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American Samoa: 1. Kinilau POULI (GK), 2. Sione MOEAKI, 3. Willie MALELE, 4. Frank HUNT, 5. Paul COLLINS (C), 8. Joe PURCELL, 9. Steven FISO, 10. Ferrin MANULELEUA, 11. Gabriel TAUMUA, 12. Tor-Lawrence MANA’O, 13. Takai POULI
Substitutes: 23. Hinckley TUFA (GK), 6. Michael SETTLE, 7. Tauamo FE’A, 13. Takai POULI, 17. Aliva NAUTU, 18. Masila SIUA,
Coach: Sione MAU (TGA)
Samoa: 1. Faalavelave MATAGI (GK) (C), 2. Peter HUNT, 3. Timothy HUNT, 4.Tauati TANOAI, 6. Xavier TANIELU, 7. Christopher GALE, 8. Vaa TAUALAI, 9. Samuel MALO, 10. Frank MARINER, 15. Vaatausili VAA, 18. Fagupo TELETOLIO,
Substitutes: 19. Faafouina FELISE (GK), 5. Maiseli MATAMU, 11. Brian SIMI, 12, Pago TUNUPOPO, 13. Esekielu LAUSSEN, 14. Joseph SELEMAIA, 16. Timote FONI, 17. Slade OMERI,

Coach: Paul UALESI (SAM)
Match officials
Referee: Nelson SOGO (SOL)
Assistant Referee 1: Jeffery SOLODIA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Phul SINGH (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)
90+1 RED CARD! Samoa are down to 10 as Pago TUNUPOPO is sent off for a second bookable offence
90′ Fourth official indicates 3 minutes of added time
87′ SUB ASA: Takai POULI is replaced by Masila SIUA
86′ SUB SAM: Tauati TANOAI is replaced by Slade OMERI
84′ Takai POULI needs medical treatment on ther field
80′ American Samoa under sustained pressure
76′ SUB ASA Ferrin MANULELEUA is replaced by Tauamo FE’E
75′ GOAL!!! SAM 5-0 ASA Pago TUNUPOPO drives home from the edge of the box to make it 5-0
74′ YELLOW CARD Pago TUNUPOPO receives a yellow card
72′ MALO makes a run but he is blocked inside the penalty box
70′ Faalavelave MATAGI is quick to rush off his line to stifle an American Samoa attack
68′ Gabriel TAUMUA leaves the field temporarily for medical treatment
65′ GOAL!!! SAM 4-0 ASA Pago TUNUPOPO makes it 4-0 two minutes after entering the field
63′ SUB SAM Xavier Pasese TANIELU is replaced by Pago TUNUPOPO
59′ Tor MANA’O with the free kick but he doesn’t trouble Samoa goalkeeper Faalavelave MATAGI, who makes an easy save
58′ YELLOW CARD SAM Vaa TAUALAI receives a yellow card for a foul on Takai POULI
56′ Ferrin MANULELEUA runs into space on the left but the ball to him is too long
55′ MALO sprinting on the right flank but he is blocked by Aliva NAUTU
52′ Steven FISO tries an overhead kick inside the box but it goes wide
51′ Vaa TAUALAI with another attempt from distance but his effort is high and wide
48′ GOAL!!! SAM 3-0 Timothy HUNT grabs another with a long range free kick
46′ American Samoa kick off the second half
45+1 Vaatausili VAA almost scores but he drives straight at the keeper after a strong run
45’Fourth official indicates 2 minutes of added time
42′ Joe PURCELL with an attempt but his effort goes over the crossbar
40′ Samuel MALO crosses from the right but American Samoa goalkeeper Kinilau POULI easily gathers in the air
38′ Takai POULI with a promising run bu Samoa goalkeeper Faalavelave MATAGI rushes it to block him
36′ Samoa flagged offside again for the sixth time in the match
33′SUB ASA:Frank HUNT is replaced by Aliva NAUTU
32′ Vaa TAUALAI puts the ball into the net with a curling shot but the flag goes up
30′ GOAL!!! SAM 2-0 ASA Samuel MALO beats the osside trap with a well timed run before passing the keeper with a confident low strike
27′ Christopher GALE free kick goes straight to the arms of American Samoa goalkeeper Kinilau POULI
25′ Vaatausili VAA receives medical treatment and he temporarily leaves the field
23′ Frank MARINER with another dangerous run but he is flagged offside
21′ Christopher GALE forces a save from American Samoa goalkeeper Kinilau POULI with a long range free kick
19′ American Samoa with two quick counters but unable to penetrate Samoa’s well organised defence
17′ Samoa are looking dangerous with another attempt that goes just long
15′ Peter HUNT tries to release Malo on the left but he is offsise
12′ GOAL!!! SAM 1-0 ASA Samoa take the lead after Frank MARINER taps in from close range following a good run and a right cross from Samuel MALO
9′ Steven FISO almost scores at the other end, he beats the keeper but his low drive just misses the right post
7′ Samuel MALO with a good chance following t a strong run on the righ but he blasts his shot over the crossbar
4′ Samoa are beginninmg to control possession
2′ American Samoa with early pressing

1′ We are underway with the 2016 OFC U-20 Championship Preliminary match between Samoa and American Samoa at the Loto-Tonga Soka Centre.

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