races towards Faupula but can only get a toe to it
53′ Tussle between Mark Uhatahi and Neemia Kaleopa to keep the ball in, but it’s knocked out for a FC SKBC goal kick
52′ Richard Donovan races out of his box for SKBC to deny a chance for Lotoh’apai
51′ The effort is deflected hugh into the air, before being sent away from goal
50′ Free kick for FC SKBC on the top edge of the Lotoha’apai box, Kang in behind
49′ Two Lotoha’apai defenders are need to shut down Kaleopa Siligi up the left
49′ Corner for FC SKBC is taken by Gun Kang, it’s out the other side for a goal kick
47′ SUBSTITUTION Lotoha’apai bring Soakai VEA on in place of Hemaloto POLOVILI
46′ Mark Uhatahi has a shot but Richard Donovan is equal to the task
The second half gets underway
SUBSTITUTIONS: Sinisa TUA is replaced by Kaleopa SILIGI for FC SKBC
The first half comes to an end
45′ + 3′ Kang’s strike is directly at the keeper
45′ +2′ Gun Kang brought down from behind by Sione Uhatahi and FC SKBC have a free kick directly in front of the goal
45′ + 1′ Alsherhri on the advance up the right flank is shut down by Michael Uhatahi
Three minutes of additional time
45′ Played out by Faupula and Lotoha’apai are on the attack
44′ Sinisa Tua is down injured receiving treatment
42′ Sam Kome switches to the right and goes on a great run but SKBC can’t finish it off
41′ YELLOW CARD Lotoha’apai’s Lafaele MOALA is cautioned
40′ Shot from Gun Kang is just tipped on to the cross bar and out by Faupula
40′ Great flick on from Kome but the play is disrupted
39′ Free kick for Lotoha’apai lofted goalwards by Sione Uhatahi but easily picked up by Donovan
38′ Shot from Gun Kang in the Lotoha’apai area is deflected clear of the target
37′ William Fong covers well in the back clearing up the line to Gun Kang of SKBC under pressure from Hemaloto Polovili
36′ Flick on from Mark Uhatahi for Moala to run onto this time, but the keeper is off his line to collect
35′ Lafaele Moala beats his defender, lays off to Mark Uhatahi but the opening goalscorer is offside
34′ William Fong’s toe poke in the box earns a corner but denies a goal scoring opportunity
33′ YELLOW CARD A challenge from Neemia KALEOPA of FC SKBC earns him a caution
33′ Cross from Gun Kang is headed away by Fineasi Palei
32′ GOAL!!! FC SKBC 0-2 Lotoha’apai United A corner is whipped into the box and volleyed into the back of the net by Lotoha’apai’s Samisoni MAFI
31′ Great cover by Neemia Kaleopa for SKBC as he races back
30′ Long ball up the left is followed up by Kome but touched out by Matana Paongo
29′ Lafaele Moala with a shot, it’s a hard angle and he hits the post
28′ FC SKBC with a corner fired out of the box and Lotoha’apai United are on the advance
27′ Hemaloto Polovili goes for goal and sends it outside the post
26′ Lotoha’apai with a man down in the middle he’s back on his feet and they have a free kick
24′ FC SKBC keeper Donovan palms a decent shot away to touch
23′ Great combo between Alshehri, Kome and through to Tua who shoots – it rebounds off the upright back into play but the flag has been raised
22′ Sinisa Tua is alone up front with three defenders and the keeper to beat, he shoots but it’s wide
21′ Luvu leaps high to head clear a corner effort from Lotoha’apai
19′ Challenge from Alshehri on Lotha’apai’s Fineasi Palei earns the Tongan side a free kick
18′ Luvu intercepts through the middle but the ball can’t quite make it to Kome out wide for SKBC
16′ Lotoha’apai concede just inside the SKBC half, it’s delivered long but headed away
14′ Excellent cross into the penalty area from Lotoha’apai but equally impressive def
ending from Neemia Kaleopa to eradicate the danger
13′ Sinisa Tua is played through with a great low ball, he takes a shot but hits it straight at a diving Faupula who denies the equaliser
12′ FC SKBC are on attack with a long throw from Johnny Sione
11′ Ruben Luvu’s free kick is low and easily knocked away
9′ Great defending from Michael Uhatahi to deny Tua a shot on goal
8′ Crunching challenge from SKBC midfielder Melfi Alshehri on Samisoni Mafi, the free kick is whipped away by SKBC
7′ The wind carries Trevor Kaituu’s throw over the back line
6′ Great ball on from SKBC’s Sam Kome for Sinisa Tua but he can’t quite beat the keeper Sione Faupula to it
5′ Moala is back on the pitch and has a go from the centre but there’s not enough power behind his strike to trouble Donovan
4′ GOAL!!! FC SKBC 0-1 Lotoha’apai United Uhatahi delivers to the right of FC SKBC goalkeeper Richard Donovan to open the scoring
3′ Moala requires treatment and has left the field of play, captain Mark Uhatahi steps behind the ball
1′ Lotoha’apai’s Lafaele Moala goes down in the box and the referee Amos Anio doesn’t hesitate when he points to the spot
1′ Lotoha’apai United on the attack
The match kicks off

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