New Zealand 5-1 Vanuatu

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New Zealand: 1. Michael WOUD [GK], 2. Jack-Henry SINCLAIR (C), 3. Luke JOHNSON, 4. William JONES, 6. Liam WILLIAMS, 7. Oliver CECI, 8. Sarpreet SINGH, 10. Logan ROGERSON, 14. James McGARRY, 15. Connor PROBERT, 19. Sam WILSON
Substitutes: 5. Sione FA’APOI, 9. Jack ANDERSON, 11. Louie MILLS, 12. Reuben CLARK [GK], 13. Sean SKEENS, 16. Jamie WOODLOCK, 17. Ben KIORE, 18. Daniel LOUGH, 20. Ben MATA
Coach: Jose FIGUEIRA [ENG]
Vanuatu: 1. Willie DICK [GK], 2. Joseph IARUEL (C), 3. Nicky OBED, 5. John JOHN, 6. William EDISON, 7. Frederick MASSING, 9. Sylvain WORWORBU, 10. Ronaldo WILKINS, 11. Abednigo SAU, 12. Barnabe TALIBAN, 14. Max UGUNA
Substitutes: 8. Jonathan SPOKEYJACK, 13. Xavier JIMMY, 15. Simeon JOSHUA, 17. Jayson TIMATUA, 18. Derek BULE, 20. Andreas DUCH [GK]
Injured: 16. Gregory PATRICK
Suspended: 4. Jeffrey TASSO
Coach: Etienne MERMER [VAN]
Match Officials:
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI [TAH]
Assistant Referee 1: Douglas METE [SOL]
Assistant Referee 2: Lemusa ALATASI [ASA]
4th Official: Averii JACQUES [TAH]
Weather conditions in Pago Pago: Sunny-cloudy / 31 °C / Feels 37 °C / 70% Humidity
The match kicks off.
1′ Sarpeet Singh’s first ball is too long.
3′ GOAL!! New Zealand 1-0 Vanuatu Connor Probert’s cross finds James McGarry at the far pst who opens the scoring for New Zealand.
8′ Interesting free kick for Vanuatu at the edge of the box,
8′ Michael Woud catches the free kick.
10′ Frederick Massing’s shot finds Keeper Woud.
12′ Sylvain Worworbu is caught offside for Vanuatu.
14′ Free kick for New Zealand but Liam Williams is caught offside.
16′ Sylvain Worworbu has a good chance to equalise but his shot hits the crossbar.
20′ Free kick for New Zealand. Sam Wilson finds Rogerson bur Willie Dick makes a good save.
20′GOAL!! New Zealand 2-0 Vanuatu Sarpeet Singh finds Rogerson on the corner who scores with header at the near post.
24′ YELLOW CARD Michael Woud is cautioned for New Zealand.
27′ Logan Rogerson crosses for James McGarry but Vanuatu keeper Willie Dick makes a good save.
29′ Ronaldo Wilkins’s shot finds Michael Woud’s arms.
30′ Water break.
33′ The match goes underway
35′ Corner for Vanuatu but Sam Wilson (NZL) clears the ball away.
36′ Abednigo Sau’s long range shot is off target for Vanuatu.
40′ Logan Rogerson finds Sarpeet Singh who shoots bu it is off target.
43′ Connor Probert tries to connect with Logan Rogerson but Joseph Iaruel intercepts.
44′ James McGarry is caught offside for New Zealand.
45′ Four minutes of additional time.
45+2′ Logan Rogerson’s cross is caught by Vanuatu keeer Willie Dick.
45+3′ Connor Probert’s cross is deflected in corner for New Zealand.
45+4′ James McGarry’s header is off target.
45+4′ Sam Wilson’s cross is deflected by Vanuatu defender on the the crossbar and Logan Rogerson can not pushe the ball into the back of the net.
The first half comes to an end.
The second haklf kicks off.
47′ Abednigo Sau’s shot is off target for Vanuatu.
50′ James McGarry’s shot is deflected in corner.
53′ Logan Rogerson connects with James McGarry who is caught offside.
54′ Free kick for Vanuatu but New Zealand defense clears the ball away.
55′ GOAL!! New Zealand 3-0 Vanuatu Sarpeet Singh’s cross finds Logan Rogerson’s header who scores his second goal today.
57′ Free kick for Vanuatu, Ronaldo Wilkins takes it but it is off target.
61′ Sulvain Worworbu’s cross is cleared away by New Zeland defense.
66′ Abednigo Sau’s shot is saved by Michael Woud.
67′ GOAL!! New Zealand 3-1 Vanuatu Luke Johnson scores an own goal.
68′ SUBSTITUTION James MacGarry is replaced by Jamie Woodlock for New Zealand.
70′ SUBSTITUTION Max Uguna is replaced by Simeon Joshua for Vanuatu.
72′ Frederick Massing’s shot is off target for Vanuatu.
75′ Water break.
79′ Frederick Massing’s cross is caught by Michael Woud.
81′ SUBSTITUTION Sarpeet Singh is replaced by Daniel Lough for New Zealand.
82′ PENALTY The referee points the epnalty spot for New Zealand.
83′ GOAL!! New Zealand 4-1 Vanuatu Connor Probert converts the penalty for New Zealand.
86′ SUBSTITUTION Logan Rogerson is replaced by Sean Skeens for New Zealand.
89′ Abednigo Sau leaves the field to receive medial treatments.
90′ SUBSTITUTION Abednigo Sau is replaced by Xavier Jimmy for Vanuatu
90′ Six minutes of additional time.
90+3′ GOAL!! New Zealand 5-1 Vanuatu Sam Wilson scores with a shot from inside the box.
90+4′ Free kick for Vanuatu but no one to take the ball in the box and New Zealand clear the ball away.
The final whistle is blown.

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