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AS Lossi: 30. Michel HNE (GK), 2. Kevin MAITRAN, 3. Jean Marie HMALOKO, 4. Dick KAUMA, 5. Pierre KAUMA, 8. Wilson FOREST, 9. Jim OUKA,, 12. Robert WAOUKA, 13. Romain PAINBENI, 14. Yorick HNAUTRA, 17. Jean Jacques WAHNYAMALLA, 19. Shafy MANDAOUE, 20. Mone WAMOWE,
Substitutes: 1. Emmanuel WEJIEME (GK), 29. Thomas SCHMIDT (GK), 6. Leon TAIN, 7. Leon WAHNAWE, 10. Joerisse CEXOME, 11. Nathanael HMAEN, 15. Fabian FOREST, 16. Paul OZIKA, 18. Fonzy RANCHAIN, 21. Marvin DRAWILO,
Coach: Stephane DRAHUSAK (NCL)
Team Wellington: 1. Scott BASALAJ (GK), , 4. Anthony HOBBS, 5. Bill ROBERTSON, 6. Chris BALE, 7. Leo VILLA, 8. Cole PEVERLEY, 9. Tom JACKSON, 10. Luis CORRALES, 11. Mario BARCIA, 12. Andy BEVIN, 13. Alex FENERIDIS, 1 16. Ben HARRIS, 17. Fergus NEIL, 18. Saul HALPIN
Substitutes 22. Alex CARR, 23. Michael O’KEEFFE (GK), 2. Taylor HOUGH, 3. Steven GULLEY, 4. William SCOTT, 15. Mark JONES, 19. Conor McGLINCHEY, 20. Michael GWYTHER, 21. Taylor SCHRIJVERS
Coach: Matt CALCOTT (NZL)
Match Officials
Referee: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Jeffery SOLODIA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Amos ANIO (PNG)
FULL TIME A 10-men Team Wellington holds on for a nervy 2-1 win over New Caledonian debutants AS Lossi in their Group B encounter
90+7 A quick counter by Lossi with Mone Wamowe trying a long range shot. His effort doesn’t trouble Basalaj
90+6 Wellington with posession with very litlle time left on the clock
90+4 Wellington are keeping the ball deep inside Lossi’s half
90+2 SUB LOS Lossi keeper Hne is unable to continue, he is repalaced by Emmanuel Wejieme in goal
90′ The Fourth Official signals 7 minutes of added time
87′ RED CARD WELChris Bale is sent off for a second bookable offence
84′ Lossi keeper Michael Hne needs medical treatment but he gets back on his feet to continue
82′ Tom Jackson on goal well blocked by Dick Kauma
80′ SUB WEL Double substituion, Luis Corrales replaced by Mark Jones while Ben Harris makes way for Andrew Bevin
78′ SUB LOS Robert Waouka replaced Nathanel Hmaen
76′ Most of the action takes place in midfield with both sets of players guilty of turning the ball over
75′ A good run by Wahnawe on the left, but his cross misses his teammate
72′ YELLOW CARD LOS Jim Ouka is booked by the referee
70′ At the other end a dangerous cross swung in by Ben Harris, but his shot is cleared by Lossi skipper Dick Kauma
69′ Long throw-in by Lossi, Bill Robertson heads out from inside his penaly box
67′ Wilson Forest requires medical attention but the Lossi player is back on his feet and he rejoins the action
64′ GOAL!!! Lossi 1-2 Team Wellington Wellington take the lead after Mario Barcia’s looping header sails over the streched arm of Hne
62′ YELLOW CARD LOS Mone Wamowe is booked
61′ SUB LOS Shafi Mandaoue replaced by Leon Wahnawe
59′ Wellington with consecutive long balls, but Lossi’s defence isn’t troubled
57′ A chance for a swift Wellington counter from a Lossi corner, but harris loses the ball
52′ Lossi on the attack again, Bill Robertson with some good defensive work for Wellington
49′ At the other end Lossi have a corner, Painbeni’s header hits the crossbar
48′ GOAL!!! Lossi 1-1 Team Wellington Wellington back on level terms. A free-kick from Alex Feneridis rebounds of the the keeper, Tom Jackson pops up to tap in from close range
46′ Sings of urgency by Wellington. Tom Jackson and Ben Harris quick to chase down a long ball.
46′ The second half is underway between Group B rivals AS Lossi and Team Wellington. The New Caledonians lead 1-0
HALF TIME AS Lossi take a 1-0 lead into the break. Jim Ouka with the goal for the New Caledonian debutants. Team Wellington need to mprove in the second half to turn it around
45+2 One final chance for Bill Roberston but the Wellington skipper skies his shot
45+1 YELLOW CARD LOS Romain Painbeni booked for a foul on Luis Corrales. Leonardo Villa’s free-kick firmly punched clear by Michael Hne
45′ Fourth official indicates 1 minute of added time
44′ Ben Harris is budled over 20 metres out from Lossi’s goal. Harris takes the free-kick put shoots straight at the keeper’s gloves
42′ GOAL!!! Lossi 1-0 Team Wellington Lossi take the lead. A clinical finish from Jim Ouka who find himself one-on-one with the keeper folloowing a defense splitting pass. Basalaj had no chance
39″ Lossi on the attack but Painbeni’s final pass lets him down
37″ Ben Harris wins a free-kick near the left corner flag. Tom Jackson heads wide from the incoming cross
35′ Jim Ouka’s long range free-kick goes high above the crossbar
33′ An even contest so far, Lossi by no means out of this match
31′ Wellington with a couple of long balls from deep inside their own half. Lossi’s defence isn’t troubled
30′ Bill Robertson makes a hard but clean tackle on Romain Painbeni on the edge of Wellington’s penalty box
27′ YELLOW CARD WEL Chris Bale is booked by the referee
26′ YELLOW CARD LOS Kevin Maitran with a caution
24′ Team Wellington slowing the tempo, passing the ball around in their own half
22′ Leonardo Villa’s free-kick near the edge of the box sails above the crossbar
19′ Mandaoue with a stinging long range strike. Basalaj does well to keedp his shot out
18″ In-form Wellington striker Ben Harris comes close to scoring, his effort hits the crossbar
17′ Leonardo Villa’s long range free-kick just sails over Bill Robertson over Bill Roberston’s head.
13″A long range strike by Shafi Mandaoue doesn’t trouble Scott Basalaj in Wellinton’s goal
11′ Lossi put a string of passes together in the midfield before Robert WaWaouka losses possession
9′ Ben Harris gets on the end of a cross, but his header goes wide. The flag is up for offside
8′ AS Lossi growing in confidence with the lion share of the possession so far
6′ Mone Wamowe with an attempt from the edge of the box, but his long range effort sails over the crossbar
4′ Lossi with possession inside Wellington’s half
2′ Luis Corrales with an early chance, but his shot goes wide
2′ Patient start by Wellington, knocking the ball around at the back
1′ We are away with the second Group B clash on Match Day 5, between New Caledonian newcomers AS Lossi and last year’s runners-up Team Wellington. The men from the New Zealand capital kick off proceedings

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