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New Zealand: 1. Stefan MARINOVIC (GK), 2. Kip COLVEY, 5. Michael BOXALL, 6. Bill TUILOMA, 7. Kosta BARBAROUSES, 8. Michael McGLINCHEY, 13. Monty PATTERSON, 14. Rory FALLON (C), 16. Louis FENTON, 17. Luke ADAMS, 18. Sam BROTHERTON,
Substitutes: 3. Mat RIDENTON, 11. Marco ROJAS, 12. Max CROCOMBE (GK), 15. Jeremy BROCKIE, 20. Te Atawhai HUDSON-WIHONGI, 21. Logan ROGERSON, 22. Moses DYER, 23. Tamati WILLIAMS (GK)
Suspended: 4. Themistoklis TZIMOPOULOS, 10. Luka PRELEVIC
Absent: 9. Chris WOOD, 19. Thomas DOYLE
Coach: Anthony HUDSON (ENG)
Papua New Guinea: 20. Ronald WARISAN (GK), 2. Daniel JOE, 4. Alwin KOMOLONG, 5. Felix KOMOLONG, 7. Raymond GUNEMBA, 8. Michael FOSTER, 9. Nigel DABINGYABA, 12. David MUTA (C), 14. Emmanuel SIMON, 18. Tommy SEMMY, 19 Koriak UPAIGA
Substitutes: 1. Ishmael POLE, (GK), 3. Valentine NELSON, 6. Patrick AISA, 10. Obert BIKA, 11. Wira WAMA, 13. Roland BALA, 15. Philip STEVEN, 16. Jeremy YASASA, 17. Jacob SABUA, (GK) 21. Sammie CAMPBELL, 22. Otto KUSUNAN, 23. Leslie KALAI (GK)
Coach: Flemming SERRITSLEV (DEN)
Match Officials
Referee: Norbert HAUATA (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Philippe REVEL (TAH)
Fourth Official: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)
New Zealand are OFC Nations Cup Champions
NZL 4-2 PNG ROJAS scores
KICK 5 NZL Marco ROJAS takes
NZL 3-2 PNG GUNEMBA with a miss
KICK 4 PNG Raymond GUNEMBA up for PNG
NZL 3-2 PNG BROCKIE hooks his shot outside the post
KICK 4 NZL Jeremy BROCKIE steps up to the spot
NZL 3-2 PNG A slow effort just slips past
KICK 3 PNG Michael FOSTER to take this for PNG
NZL 3-1 PNG DYER slots in
KICK 3 NZL Moses DYER to take
KICK 2 PNG Tommy SEMMY steps up to the spot
NZL 2-0 PNG MCGLINCHEY sends WARISAN the wrong way
KICK 2 NZL Michael MCGLINCHEY up next
NZL 1-0 PNG MARINOVIC saves UPAIGA’s effort
KICK 1 NZL: Rory FALLON is set to take the first kick
END OF EXTRA TIME: New Zealand 0-0 Papua New Guinea
120’+1′ WARISAN makes a save as ROJAS cries foul but the keeper is hitting it upfield
One minute additional time
120′ UPAIGA hoofs upfield but it’s out for a throw
119′ SABUA sends the corner, GUNEMBA chests down but can’t keep it in play
119′ GUNEMBA into the box, it comes to SEMMY who hits with his left but a great save from FENTON
118′ A foul from Jeremy Brockie as he tries to bring down the free kick
118′ YELLOW CARD Raymond GUNEMBA goes in the book
117′ SEMMY seems impatient to score as he forges playing to a teammate to take another shot from distance this time saved by the keeper
116′ SEMMY gets the ball but sends it well over the target
115′ SUB PNG The hard-working Emmanuel SIMON makes room for Jacob SABUA
114′ MCGLINCHEY puts his effort over the goal – probably with some assistance from the wind which is picking up here at Sir John Guise Stadium
113′ ROJAS is fouled and it’s in prime position for a MCGLINCHEY free kick
111′ The one time GUNEMBA hasn’t gone up to the back post, JOE gets a great cross off and it finds empty space
111′ ADAMS does well to hold up SEMMY and win possession at teh same time
110′ GUNEBMA crosses after the ball is worked around the box for PNG – he strikes it straight at a waiting MARINOVIC
109′ Overlapping run fron JOE, BROTHERTON puts up a decent tackle to deny
108′ MCGLINCHEY makes a swift run up the left but the defence has it well covered
107′ DYER does enough to put JOE off and his pass goes out of play
106′ Acute angle for GUNEMBA but MARINOVIC is low at his near post to claim
106′ The second period of extra time gets underway courtesy of New Zealand
