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Tahiti: 1. Mikael ROCHE (GK), 2. Taumihau TIATIA, 5. Rainui AROITA, 6. Henri CAROINE, 10. Teaonui TEHAU, 11. Jay WARREN, 13. Steevy CHONG HUE, 15. HEIMANO BOUREBARE, 19. Vincent SIMON, 20, Alvin TEHAU (c), 21. Fred TISSOT
Suspended: 22. Nicolas VALLAR, 17. Tamatoa TETAUIRA
Substitutes: 4. Ricky AITAMAI, 7. Temarii TINORUA, 8. Tauatua LUCAS, 9. Tauhiti KECK, 12. Mauarii TEHINA, 14. Matatia PAAMA, 16. Bruno TETUANUI (GK), 18. Tefai FAEHAU
Coach: Ludovic GRAUGNARD (TAH)
New Caledonia: 23. Jelen IXOEE (GK), 3. Joseph TCHACKO, 6. Cedric SANSOT, 7. Joel WAKANUMUNE, 8. Roy KAYARA, 9. Jean-Philippe SAIKO, 10. Cesar ZEOULA, 11. Bertrand KAI, 12. Loic WAKANUMUNE, 16. Jean-Christ WAJOKA, 18. Emile BEARUNE
Absent: 21. Georges GOPE-FENEPEJ
Injured: 2. Judikael IXOEE, 4. Georges BEARUNE, 5. Kevin NEMIA,
Substitutes: 1. Dimitri PETEMOU, (GK), 13. Jean-Brice WADRIAKO, 14. Jacki MEINDU, 15. Joerisse CEXOME, 17. Jefferson DAHITE, 19. Joseph ATHALE, 20. Thomas SCHMIDT (GK)
Coach: Thierry SARDO (NCL)
Match Officials
Referee: Nick WALDRON (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Avinesh NARAYAN (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Ravitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
FULL TIME: Tahiti 1-1 New Caledonia
90’+5′ CAROINE puts the ball through for T.TEHAU and both teh keeper and striker go for it and get injured
90’+4′ Rapid counter from Tahiti sees T. TEHAU hit the ball with power but IXOEE dives and tips wide
90’+3′ KAI heads to the back post for an arriving teammate to finish but he’s just missed hitting the mark
90’+2′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 1-1 New Caledonia A back heel in the confusion of a corner from Teaonui TEHAU sees Tahiti pull themselves back in line
90’+1′ TEHINA shoots from outside the area and he almost scores but for a slight touch off the fingertips of IXOEE
Four minutes additional time
90′ SAIKO on the break but Tahiti have got back in numbers to keep New Caleodnia at bay
89′ The ball loops over and outstretched ROCHE but it catches KAI unawares and he loses the opportunity
88′ ATHALE intercepts but is wasteful in possesion as he plays directly to the opposition
87′ SAIKO puts CAROINE under pressure but the Tahitian defender manages to earn a goal kick
85′ KAI almost gets a clear run on goal after tapping the ball around SIMON but CAROINE comes across to put out
85′ SUB TAH Tahiti’s final change sees Ricky AITAMAI replace Taumihau TIATIA
84′ KAYARA takes a short free kick before sending in at goal – DAHITE volleys on the fly but ROCHE has his near post covered to deny
83′ SUB NCL Jefferson DAHITE comes in for Cedric SANSOT
83′ ATHALE loses the ball to TINORUA but manages to earn the throw
81′ Free kick for Tahiti 20 metres inside the New Caledonia half is lofted goalwards by CAROINE but it drifts just inches wide of its intended target
80′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 0-1 New Caledonia Bertrand KAI shows his class as he receives with his back to goal, turns and shoots low
79′ Getting a wee bit scrappy out there as the minutes tick down
77′ SUB TAH Fred TISSOT is replaced by Temarii TINORUA
76′ SUB TAH Jay WARREN is replaced by Mauarii TEHINA
76′ ZEOULA with a shot that forces another diving save from ROCHE
75′ The ball runs long from a corner after taking a deflection for a follow-up corner which is headed away
74′ ATHALE races across to make a sliding save as TISSOT winds up to shoot
72′ Well left by KAI who lets the shot from ZEOULA run through his legs but ROCHE has seen it and makes the dive to smother
72′ Seeing some fine work from ATHALE who puts a cross past KAI for SAIKO who hits it on the volley to rattle the framework
70′ Free kick into the box, from G. BEARUNE and ZEOULA tries to put it away but can’t quite make a clean connection with the ball
68′ ATHALE has a go but curls his effort narrowly around the goal
67′ Steevy CHONG HUE leaps high to put the cross away but a stupendous diving save from IXOEE denies him
66′ T. TEHAU with a flying volley at the back post but it bounces up and over the target, taking a touch on the way for a corner
65′ New Caledonia on the attack but no clear shot sees Tahiti with a goal kick, which ROCHE is no longer taking probably due to the thigh strain he picked up early in the first half
63′ KAI looks to be away following a tussle for possession with TIATIA but the referee has spotted something and calls play back for a Tahiti free kick
62′ SIMON takes and it’s headed clear
62′ Vincent SIMON and WARREN behind the ball
61′ YELLOW CARD Cedric SANSOT makes a sliding challenge on Jay WARREN and is cautioned for his troubles – his second yellow card of the tournament.
