Lotoha’apai United 2-4 Kiwi

Lotoha’apai United vs. Kiwi Match Summary: Download here
See the play-by-play action below
The starting line-ups are as follows:
Lotoha’apai United: 18. Soane Motekiai FAUPULA [GK], 2. Tupou UHATAHI, 3. Sione UHATAHI, 4. Samisoni MAFI, 5. Michael UHATAHI, 7. Matana PAONGO, 8. Ilalio LEAKONA, 9. Lafaele MOALA, 10. Mark UHATAHI (c), 11. Valu KOLOFALE, 16. Lui MUAVESI,
Substitutes: 1. Brady LAUTI [GK], 6. Soane Tatafu FAUPULA, 12. Oliveti VAI, 15. Sione TAHITU’A, 17. Fakamalinga SEMISI
Coach: Lui MUAVESI (FIJ)
Kiwi: 21. Masi TOETU [GK], 2. Shaun EASTHOPE, 4. Andrew SETEFANO, 5. Barry LEWIS, 6. Andy BARRON (c), 13. Lionel TAYLOR, 15. Adam COWAN, 16. Martin PACKER, 17. Jamie MASON, 20. Joseph GAUGHAN, 22. Mike SAOFAIGA
Substitutes:1. Filipo ASIATA [GK], 3. Patrick ASIATA, 7. Jarrell SALE, 9. Max HOEFLICH, 10. Albert BELL, 11. Tamoto FENIKA, 19. Lafi IOANE
Coach: Martin TAMASESE (SAM)
Match officials:
Referee: Isaac TREVIS (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Avinesh NARAYAN (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Phul SINGH (FIJ)
4th Official: Vinifareti ALIVA (SAM)
The final whistle sounds
90′ + 4′ The shot goes wide
90′ + 3′ RED CARD Lotoha’apai lose another man as Sione Uhatahi is booked for bringing down the last man
90′ + 2′ Michael Uhatahi fouls Cowan but Mason’s free kick is deflected off target
90′ + 1′ Lotoha’apai haven’t given up on this match as they continue to press forward
90′ There will be three minutes of additional time
89′ Lewis is fortunate as the dangerously positioned free kick is blasted into the wall
89′YELLOW CARD Barry Lewis is cautioned for Kiwi
87′ Faupula dives low to save an attempt from Albert Bell
85′ Kiwi have a free kick sent in by Cowan but headed clear but a Lotoha’apai defender
84′ Saogaiga is once again free up the left but loops his cross over the target
82′SUBSTITUTION Paongo comes off and Sione Tahitu’a comes on for Lotoha’apai
80′ After all that excitement the action moves to the other end of the pitch with Saogaiga blasting a shot on target but its saved
76′ RED CARD Lotoha’apai are down to ten men when Tupou Uhatahi receives his second caution
76′ YELLOW CARD Kiwi keeper Filipo Asiata is cautioned as is teammate Barry Lewis
74′ There’s a huge crowd in the Kiwi box and the ball looks to be in the net but it’s no goal
73′ SUBSTITUTION Joseph Gaughan is replaced by Albert Bell for Kiwi
71′ Barron makes an attempt from a distance but it’s well wide of the target
69′ Paongo shoots high over the crossbar fro Lotoha’apai
68′ Saofaiga sends in a cross finding Gaughan who heads wide of the upright
67′ Setefano shoulders Mark Uhatahi off the ball giving away a free kick on the half
66′ SUBSTITUTION Kiwi replace Lionel Taylor with Jarrell Sale
65′ Kiwi have a corner and Cowan steps behind it but Matana Paongo heads it clear for another corner
64′ SUBSTITUTION Lui Muavesi makes room for Valu Kolofale
60′ SUBSTITUTION Lotoha’apai bring Soane Tatafu Faupula on in place of Lafaele Moala
59′ GOAL!!! Lotoha’apai United 2 Kiwi 4 A melee in the goal box eventuates in a goal for Joseph Gaughan
58′ Referee Trevis calls for a drop ball deep in the Lotoha’apai corner and the ball is sent to touch for Kiwi throw
57′ Cowan gets a cross in to Mason who misfires allowing Muavesi time to arrive and clear over his own goal for a corner
56′ Gaughan runs across the top of the box and gets a shot off but skies it over the cross bar
55′ A handball on attack sees possession passed back to Kiwi
53′ Kiwi give away a free kick in Lotoha’apai’s half and the Tongan side are back on attack
51′ GOAL!!! Lotoha’apai 2 Kiwi 3 Adam Cowan gets his second after knocking an Andy Barron corner in at the far post
50′ Once again it’s Setefano making crucial saves for the Kiwi defence as he clears an attack from Uhatahi
48′ A swift counter from Kiwi as Saofaiga goes speeding up the left side
