Last week, Head Coach Steven Mune and Trainer have been working closely on the player’s fitness. The women were tested for their levels of endurances. Head Coach Steven Mune said, the results have been very good.
“We have only two months to go and we still need to build on our fitness levels,” says Mr. Mune.
The final squad names have been identified and submitted to the PG Committee. The list submitted consists of 23 players and four officials. Seven women are from Lae, two from the Highlands, two from Kimbe and one from Madang.
Port Moresby dominates the team with eleven players.

The team will be travelling in the company of their team management comprising of Steven Mune as Head Coach, Milton Gori as Trainer, Maggie Taligatus – Assistant Coach/Coach and Rose Obi as Team Manageress.
The final train on camp is expected to be in Lae next month at the football academy for the final 23 selected players. The work now is to work on the team strength in terms of planned play, tactical moves, and set pieces eg; free kicks, corner kicks and so forth.
“I have planned to play fast football; during the camp. The players will train to play fast football so that they can unsettle the opponents. In terms of defence, the team has the backs, in attack, we need the ball to find the strikers quick as possible,” says coach Mune.
The team will depart from Port Moresby for the Gold Coast on the 10th August for final preparations and warm up matches prior to heading to Noumea/New Caledonia on the 24th.
The Pacific Games team list is as follows:
1. Fidelma Watpore (Lae)
2. Linda Bunaga (Pom)
3. Linah Honeakii (Lae)
4. Agai Max (Lae)
5. Ruth Turia (Pom)
6. Helen Lebong (Kimbe)
7. Katherin Salaiau (Pom)
8. Janie Nori (Pom)
9. Cecilia Dobbin (Pom)
10. Esther Kurabi (Pom)
11. Docas Sesevo (Lae)
12. Jaqlyne Chalau (Pom)
13. Deslyne Siniu (Pom)
14. Suzan Gurra (Pom)
15. Barbra Muta (Kimbe)
16. Sandra Birum (Lae)
17. Pauline Turakaur (Wabag)
18. Zeena Limbai (Lae)
19. Ramona Morris (Madang)
20. Elen Taito (Lae)
21. Ara Midi (Goroka)
22. Samantha Peninsa (Pom)
23. Francis Mandoni (Pom)
Stand-by players:
1. Miriam Loma (Pom)
2. Defney Francis (Madang)
3. Miriam Lanta (Pom)
4. Georgina Malagau (Goroka)
5. Alexia Stephen (Madang)
6. Georgina Kaikas (Madang)