EXTRA-TIME HALF: New Zealand 0-0 Papua New Guinea
105’+1′ The ball is headed around the area but when it comes to BROCKIE at the near post he can’t finish
105’+1′ Two corners put away from danger by UPAIGA but a third one coming up
105′ FALLON rounds in on goal but UPAIGA puts up the block
105′ MCGLINCHEY has a go from outside the box but WARISAN has it covered
103′ PNG haven’t made a single substitute but still running hard at their opponent as GUNEBMA gets another shot off
102′ PNG with a corner
101′ FENTON has to hussle to put the ball out as GUNEMBA round on goal
100′ PNG pressuring the New Zealand back line but there’s no decent shot
98′ UPAIGA beats DYER to the ball but New Zealand still doing well to press forward with an attack
97′ Great header away from the young F. KOMOLONG
97′ PNG lose the ball and it’s through for BROCKIE but the striker is deemed offside
97′ Throw is straight to UPAIGA who clears
96′ As we wait for the long throw from BOXALL WARISAN goes down in the area with DYER claiming innocence
95′ COLVEY’s cross is met by FALLON who attempts to head past WARISAN sending it just over the cross bar
94′ COLVEY to take this throw and he goes short to ROJAS who sends him up the line
93′ A throw for New Zealand, COLVEY to leave for BOXALL
91′ Save from MARINOVIC early on
90’+3′ MARINOVIC punches away, the ball comes to SEMMY who takes his time before chipping – but sends his effort wide
90’+2′ YELLOW CARD Michael MCGLINCHEY is cautioned
90’+1′ GUNEMBA rops deep to collect, he’s away but has his trailing foot clipped by MCGLINCHEY
90′ Two minutes additional time
90′ Decent cross flashed in from GUNEMBA and BROTHERTON has to work hard to put it away from danger
89′ WARISAN is back on his feet and determined to see this final out
88′ WARISAN is fouled and now requires treatment
87′ Rough and tumble between COLVEY and DABINGYABA and the Kiwis have a free kick
86′ Free kick for New Zealand after a challenge from FOSTER on BOXALL
85′ COLVEY attempts a cross but has gone in behind the net
85′ The work up is good, but SEMMY is too far out with too many bodies between him and the goal when he takes his shot
84′ DYER’s first touch is poor under pressure from GUNEMBA but the Papua New Guinea striker can’t keep the ball in play
83′ GUNEMBA goes for goal with the free kick but he’s just off-target
82′ DYER with a foul on SIMON – twice in a row
81′ BOXALL heads to the corner to take a long throw – WARISAN has it but drops it, New Zealand can’t capitalise
81′ ROJAS is brought down in the middle for a free kick
81′ DYER goes through at the other end but he’s halted from taking the shot
80′ GUNEMBA arrives between BROTHERTON and ADAMS and almost has the ball ahead of MARINOVI
78′ Massive free kick from WARISAN clears the entire field
77′ New Zealand try and tuck the ball in at the near post, WARISAN has it covered but the flag is up anyway
75′ F. KOMOLONG does enough to prevent the ball reaching ROJAS waiting for the cross behind him
74′ MUTA puts out with a theatrical kick – with TUILOMA off it’s BOXALL with the long throws for NZ
73′ Excellent and calm clearance from A. KOMOLONG
72′ BROCKIE wins ugly off SEMMY and tries to put ROJAS up the right but the winger is offside
72′ Free kick for PNG after a foul from BROCKIE on UPAIGA
71′ SUB NZL Moses DYER replaces the injured Bill TUILOMA
71′ MARINOVIC hoofs the ball upfield and it’s
sent right back by F. KOMOLONG
70′ TUILOMA has gone down with off the ball and needs treatment – the stretcher has been called but isn’t needed
