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Tahiti 0 – 0 New Caledonia

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Starting line-ups:
Tahiti: 1. Poroni TURANA (GK), 2. Mariko IZAL, 3. Maruina TOM SING VEIN, 5. Angela TAIARUI, 6. Ninauea HIOE, 7. Tihani TOKORAGI, 8. Maima MARMOUYET, 10. Mohea HAUATA, 11. Heimiri ALVAREZ, 13. Patricia YAKEULA, 14. Tiere APO
New Caledonia: 1. Beatrice TOLUAFE (GK), 2. Glenda JANE, 3. Marie WANAKAIJA, 4. Claire KAEMO, 6. Marilyse LOLO, 7. Helene WAENGENE, 8. Kamene XOWIE, 9. Christelle WAHNAWE, 10. Celine XOLAWAWA, 11. Stephanie PAHOA, 13. Madeleine JAINE
Referee: George BRUCE (VAN)
Assistant referee 1: Wanting YAGUM (PNG)
Assistant referee 2: Stephanie MINAN (PNG)
4th official: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
The match kicks off
2′ Tahiti have the ball in the net after a long-range free kick eludes Beatrice Toluafe but the goal is disallowed for a push on the goalkeeper
3′ Tahiti have started well and pressured New Caledonia in these opening moments
6′ New Caledonia have their first chance when captain Christelle Wahnawe controls a bouncing ball and shots but her volley lacks power and goes straight to goalkeeper Poroni Turana anyway
11′ Tahiti are still dominating and will want to make the most of it by getting on the scoreboard
13′ Goalkeeper Turana has to race from her line to deal with a New Caledonia through ball
15′ Tiere Apo does well on the right of the box for Tahiti but slices her cross straight out for a goalkick
16′ Wahnawe nearly latches onto a through ball for New Caledonia but Turana comes out to gather and the offside flag is raised regardless
17′ Tahiti captain Mohea Hauata tries her luck with a free kick from a long way out but it goes straight to goalkeeper Toluafe
20′ Tahiti nearly open the scoring when a Maima Marmouyet corner causes chaos in the New Caledonia box but no one can force it home in the goalmouth scramble that follows
24′ Heimiri Alvarez has the best chance of the match so far when she runs onto a through ball and goes one-on-one with Toluafe but drags her shot just wide
25′ Alvarez controls a weak goalkick and shoots but the effort rolls across the face of goal
26′ This has been an excellent opening by Tahiti and the large crowd that has gathered to watch home side New Caledonia has had little to cheer about so far
28′ New Caledonia captain Wahnawe shows a glimpse of her ability when she chests down a high ball and shots but Turana makes a comfortable save
30′ Turana does well to come out and sweep up a New Caledonia long ball
31′ Opposing goalkeeper Toluafe has to do the same at the other end just monents later
38′ Wahnawe controls the ball on her chest and shoots again but this time it goes too high
40′ Heimiri Alvarez gets on the end of a cross-field ball for Tahiti and tries to shoot but is under too much pressure to get it on target
43′ Tahiti will be disappointed to go in at 0-0 after dominating this half
45′ One minute of injury time will be played
The first half comes to an end
The second half kicks off
47′ Stephanie Pahoa holds off a challenge and squares the ball to Wahnawe but the New Caledonia skipper is crowded out before she can shoot
51′ SUBSTITUTION: Kamene Xowie is replaced by Cheyenne Dieuma for New Caledonia
52′ SUBSTITUTION: Tiere Apo is replaced by Celine Francois for Tahiti
55′ Tahiti’s Heimiri Alvarez has the first chance of the half when she shoots from the right of the box but Toluafe makes a straightforward save
57′ YELLOW CARD: Stephanie Pahoa is cautioned for New Caledonia
59′ Mohea Hauata bends a well-flighted free kick into the box but New Caledonia manage to clear the danger
60′ SUBSTITUTION: The cautioned Pahoa is replaced by Kim Maguire for New Caledonia
63′ The second half has been an even affair thus far and it looks like one goal could be enough to win the game
67′ Maima Marmouyet cuts onto her right foot and delivers into the box but her cross can’t find a Tahiti team mate
73′ Marmouyet goes down injured and play is held up while she receives treatment
74′ YELLOW CARDS: Tahiti’s Marmouyet and New Caledonia’s Madeleine Jaine are both cautioned
75′ SUBSTITUTION: Marmouyet is replaced by Mataha Faura for Tahiti
80′ Tahiti goalkeeper Turana races from her box to beat Christelle Wahnawe to a through ball
81′ YELLOW CARD: Cheyenne Dieuma is cautioned for New Caledonia
83′ Tihani Tokoragi has a chance on the edge of the New Caledonia area with goalkeeper Toluafe out of position but can’t control the ball
85′ Turana again has to leave her box to prevent Wahnawe from reaching a pass
86′ New Caledonia goalkeeper Toluafe stuggles to deal with a looping ball under pressure from Tokoragi but gathers eventually
88′ The stage is set for someone to make a hero of themselves in these final minutes
89′ Tahiti’s Heimiri Alvarez gets a header on target but it doesn’t have enough power to beat Toluafe
90′ Two minutes of injury time will be played
90′ + 1′ SUBSTITUTIONS: Tihani Tokoragi is replaced by Tehani Tarano for Tahiti and Madeleine Jaine is replaced by Elodie Teinpoawi for New Caledonia
The final whistle is blown

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