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Penateti Feke showed her class, pace and importance to Tongan women’s football this afternoon as she scored the decisive goal that sent
Tonga into pole position in XIII South Pacific Games – Samoa 2007 Group B.

Feke – who had a good tournament at the OFC Women’s World Cup Qualifying tournament in Lae, Papua New Guinea, earlier this
year, was in fine form against a New Caledonia team that was making its debut at this level of international competition.

New Caledonia made Tonga work hard for their victory and gave a good account of themselves in some of the hottest conditions seen since
the XIII South Pacific Games got underway.

It was New Caledonia who made the most incisive start of the two teams when Lenka Romone broke through the usually resolute Tongan
defence and tested goalkeeper Mele Likiliki with a low shot that had the Tongan custodian scrambling.

After that anxious moment, Feke emerged as a danger everytime she got the ball, missing three chances in quick succession. New Caledonia
to their credit were hardly being outclassed and they mustered several useful opportunities of their own through Romone and Marjorie Pouye who were always willing to test

Toward the end of the first half New Caledonia’s Marjorie Pouye was put through on Tonga’s goal but squandered the chance when Sala
Veamatahau intervened with a timely challenge.Pouye’s miss came back to haunt New Caledonia when just two minutes after the restart Heilala Lotoaniu latched onto a long ball over the top
of the New Caledonia back four, drew the goalkeeper off her line, before completing a tidy finish to give Tonga a 1-0 lead.

New Caledonia hit straight back with Marylise Lolo broke through the Tongan defence forcing Likiliki to race off her line and dive
bravely at her feet near the edge of the 18 yard box. The collision left Lolo flat on the deck as the experienced 25-year-old Tonga goalkeeper emerged unscathed.

With just 3 minutes to go the result was put beyond doubt when Feke raced clear of the tiring New Caledonia defence and struck a sweet
left foot shot beyond Pouidja and into the back of the net for a decisive second goal.

Tongan coach Kilife Uele was not getting carried away with the result however, offering that “we need to do better – complete more
passes, be more uncomprimising on defence and finish our opportunities. In saying that, I’m still very proud of the performance from our girls – especially Penateti, who was very good

“For our next match we need to play together more often, and make our outstanding individuals shine through structured team

Tonga will certainly have a challenge when they play Tahiti on Saturday September 1, at 1000hrs (GMT-13). Tahiti will go into the match
with complete confidence after clinically dispatching a dangerous Samoan side whose talents sharply contradict the 4-0 scoreline suffered against Tahiti this evening. Samoa will look for a result
against New Calendonia in the night game on Saturday, which kicks off at 2030hrs (GMT-13).


0′ – the teams enter the field on a partially cloudy but very humid day, with New Caledonia to kick off

2′ – New Caledonia dominate possesion, but Tonga manage to contain them in the middle third

2′ – Tonga give away a free kick at the bottom of the circle from which Lenka ROMONE shoots,  but Mele LIKILIKI
saves well low

3′ – Penateti FEKE breaks down the right flank for Tonga, but shoots across the face of goal from the angle

5′ – FEKE breaks again, this time shooting over the crossbar from a similar position

7′ – Lenka ROMONE swings in a corner for New Calendonia, but it is managed well by the Tongan defense

8′ – FEKE is through one goal again, but Honorine POUIDJA in the New Caledonian goal is off her line well

10′ – Delphine POINRI has a shot on the Tonga goal, but narrowly misses left

11′ – Sala VEAMATAHAU intervenes well at the back for Tonga to clear a series of aerial New Caledonian passes

11′ – ROMONE has another shot from a deep free kick, which LIKLIKI collects easily

13′ – Marjorie POUYE has a shot from distance, but it is wide for a goal kick

15′ – Salote LAUTAHA crosses well to the near post, but POUIDJA is equal to the task

16′ – Marylise LOLO is through on goal, but LIKLIKI dives well at her feet, and VEAMATAHAU scrambles the loose ball away

17′ – Tonga has New Caledonia under pressure in attack as a light drizzle meanders over the J.S. Blatter Playing Fields

20′ – POUIDJA punches well in traffic from a lobbed cross

21′ – New Caledonia are off the hook with a free kick on the edge of their 18 yard box

21′ – 3. Marie WANAKAIJA receives a yellow card for a foul in the corner

22′ – Salome VAENUKU’s free kick fails to find FEKE at the D, and New Caledonia clear the danger

22′ – 18. Lola TARA receives a
yellow card while contesting possesion in the middle of the park

24′ – POUIDJA is off her line well into oncoming traffic, and secures possesion for New Caledonia

25′ – a LOLO corner is cleared will by Kulia FILO, which puts Tonga straight on attack for Heilala LOTOANIU to bend a shot across the face
of the New Caledonian goal

30′ – Heilala LOTOANIU bears down on goal for Tonga, only for Alice MATHIEU to put in a superb challenge and send the ball for a corner

33′ – Tonga fails to register a shot on goal despite another period of concerted pressure around the New Caledonian area

36′ – MATHIEU is proving invaluable for New Caledonia, marshalling the defense to allow New Caledonia to gain territory

37′ – ROMONE releases a powerful curling volley only metres wide from a LOLO corner, then features again on defense following a
quick Tonga attack made possible by a lengthy LIKILIKI goal kick

39′ – LOTOANIU checks on a break to provide for Matelita MISINALE, but ROMONE intervenes well for New Caledonia

43′ – Stephanie IAKEWE puts Marjorie POUYE through to cross from the bye-line, only for VEAMATAHAU to clear with a strong defensive

— 1 minute added time —

45’+1 – FEKE bears down on a through ball, but POUIDJA is out well again

45’+1 – POUIDJA secures possession for New Caledonia from an awkward through ball




45′ – the second half is underway at an increased pace, despite the Tongan team playing to the crowd and dancing along to the venue’s music during the

47′ – GOAL!