69′ SIMON sees MARINOVIC off his line after the keeper comes out to clear, the midfielder has a go from distance but is off target
67′ The referee has works with A. KOMOLONG ad BOXALL who are tussling in the box as New Zealand get ready to deliver a corner
64′ FOSTER has a go after some nice build up work from PNG but he flashes his shot well over the cross bar
62′ GUNEMBA plays the resulting free kick directly to MARINOVIC
61′YELLOW CARD Kip Colvey goes in the book for his challenge on FOSTER
61′ Once again some excellent passing through the middle of the field from PNG
60′ The ball is delivered to the head of FALLON who sends it goalwards but it’s away off the line by Alwin KOMOLONG
59′ New Zealand have a free kick right on the corner of the PNG box. MCGLINCHEY is in behind
57′ JOE defends well against MCGLINCHEY
57′ GUNEMBA under pressure from two defenders loses possession
56′ FOSTER blocks the clearance from MARINOVIC and it’s out for a goal kick
55′ SUB NZL Kosta BARBAROUSES makes room for Jeremy BROCKIE
54′ DABINGYABA fouls MARINOVIC much to the keepers dislike
53′ SUB NZL Monty PATTERSON is replaced by Marco ROJAS
53′ Fantastic play from PNG as they cut New Zealand apart with their passes, GUNEMBA races through and cuts the ball back but it’s gone too deep
52′ ADAMS does enough to put GUNEMBA off
51′ WARISAN with a massive clearance for BROTHERTON to deal with – New Zealand deal well with the pressure to find a way forward up the other flank
50′ FOSTER tries to create something on his own but the All Whites have numbers at the back
49′ SIMON goes short with his free kick and it’s an easy clearance for New Zealand
49′ YELLOW CARD Michael BOXALL is cautioned for New Zealand
48′ SEMMY has the legs on BOXALL, he touches inside the defender and is brought down
48′ MARINOVIC sends the goal kick, UPAIGA bring it down but pases to PATTERSON
46′ Into the box from SEMMY looking for GUNEMBA in front of goal – they almost have it but a great tackle to deny
46′ Underway for the second half with PNG making an early win
HALF-TIME: New Zealand 0-0 Papua New Guinea
45’+1′ Great effort from PNG but they don’t quite have enough to get past MARINOVIC once again
45’+1′ Offside from BARBAROUSES as the PNG backs hold their line well
One minute additional time
45′ Through ball from SEMMY to DABINGYABA on the counter attack – the latter can’t quite get a decent shot off
44′ FALLON pulled up for holding
43′ Corner punched clear by MARINOVIC setting BARBAROUSES away – A. KOMOLONG makes an impressive sprint back and tackle to win back for PNG
42′ Hands up from A. KOMOLONG and UPAIGA as BARBAROUSES is well offside when he receives
41′ BOXALL fluffs his clearance and SEMMY breaks, he pulls the ball back but FENTON has come back to help cover
41′ Felix KOMOLONG does well to cover the ball and play off MCGLINCHEY for a goal kick
40′ Not a great delivery from PATTERSON who sees MCGLINCHEY up front but puts past him
40′ SEMMY deemed to have fouled BROTHERTON and it’s a free kick for New Zealand in their own half
39′ Quick counter-attack from PNG – DABINGYABA with the shot and MARINOVIC is forced to push wide
38′ DABINGYABA with a challenge to win off TUILOMA
37′ COLVEY sends a quick pullback but FALLON can’t get a touch and it’s out for a throw
36′ PATTERSON put pressure on WARISAN who sends his clearance straight out
35′ YELLOW CARD Michael FOSTER is cautioned for a challenge on TUILOMA
35′ WARISAN up amongst the throng to claim the long throw
34′ F. KOMOLONG given a few words of warning not to hold in the area
33′ A free kick just off the middle circle for New Zealand is headed for a throw by JOE
