The Oceania Football Confederation has elected acting President and Vanuatu Football Federation President Lambert Maltock to the role for the next four-year term.

Since taking over as interim President in early 2018 Maltock has overseen significant reforms at the Confederation encouraging greater transparency and improved governance at Executive level and within the General Secretariat.

“I would like to take this opportunity first of all, to say thank you very much,” an emotional Maltock began.

“It has not been easy. Oceania, where I am from, has suffered enough. This is why I want to come back and I asked my friends, ‘please give me a chance’.

“I believe in myself that I can do it. I stand before you all, as humble as I can be, believing that I can help restore Oceania with my capable friends behind me.

“You have given me the confidence and trust, and with my God I believe I can do it. I do not want to go on beyond four years but I want to leave a legacy so our children know that we are a strong Oceania.”

“The last six months I suffered, I lost weight. I have 11 – not only 11 – but millions of people, millions of kids who have suffered on the field. But on behalf of Oceania, today I would like to say sorry.

“Over the last six months I did all my best, good and bad, up and down, pressure behind me, but I never retreated. Football has been the centre of my life for 40 years. I played football in 1978 and haven’t quit even today, it’s in my blood.

“Today we have to turn the page. Don’t look back and never retreat, we have the potential and we want two teams in 2026, we need to do that so we can prove to Mr President, that we deserve two places.

“So, thank you Mr President, thank you to my colleagues, for giving me the time to share what is in my heart.