Capacity building in corporate governance will be a key focus for new Oceania Football Confederation Member Associations Services Consultant Flávia Lopes Sant’Anna P. Rodrigues. 

Brazil-born Lopes Sant’Anna P. Rodrigues will be responsible for leading the creation and implementation of a strategy for OFC Member Association services in her new role and arrives with over a decade of sports management experience behind her.  

Most recently Lopes Sant’Anna P. Rodrigues – who graduated with a sports science degree in 2006 before gaining her FIFA Masters in International Member Association Management, Law and Humanities of Sport two years later – was Head of Women’s Football at MyCujoo in the Netherlands and led her team to create a general strategy. 

Earlier she had spent eight years working at FIFA holding management positions for the FIFA Performance Programme, which aims to enhance Member Associations by working alongside them to organise, professionalise and commercialise their football activities.  

During her time in that role Lopes Sant’Anna P. Rodrigues and her team were able to grow the portfolio of capacity building support to Member Associations across more than 100 members in all six football confederations.  

Lopes Sant’Anna P. Rodrigues said it was fulfilling to be apart of and witness the developments within Member Associations.  

Working in partnership with management teams in different Member Associations is what motivates me,” Lopes Sant’Anna P. Rodrigues said.   

“Building capacities and strategies is important for us all to reach our goals, and at OFC it’s to qualify two teams at the 2026 and 2027 FIFA World Cups.” 

With her experiences Lopes Sant’Anna P. Rodrigues said she’s looking forward to applying her skills in the role at OFC.    

“I’m really excited to work with all Member Associations and embrace all cultures across the region.”