32′ Good challenge from BOXALL to win off GUNEMBA
31′ Alleged handball from FOSTER as BOXALL clears upfield and play comes back for a free kick
30′ Impeccable vision from UPAIGA who sees DABINGYABA waiting at the far post but his delivery is just a little to heavy and the latter struggles to pull a decent cross back
29′ Great play from PNG to get themselves out of some danger – but the cross hits Michael BOXALL
29′ Big challenge from BROTHERTON on Michael FOSTER hands possession to TUILOMA who has a go
28′ MARINOVIC puts the ball out off a free kick
27′ YELLOW CARD Louis FENTON is cautioned for New Zealand after a clumsy challenge on David MUTA
26′ Headed away by ADAMS and BARBAROUSES is released to go 1v1 with WARISAN but the keeper makes the save
25′ A foul from TUILOMA sees SEMMY delivering from a dangerous position
24′ Great work from A. KOMOLONG and UPAIGA up the left as BARBAROUSES and PATTERSON cause trouble
23′ Headed back to WARISAN by F. KOMOLONG
23′ BROTHERTON puts long as GUNEMBA and DABINGYABA bear down
22′ FENTON brings down UPAIGA to gift PNG a free kick in their own half
21′ Sam BROTHERTON is under pressure from GUNEMBA as he tries to put the ball back upfield
20′ YELLOW CARD Tommy SEMMY picks up a caution after his challenge on TUILOMA
20′ Great play from the back out to SEMMY who makes a great run towards the New Zealand goal but TUILOMA halts the shot
18′ A.KOMOLONG deals with a long throw into the box, and New Zealand earn a corner
17′ F. KOMOLONG heads away only to find COLVEY who fires off his left but sends it over
17′ TUILOMA lopes over to take
17′ Alwin KOMOLONG goes head-to-head with BARBAROUSES with the latter winning a throw in
14′ WARISAN uses the wind better this time keeping his delivery low and leaving DABINGYABA to tussle with COLVEY for possession
13′ New Zealand still in possession deep in the half, but they can’t get off a clean shot
12′ MCGLINCHEY wins the ball in the middle and tries to pop it over for Monty PATTERSON but puts it out for a PNG throw
11′ Michael MCGLINCHEY takes the free kick but sends it outside the far post
11′ Felix KOMOLONG with a nudge from behind on BARBAROUSES – he concedes a free kick and earns a talking to
10′ Daniel JOE tries to play up the line for DABINGYABA but he turns his pass out
10′ UPAIGA goes forward but it’s turned over, Tommy SEMMY drops deep to collect
9′ Stefan MARINOVIC comes high to clear a pass back from TUILOMA who is under some pressure from DABINGYABA
8′ Quick thinking from Luke ADAMS as Raymond GUNEMBA receives, he makes a crucial challenge
7′ BARBAROUSES with a foul on David MUTA which captures the referees attention
6′ Nigel DABINGYABA challenges Kip COLVEY to an aerial ball and wins a throw
5′ FALLON heads inside for BARBAROUSES but the height advantage is in 18-year-old Felix KOMOLONG’s favour
4′ Louis FENTON given a verbal warning by referee Norbert Hauata
3′ Foul from BROTHERTON on Emmanuel SIMON, the free kick is switched over to Koriak UPAIGA who struggles a little to bring it under control in the wind
3′ The Bill TUILOMA long throw makes an early appearance, it comes back to him and he fires well over the cross bar
2′ Poor clearance from the keeper who sends the ball high only for the strong breeze to carry it out
2′ Kosta BARBAROUSES plays to Rory FALLON but his pass rolls long for Ronald WARISAN
1′ A. KOMOLONG receives and sends long himself but it’s brought down by Sam BROTHERTON
1′ Underway with Alwin KOMOLONG sending the ball into touch after a long ball from the Kiwis

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