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AS Tefana: 1. Stevens HIRIGA (GK), 3. Taumihau TIATIA, 7. Temarii TINORUA, 9. Tauhiti KECK, 12. Alvin TEHAU, 13. Stanley ATANI, 14. Jonathan TEHAU, 15. Jean Claude CHANG KOEI CHANG, 16. Manutea TAAE, 17. Manutahi TEREMATE, 19. Heimano BOUREBARE
Substitutes 23. Xavier SAMIN (GK), 29. Mikael ROCHE (GK), 2. Yoann LE FOLL, 5. Tauata LUCAS, 6. Tunoa TEVAEARAI, 8. Heremoana HOATA, 10. Steevy CHONG HUE, 11. Tehina TEMORERE, 18. Kaena ONUU, 20. Olivier LEE
Suspended: 21. Angelo TCHEN, 22. Nicolas VALLAR

Coach: Sebastian LABAYEN (TAH)
Kiwi FC: 1. Faalavelave MATAGI (GK), 2. Henry PUPI, 3. Michael BURETA, 4. Lapalapa TONI, 7. Jarrell SALE (C), 11. Paulo SCANLAN, 12. Mike SAOFAIGA, 14. Penitito TUMUA, 16. Luki GOSCHE, 17. Isaia FEALOFANI, 20. Silao MALO,
Substitutes 18. Lafi IOANE (GK), 6. Beato APANAI, 8. Thomas HEROWAI
Suspended: 5. Lawrie LETUTUSA, 9. Barry LEWIS, 10. Desmond FAAUIASO, 13. Lionel TAYLOR, 15. Tomas MOSQUERA
Coach: Phineas YOUNG (SAM)
FULL TIME: TEF 7-0 KIW Tefana from Tahiti defeat Group C rivals Kiwi from Samoa 7-0 to keep their Champion League dreams alive.
90+4 Stanley Atani with a free kick but his long range attempt is tipped over the crossbar by Matagi
90+3 YELLOW CARD KIW Kiwi goalkeeper Matagi receives a yellow for handling the ball outside his penalty area
90+2 Chong Hue with a longball on the left towards Tehau who is flagged offside
90′ Fourth Official indicates 4 minutes of added time
88′ Taee with a dangerous run on the left but his cross is blocked by Lucas.
86′ Kiwi under sustained pressure in front of their goal before Henry Pupi clears with a crucial block. The Kiwi defender receives medical treatment for his effort but he is able to continue
83′ Free kick for Tefana in dangerous position following a foul on Taae. Tinorua hits the crossbar with his free-kick before Lucas’s follow up is well saved by Matagi
82′ A Kiwi counter on the left Herowai with a run, but his final pass misses his teammates
79′ YELLOW CARD TEF Steevy Chong Hue receives a booking
78′ A rare shot on target for Kiwi. Scanlan’s free kick is tipped over the bar by Hiriga
77′ SUB KIW Isaia Fealofai is replaced by Kiwi’s reserved goalkeeper Lafi Ioane
75′ Sranley Atani puts the ball into the net but he is flagged offside by the assistant referee
74′ SUB KIW Luki Gosche is replaced by Thomas Herowai
72′ SUB TEF Heimano Bourebare is replaced by Kaena Onuu
68′ GOAL!!! TEF 7-0 KIW Tauatua Lucas doesn’t make a mistake this time. Chong Hue is cleaned out by Matagi just outside the penalty box but he still manages to send his looping shot over the Kiwi goalkeeper. the ball falls for Lucas who taps into the empty net.
