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Group decider for New Zealand and Fiji

Trina Davis of Fiji will be a player to watch against New Zealand,. Photo: OFC

New Zealand and Fiji will decide the final standings of Group B when they meet in the closing match of the group stage of the OFC Women’s Nations Cup at Stade Numa Daly on Sunday.

Both countries have already secured a spot in the semi-finals with six points from two games, both winning big against Tonga, while the Football Ferns currently edge the Fijians on goal difference.

New Zealand coach Tom Sermanni said they are keen to finish top of the group to keep the momentum going ahead of the semi-finals.

“It’s a game that we want to win to finish off the group and Fiji have obviously put in two impressive performances so far,” the Scotsman said.

“So we are expecting a very difficult game on Sunday.”

Fiji coach Marika Rodu said his girls have something to play for against a very strong New Zealand side who have a string of consecutive regional titles to their name.

“We will still give it our best shot. We will not be promising a big win but will also not be promising a big loss,” a confident Rodu said.

“We want to believe and maintain our style of football, the belief in our philosophy of the game and we want to see that the game or performance is better.”

Tonga and Cook Islands will open the day’s fixture list in a match where pride is on the line for both countries.

Despite two spirited performances from the Tongans, they experienced heavy double-digit defeats to New Zealand and Fiji in their opening two matches.

Like Tonga, Cook Islands are coming into the game with two losses on the bounce against the same two opponents.

Tonga coach Christian Koaneti said they have nothing to lose in the final group match and they’ve taken many positives from their two defeats so far in the competition.

“Our game against the Cooks like we say we don’t have anything to lose.

“We will go all out against the Cooks and hopefully it will turn out to be in our favour.”

His counterpart, Cook Islands coach Tuka Tisam is hopeful his side can finish the tournament with a win.

“Last game I think we need that three points with a win to take back home with us.

“I am so proud of the girls for two spirited performances in the game against Fiji and New Zealand.

“It has been a good experience for the young players playing against other Oceania teams.”

Additional Information

Tonga vs. Cook Islands
Sunday 25 November
Stade Numa Daly
Noumea, New Calédonia
KO: 14:00

Click here for the live stream

Match Officials
Referee: Fina ANGELO (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Stephanie MINAN (TAH)
Assistant Referee 2: Anna PANGAI (PNG)
Fourth Official: David YAREBOINEN (PNG)

These nations have only met twice before with Cook Islands holding the upper-hand across two low-scoring encounters.
2007 – Tonga 0-1 Cook Islands
2014 – Tonga 1-1 Cook Islands

Tonga: 1. Mele NIUKAPU (GK), 2. Fifi MOALA, 3. Tolini KOFUTU’A, 4. Vea FUNAKI, 5. Mele KAFA, 6. Laveni VAKA, 7. Ilisapeti MALEKAMU, 8. Tautala TUPOUMALOHI, 9. Hena FONOHEMA, 10. Daviana VAKA, 11. Malia TONGIA, 12. Lositika FEKE, 13. Finehika FINAU, 14. Julie MACPHERSON, 15. Catherine FONOHEMA, 16. Anne TUAEFE, 17, 20. Ana LAUTEAU (GK)

Coach: Christian KOANETI (TGA)

Cook Islands: 1. Marjorie TORU (GK), 2. Paulina MORRIS-PONGA, 3. Tehinnah TATUAVA, 4. Moeroa HARMON, 5. Rai NGANU, 6. Tasha DEAN, 7. Poko MANUELA, 8. Maeva CARR, 9. Elizabeth HARMON, 10. Tupou PATIA, 11. Teretia TEINAKI, 12. Claudean ROBATI, 13. Piri MURARE, 14. Lee MAOATE-COX, 15. Tekura URARII, 16. Marissa IROA, 17. Mii PIRI, 18. Tayla HETHERINGTON, 20. Thea KEITH (GK)

Coach: Tuka Tisam (COK)

Fiji vs. New Zealand
Sunday 25 November
Stade Numa Daly
Noumea, New Calédonia
KO: 17:00

Click here for the live stream

Match Officials
Referee: Rani PERRY (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Vaihia TEURA (TAH)
Assistant Referee 2: Shama MAEMAE (SOL)
Fourth Official: Roger ADAMS (PNG)

Previous encounters fall well and truly in New Zealanders’ favour with the Football Ferns having scored 29 goals in two wins against Fiji.
1983 – Fiji 1-15 New Zealand
1998 – Fiji 0-14 New Zealand

New Zealand: 1. Erin NAYLER (GK), 2. Ria PERCIVAL, 3. Anna GREEN, 4. CJ BOTT, 5. Meikayla MOORE, 6. Rebekah STOTT, 7. Ali RILEY, 8. Emma ROLSTON, 9. Katie ROOD, 10. Annalie LONGO, 11. Sarah GREGORIUS, 12. Betsy HASSETT, 13. Rosie WHITE, 14. Katie BOWEN, 15. Sarah MORTON, 16. Liz ANTON, 17. Stephanie SKILTON, 18. Grace JALE, 19. Paige SATCHELL, 20. Malia STEINMETZ, 21. Victoria ESSON (GK), 23. Nadia OLLA (GK)


Fiji: 1. Adi TUWAI (GK), 2. Naomi WAQANIDROLA, 3. Titilia WAQABACA, 4. Mereoni TORA, 5. Laniana QEREQERETABUA, 6. Cema NASAU, 7. Koleta LIKUCULACULA, 8. Asilika GASAU, 9.Trina DAVIS, 10. Luisa TAMANITOAKULA, 11. Jotivini TABUA, 12. Lewamanu MOCE, 13. Veniana RANADI, 14. Sonali RAO, 15. Sekola WAQANIDROLA, 16. Sofi DIYALOWAI, 17. Viniana RIWAI, 18. Aliza HUSSEIN, 19. Louisa SIMMONS, 20. Anaseini MAUCUNA (GK)

Coach: Marika RODU (FIJ)



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