10. Heilala LOTOANIU latches on to a long clearance, draws POUIDJA from her goal, and calmy slots a right-footed finish into the corner of the net…cue more
dancing from the Tongan spectators and supporters alike

46′ – New Caledonia captain Floraine DIAINON remains lying face-down on the ground from the Tongan break that led to the goal, and leaves the field to receive

48′ – LIKILIKI bravely races off her line to collide with LOLO, but wins the ball…leaving LOLO on the ground

51′ – LOTOANIU is denied by a solid block from POUIDJA, as the ball bounces across the New Caledonian penalty box

53′ – New Caledonia manage consecutive Tongan corners well, to channel possesion back in their favour

57′ – New Caledonia captain 6. Floraine DIAINON succumbs to a leg injury, and is replaced by 14. Virginie HOUQUET

62′ – play flows freely across the park, as New Caledonia expand their style in search of an equaliser

63′ – IAKEWE releases a long range shot, which LIKILIKI collects without trouble

64′ – 7. Marjorie POUYE is replaced by 12. Glenda JANE for New Calendonia

66′ – FEKE is dangerous on the counter attack for Tonga, forcing a corner which New Calendonia clear well

67′ – LOTOANIU is through on goal, but denied well by POUIDJA after releasing her shot early 

69′ – 4. Pesalini LAVE receives a yellow card for a crunching challenge on Elodie TEIN-POAWI, who leaves the field for treatment

72′ – LOTOANIU has an opportunity to put Tonga another goal ahead, but produces an intelligent stop from POUIDJA

74′ – Lola TARA travels across the top of the 18 yard box, and releases a dangerous shot wide

74′ – IEKAWE crosses for TARA to volley narrowly wide

74′ – Mele NIUKAPU remains down near the Tongan penalty spot and leaves the field for treatment

74′ – Tongan goalkeeper 1. Mele LIKILIKI is shown a yellow card for time-wasting following the delay for NIUKAPU’s injury 

75′ – 2. Mele NIUKAPU succumbs to the injury, replaced by 18. Maumea MAFI

77′ – two Tongan players clash heads bearing down on the New Caledonia goal, one requiring treatment to the side of the field

79′ – New Caledonia has a series of attempts on the Tongan goal, but none find the target

81′ – Lola TARA releases a venomous strike on goal, which LIKILIKI needs to palm down, but regathers

85′ – Tonga’s 8. Neomai TUPOU is replaced by 15. Salote LAUTAHA

87′ – GOAL!

12. Penateti FEKE finds space on the left side of the penalty box, and rolls a left-footed finish across POUIDJA in the New Caledonian goal to score the winner for

87′ – 11. Stephanie IAKEWE is replaced by 16. Antonia PALAOU for New Caledonia

90′ – 9. Atelaite MANU receives a yellow card

— 2 minutes added time —

90’+1 – LIKILIKI saves well from a curling HOUQUET strike






image courtesy of Geoff Dickinson Photography

image courtesy
 of Geoff Dickinson Photography

image courtesy of Geoff Dickinson Photography

image courtesy of Geoff Dickinson Photography

image courtesy of Geoff Dickinson Photography 


Women’s Group B

Match Day 3 – 1500 – 30 August 2007

Toleafoa J.S. Blatter Football Fields – Apia – Samoa



TONGA: 1. Mele LIKILIKI [gk][c]; 2. Mele NIUKAPU (18. Maumea MAFI 75′); 3. Kulia FILO; 4. Pesalini LAVE;
5. Sala VEAMATAHAU; 7. Salome VAENUKU; 8. Neomai TUPOU (15. Salote LAUTAHA 85′); 9. Atelaite MANU; 10. Heilala LOTOANIU; 11. Matelita MISINALE; 12. Penateti FEKE.

Coach: Kilifi UELE

Substitutes not used: 6. Olive MATEIALONA; 13. Makeleta FOLAUMOETAO; 14. Unise HAFOKA; 17. Lose PELE; 19.
Uluaki KAUFUSI; 20. Elanoa LAUHINGOA [gk].

Injured: 16. Karen UTAATU.


Not available: 


Cautions: 4. Pesalini LAVE (69′); 1. Mele Likiliki (74′); 9. Atelaite MANU (90′).

Red cards:

Goal scorers: 10. Heilala LOTOAINU (47′); 12. Penateti FEKE



NEW CALEDONIA: 1. Honorine POUIDJA [gk]; 2. Delphine POINRI; 3. Marie WANAKAIJA; 5. Alice MATHIEU; 6.
Floraine DIAINON [c] (14. Virginie HOUQUET 57′); 7. Marjorie POUYE (12. Glenda JAINE 64′); 8. Elodie TEIN-POAWI; 9. Marylise LOLO; 11. Stephanie IEKAWE (16. Antonia PALAOU 87′); 17. Lenka ROMONE;
18. Lola TARA.

Coach: Stephane DELANDE

Substitutes not used: 4. Fanny SEE; 10. Celine XOLAWAWA; 13. Genevieve DEOUWI; 15. Madeleine JAINE; 19.
Audrey SINEM; 20. Lucie MOYATEA [gk].



Not available: 


Cautions: 3. Marie WANAKAIJA (21′); 18. Lola TARA (22′).

Red cards:

Goal scorers: 




Referee: Finau VULIVULI (FIJ)

Assistant Referee: Brent BEST (NZL)

Assistant Referee: Jackson NAMO (SOL)

Fourth Official: Lencie FRED (VAN)

Fifth Official: Hilary ANI (PNG)

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