60′ ATHALE has a long range pop and it’s off the underside of the cross bar to the relief of ROCHE who was otherwise beaten by the effort
57′ YELLOW CARD Fred TISSOT is cautioned after taking down Joseph ATHALE in a challenge
57′ KAYARA races alongside Henri CAROINE with the Tahitian just getting a touch to put the ball out for a corner
56′ New Caledonia’s corner is out to T.TEHAU who clears upfield to relieve some of the pressure on his backline
55′ ATHALE tries to play KAI through but his pass runs to ROCHE who collects
54′ A. TEHAU gets a bit handsy as he tries to beat past E. BEARUNE at the back for New Caledonia and it’s called up by the referee
53′ CHONG HUE is unmarked as he heads up the left but ATHALE does enough to help the ball off his foot
52′ The flag goes up on SAIKO but New Caledonia quickly win back the ball
51′ KAI is hussled off the ball by TIATIA but he manages to touch back in order to his teammate
50′ ATHALE under pressure as he tries to defend against CHONG HUE and he does well to evenutally help recover the ball
49′ BOUREBARE goes down in the box trying to defend but is soon back up on his feet as Tahiti start a counter
48′ SANSOT leaps high to head a free kick goalwards but ROCHE manages to punch wide
47′ Tahiti have an early chance but IXOEE manages to smother the ball
46′ The second half gets underway
SUB NCL: Joseph ATHALE comes in for Jean-Christ WAJOKA and Joseph TCHACKO is replaced by Georges BEARUNE
HALF-TIME: Tahiti 0-0 New Caledonia
45’+1′ WARREN sends the corner goalwards but IXOEE is quick to punch clear
45’+1′ Another close call for New Caledonia as Tahiti win yet another corner
One minute additional time
45′ TISSOT gets a bit physical as he tries to win off E. BEARUNE and New Caledonia send the free kick goalwards
44′ KAYARA comes deep into the corner to help his teammates win a goalkick
44′ Free kick for Tahiti and WARREN sends but it’s headed away for a throw
42′ IXOEE fumbles the shot from A.TEHAU and somehow New Caledonia are able to scurry the ball out of the box with TISSOT sniffing around for a tap in
40′ KAYARA’s corner delivery pops back out to him but neither he nor E. BEARUNE can get a clean shot off
39′ The switch is made for T. TEHAU but he doesn’t quite have the toe reach to bring it down
37′ TIATIA is through on goal after an excellent display of one-touch passing up the field by Tahiti, but the shot is up the face of the goal
36′ Teaonui TEHAU goes low aiming between IXOEE and his post, the keeper stumbles and is fortunate that the striker has pulled his effort too wide
36′ KAYARA working hard up the left once again, somehow manages to get a cross to KAI but they can’t threaten the goal
35′ KAI slides in at the back post connecting with KAYARA’s cross but sending the ball behind the goal
34′ TISSOT gives aways a free kick trying to win back the ball from Emile BEARUNE
34′ SIMON with a quick clearance under pressure from KAI
33′ TEHAU beats Joel WAKANAMUNE to the ball and has a go but his low shot is scooped up by IXOEE
32′ CHONG HUE with a blinding run up the left for Tahiti but when the cross comes in TISSOT is sitting too deep at the far post to finish
32′ KAYARA works TIATIA hard on the left and the defender does well to misdirect the cross with a slight touch
30′ ZEOULA tries to chip the ball over the defensive line for KAI but the striker can’t quite get on the end of the pass
30′ SANSOT heads the free kick away from Les Cagous goal
29′ YELLOW CARD Emile BEARUNE is cautioned for a late challenge on Taumihau TIATIA
28′ Tahiti on the attack but New Caledonia doing well to keep them at bay
27′ Jean Christ WAJOKA makes a great run up the right flank but his delivery into the box is stopped short
26′ KAYARA makes a great run up the left, beats inside the defender and crosses but a defender gets an intercept before it hits Jean-Philippe SAIKO
25′ KAI sees ROCHE off his line as he wins the ball on the half and has a go but it’s a pipe dream effort that doesn’t trouble Tahiti
24′ Alvin TEHAU has a chance as he goes 1v1 with the keeper and somehow sends the ball straight at IXOEE’s chest
23′ KAYARA brings the ball under control but then is too powerful with his offload giving it straight to ROCHE
22′ A chance for Tahiti is somehow battered off the post with the follow up then going around it
20′ KAYARA manages to get a great ball off for KAI who smashes a cross but ZEOULA is late in arriving
18′ CHONG HUE dispossesses KAYARA but Tahiti soon lose the ball on the half and New Caledonia are back on attack
18′ KAYARA puts too much spin on his corner delivery and it’s an easy catch for ROCHE
17′ Tahiti shield the ball out for a corner
16′ New Caledonia recover the ball in the corner and KAI smacks a short cross across the face the goal but a diving Cedric SANSOT can’t get his head to it accurately
16′ TCHACKO with the cross which is just long of KAI
15′ Play resumes with Jay WARREN going for goal from distance but the ball floats away from the target for a goal kick
14′ Keeper Mikael ROCHE requires treatment and play pauses
13′ New Caledonia give away a free kick inside their own half as a Tahitian is brought down on the break
13′ KAYARA whips a cross in around TISSOT which is headed clear by Vincent SIMON and Tahiti are on the counter
11′ KAI sends middle for ZOULA but he’s brought down by CHONG HUE and New Caledonia can’t threaten from the free kick
10′ Long ball from Tahiti looking for Fred TISSOT but he can’t bring it down cleanly
8′ A cross comes in from Roy KAYARA but it’s blocked out by the Tahitian defence
3′ Calm passing play from New Caledonia at the back as Alvin TEHAU applies pressure to Jelen IOXEE in goal for Les Cagous
3′ Bertrand KAI gets a touch but it’s chested by Henri CAROINE for a corner
2′ Cesar ZEOULA has a go from the edge of the area but has pushed the ball just outside the far post
1′ Joseph TCHACKO makes an early advance for New Caledonia but Steevy CHONG HUE shields out for a corner
1′ Tahiti kick us off in the final match of group play at the OFC Nations Cup

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