47′ Asiata comes flying off his line to punch clear a free-kick but misses and it looks dangerous for Kiwi but the shot is wide
46′ Setefano is forced to clear from inside the box as Lotoha’apai start the half strong
46′ SUBSTITUTION Keeper Masi Toetu is replaced by Filipo Asiata for Kiwi
The second half gets underway
The first half comes to an end
45′ + 1′ There’s one last chance for Kiwi inside this half as they line-up for a corner but it’s headed clear
45′ One minute of additional time will be played
45′ Toetu misfires from the goal kick sending it straight to Uhatahi and forcing Setefano to slide in for the save
44′ Lionel Taylor mishits his shot at the other end of the field and sends the ball sky high
43′ There’s a chance up the right for Lotoha’apai but Lafaele Moala’s first touch is too heavy
41′ YELLOW CARD Tupou Uhatahi is cautioned for a challenge on Toetu
39′ Uhatahi tries to send Kolofale through but the pass is too heavy and it runs long
38′ Kiwi have a corner and it flies in but Faupula captures it at the near post
36′ Mason sends the resulting free-kick high over the cross bar
35′ YELLOW CARD Faupula is cautioned for his challenge which sees Saofaiga leave the field for treatment
35′ Faupula comes flying out of his box as Saofaiga approaches fast
35′ Faupula sends a goal kick deep into the Kiwi half
32′ GOAL!!! Lotoha’apai United 2 Kiwi 2 Adam Cowan bring Kiwi back in line for a second time in this first half
32′ Sione Uhatahi crosses from the left corner, Mark Uhatahi gets a head to it but his effort goes wide
31′ Muavesi steals the ball off the foot of Mason and Lotoha’apai are on attack
29′ YELLOW CARDLotoha’apai United’s Michael Uhatahi is cautioned for a challenge on Mike Saofaiga
27′ Muaveso makes a low diving header to clear a cross from Gaughan for a Kiwi corner
25′ An aerial challenge from Setefano on Mark Uhatahi leaves the Lotoha’apai player flat on the ground
24′ YELLOW CARD Lotoha’apai United’s Samisoni Uhatahi earns a caution
24′ Toetu body blocks a decent shot from Uhatahi and Kiwi counter
23′ Uhatahi gives away a free-kick after a tangle with Andy Barron while on attack
21′ Joseph Gaughan gets a chance to shoot but sends it inches wide of the post
20′ Muavesi unleashes a tackle on Jamie Mason whoch results in a free-kick just off the top of the box the resulting shot is taken down by Faupula
19′ A heavy tackle on goalscorer Uhatahi by Kiwi defender Shaun Easthope but it’s play on
17′ Kiwi shot comes rebounding off the upright but referee Isaac Trevis has already signalled offside
15′ GOAL!!! Lotoha’apai United 2 Kiwi 1 After Toetu saves the initial shot Mark Uhatahi arrives to send the rebound over the keeper
15′ Lotoha’apai counter attack and it’s one-on-one with the keeper
14′ The ball bounces around in the Lotoha’apai box before Andrew Setefano blasts off target
13′ Another chance for Kiwi when Faupula spills the ball but he recovers well
12′ GOAL!!! Lotoha’apai 1-1 Kiwi Jaime Mason equalises with a blast from the top of the box
12′ Lotoha’apai are once again on attack but a foul sees possession turned over to Kiwi
10′ GOAL!!! Lotoha’apai United 1 Kiwi 0 Lafaele Moala scores to give the Tongan club champions the lead
9′ Lotoha’apai are on the attack up the left flank with Ilalio Leakona taking the throw in
8′ Cowan gets a shot off from near touch and it’s easily taken by Faupula at the near post
4′ Free-kick given away by Kiwi at half-way, senior defender and coach Lui Muavesi steps up and lofts a high ball into the box which Kiwi keeper Masi Toetu takes in the air
2′ Great save from Lotoha’apai keeper Soane Motekiai Faupula on a shot from Adam Cowan
2′ Corner fo
r Kiwi
1′ Kiwi have got this match underway with Joseph Gaughan already looking for a way through the Tongan club’s defence
The match kicks off
One minute of silence will be observed as a manner of respect following the passing of a key founding member of Kiwi

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