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Auckland City 1 – 0 Waitakere United

Auckland City – Waitakere United Match Summary click here
In the O-League matches played earlier this weekend, Magenta beat Tefana 3-0, Amicale disposed of Lautoka 5-1 and Koloale defeated Hekari United 2-1.
See below for all the play-by-play action.
The starting line-ups are as follows:
Auckland City: 1. Jacob SPOONLEY (GK), 2. Angel BERLANGA, 3. Ian HOGG, 6. Stuart KELLY, 8. David MULLIGAN, 9. Manel EXPOSITO, 11. Daniel KOPRIVCIC, 13. Alex FENERIDIS, 14. Adam DICKINSON, 15. Ivan VICELICH (c), 23. Adam THOMAS
Waitakere United: 22. Andy RALPH (GK), 2. Jason ROWLEY, 3. Aaron SCOTT, 4. Tim MYERS, 7. Martin BULLOCK, 8. Chris BALE, 10. Allan PEARCE, 17. Jake BUTLER, 19. Dakota LUCAS, 20. Ryan DE VRIES, 24. Luke ADAMS
The match kicks off
1′ Mulligan swings a cross over from the left for Auckland but no one can get on the end of it
3′ De Vries slams into the advertising hoardings on the left after a challenge from Adam Thomas and play is held up while he receives treatment
4′ Thomas breaks down the right for Auckland and squares for Exposito to shoot but his effort goes well over the bar
6′ Pearce makes good progress down the right for Waitakere and pulls the ball back from the byline but Feneridis cuts it out
8′ The early stages have been fairly uneventful as both sides feel their way into the game
10′ Bale gives away a free kick when he crashes into Thomas near the halfway line
12′ The abscence of the injured Roy Krishna is a big blow for Waitakere and they seem to be missing his incisive running
12′ GOAL!!! Auckland City 1, Waitakere United 0: Stuart Kelly puts Auckland in front when Exposito latches onto a Dickinson through ball and tries to round goalkeeper Ralph. He falls to do so but the ball breaks to Kelly who fires into the vacant net from the edge of the box
14′ The referee has some stern words with Vicelich but no Auckland player is cautioned
16′ Lucas brings the ball down well at the back of the box for Waitakere but can’t get a shot away
17′ YELLOW CARD: Exposito is cautioned for Auckland
19′ Mulligan runs onto a pass on the left and side of the box and shoots but can’t get enough power to beat Ralph
21′ Waitakere show some nice touches in the attacking third through Bullock and Pearce but can’t fashion a chance
23′ Bullock swings over a free kick from the left for Waitakere but Vicelich rises to head it away cleanly
24′ Pearce slices a cross from the right and Spoonley gathers comfortably
26′ Waitakere are trying hard to get back into the game and spending plenty of time in the Auckland half but are struggling to create any chances
27′ Mulligan whips the ball in from the right for Auckland but Ralph gathers without any problems
29′ Auckland are enjoying a spell of possession in the midfield and are knocking the ball around nicely
31′ Waitakere have a free kick in a promising position but Bullock can only find the head of Vicelich with his delivery
34′ The ball strikes Exposito in a rather sensitive spot and play is held up while he receives treatment
37′ Pearce is released down the right for Waitakere but his near post cross is cut out by Spoonley
39′ De Vries goes on a jinking run down the left for Waitakere but is crowded out by several Auckland defenders on the edge of the box
39′ Auckland win the first corner of the match on the right but Mulligan’s centre is cut out
41′ Butler runs onto a ball down the left for Waitakere but good defending from Berlanga halts his progress
43′ YELLOW CARD: Jake Butler is cautioned for Waitakere
45′ One minute of injury time will be played
The first half comes to an end
The second half kicks off
49′ Lucas has Waitakere’s first goal attempt of the half but his strike from the left can only find the side netting
50′ Mulligan has a free kick in a good position for Auckland but can’t pick out Vicelich
53′ Dickinson pounces on a loose ball for Auckland and runs towards goal but Myers make a great tackle before he can get a shot away
56′ Exposito plays a sharp one-two with Dickinson on the break but Waitakere defend well
58′ Exposito puts pressure on Myers as he tries to control a bouncing ball and the Spanish striker wins it but can’t beat Ralph with his strike
59′ Auckland play a short corner to Dickinson but his attempted curling effort does not bend back enough to find the target
60′ The best moment of the half arrives when Mulligan and Kelly play a one-two and the latter’s strike from the edge of the area draws a fine save from Ralph
63′ SUBSTITUTION: Scott is replaced by Mike Gwyther for Waitakere
64′ YELLOW CARDS: Auckland’s Spoonley and Waitakere’s Bale are cautioned
66′ SUBSTITUTION: Koprivcic is replaced by Adam McGeorge for Auckland
68′ Bullock floats in a free kick for Waitakere but it is again headed clear by Vicelich, who has won everything in the air all afternoon
69′ Exposito has a great chance to extend Auckland’s lead when he gets on the end of a McGeorge cross at the back post but Ralph makes a good save from his side-footed volley
70′ SUBSTITUTION: Mulligan is replaced by Albert Vidal for Auckland
72′ Kelly has another chance for Auckland on the edge of the area when Dickinson square the ball back to him but he drags his shot wide
74′ Exposito cuts in on the left for Auckland and shoots but his effort is just too high and grazes the crossbar
75′ SUBSTITUTION: De Vries is replaced by Tim Payne for Waitakere
76′ Dickinson has a close range effort at goal but Ralph makes a straightforward save
79′ Waitakere are now running out of time to keep their O-League hopes alive and must start creating some chances soon
81′ SUBSTITUTION: Lucas is replaced by Luiz del Monte for Waitakere
81′ SUBSTITUTION: Exposito is replaced by Luis Corrales for Auckland
83′ Corrales breaks down the right for Auckland but his touch is too heavy and Ralph is able to come out and gather
86′ YELLOW CARD: Rowley is cautioned for Waitakere
87′ Feneridis takes the free kick and bends an impressive effort towards the top corner which Ralph tips onto the bar
90′ Four minutes of injury time will be played
90′ + 1′ YELLOW CARD: Bullock is cautioned for Waitakere
90′ + 4′ YELLOW CARD: Pearce is cautioned for Waitakere
The final whistle is blown

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