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Goalkeeping C-Licence Coaching Course in Fiji

In its football development strategic plan 2019 – 2022, the Oceania Football Confederation has reinforced the importance goalkeepers play in the success of OFC teams.

As part of the renewed focus on goalkeeper development, the Fiji FA Academy in Ba is holding a 5-day OFC Goalkeeping C-Licence Coaching Course with 14 participants between 6 and 10 November.

While goalkeeper coaches in the region have received training through the certificate courses, the OFC Goalkeepeer C licencing introduces a professional qualification component which will be linked to minimum requirements in all OFC competitions.

OFC’s priority is to promote a pathway for the development of goalkeeper coaches focused on specific professional competences.

Led by OFC Goalkeeper Development Consultant James Bannatyne, the course provides goalkeeper coaches with new experiences while preparing them to be better adapted to new challenges through a principle-centred approach.

“It’s fantastic to kick off the OFC Goalkeeping C-Licence is an exciting start,” Bannatyne said.

“It’s part of our Oceania football coaching education pathway and to kick it off this way with 14 participants is very exciting.

“We’ve had a good start both inside in terms of some theoretical work and on the field the participants have been taking sessions and it’s been going really well.

“I’ve been encouraged by the number of goalkeeper coaches who have returned from previous courses here in Fiji to build on their prior knowledge,” he added.


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