65′ Another chance for Tefana following a swif attack on the left. Chong Hue crosses to Lucas who shoots wide from the edge of the box
64′ GOAL!!! TEF 6-0 KIW Chong Hue with a powerful close range finish to give his side a 6-0 lead
62′ SUB TEF Jonathan Tehau is replaced by by Tauatua Lucas
60′ GOAL!!! TEF 5-0 KIW Stanley Atani makes it 5-0 follwoing a quick Tefana counter. He does well to stay on side before a clinical finish from close range
59′ Chong Hue with another chance as he chests the ball down but his shot goes wide of the left post
58′ Tefana on the attack again before Tinorua is flagged offside
56′ Tefana piling up the possession in midfield
55′ Tefana free-kick from the left doesn’t trouble Matagi
52′ GOAL!!! TEF 4-0 KIW A quick through ball splits open Kiwi’s defence finding Chong Hue who sets up Tinorua for the goal
49′ Tefana patiently passing in the back trying to draw out the Kiwi defence
47′ The substitute finds himself in the thick of the action straight away with a shot at the keeper with with his first touch of the game
46′ SUB TEF Taumihao Tiatia is raplced by Steevy Chong Hue at half time
46′ Second half between Tefana and Kiwi is underway
45+3 HALF TIME TEF 3-0 KIW Tefana takes a well deserved 3-0 lead into the berak after dominant first half
45+2 one final chance for Tefana but Tinorua rifles his shot above the crossbar from close range
45+1 YELLOW CARD TEF Manutahi Teremate receives a caution
45′ The Fourth Official indicates 3 minutes of added time
45′ GOAL !!! TEF 3-0 Alvin Tehau is at the end of a wonedrful pass from Tinorua. The Tefana skipper finds himself on-on-one with Matagi and he has no trouble passing the Kiwi goalkeeper with a lovely strike into the left hand corner.
44′ Kiwi with possession in front of Tefana’s goal leads to a quick counter attack but Keck misses his final pass
42′ GOAL!!! TEF 2-0 KIW Tefana double their advantage following a goalkeeping mistake. Matagi spills the ball from a corner and Taumihau Tiatia taps in from close range
38′ YELLOW CARD TEF Jean Claude Chang Koei Chang receives a booking
36′ SUB KIW Skipper Jarrel Sale is replaced by Beato Apanai
32′ Another injury time out following the goal beacuse of a collision between Matagi and Taumihau Tiatia. Both players are able to continue after receiving medical attention
31′ GOAL !!! TEF 1-0 KIW A fantastic, curling free kick from the right by Keck headed home by Alvin Tehau
29′ Another injury time out with Kiwi skipper Jarrell Sale needing attention
26″ Malo returns and Kiwi are back to full strenght
25′ Malo needs medical teratment and he leaves the field
23′ Quick Kiwi counter with a good run by Paulo Scanlan whose shot from the edge of the box well saved by Stevens Hiriga
22′ Manutea Taae with a great chance on goal but he shoots straight at Matagi’s legs
21′ Tinorua has a shot inside the box but his effort sails high over the crossbar
19′ Jonathan Tehau’s looping header from the free kick just misses the far left post
18′ YELLOW CARD KIW Mike Saofaiga for a foul on Stanley Atani half way inside Kiwi’s half
16″ Tefana with a patient build up inside their half
15′ Heimano Bourebare rifles a shot over Kiwis’ crossbar following a Tefana corner
14′ Free kick at the other end with Silao Malo hitting the target from the left
12′ Stanley Atani has clear sight of goal but he drives his shot straight at Matagi
10′ Tauhiti Keck’s free kick on target but Matagi in good position to deal with it
9′ YELLOW CARD KIW Michael Bureta receives a booking and its a free kick for Tefana 20 meters out
8′ Tefana dominating possession with a 70 percent share of the ball
6′ Temarii Tinoura with a chance inside Kiwis’s penaly area but his shot doesn’t trouble Faalavelave Matagi in goal
5′ Lapa Toni to the rescue again with a defensive header insisde Kiwis’ panalty box
4′ Taumihau Tiata’s cross from the left intercepted by Lapa Toni
2′ Tefana with early possession knocking the ball around in midfield
1′ Tefana kick off proceedings on Matchday 7. Early free-kick for the Tefana for a foul on Temarii Tinoura
1’AS Tefana must beat Kiwi FC to have any chance to progress to the semis. Sebastian Labayen’s men from Tahiti sit second place in Group C with one win and one loss from their opening two matches. Samoa’s Kiwi FC are looking for their first win of the tournament.

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