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Auckland City 2-0 Lae City Dwellers

Lae City Dwellers Obert Bika and Auckland City’s Alfie Rogers in the 2016 OFC Champions League. Image: OFC via Phototek

Auckland City secured 2 – 0 win against Lae City Dwellers on the second day of action in Group C of the OFC Champions League.

Auckland City FC: 1.Enaut ZUBIKARAI (GK), 3. Takuya IWATA, 4. Mario BILEN, 5. Angel BERLANGA, 6. Cam HOWIESON (C), 8. Albert RIERA, 11. Fabrizio TAVANO, 14. Clayton LEWIS, 16. Daewook KIM, 20. Emiliano TADE, 23. Marko DORDEVIC.

Substitutes: 18. Danyon DRAKE (RGK),  24. Jacob SPOONLEY (RGK), 2. Harshae RANIGA, 7. Reid DRAKE,  9. Darren WHITE, 10. Ryan DE VRIES, 13. Alfie ROGERS, 15. Mario ILICH, 17. Joao MOREIRA  19. Micah LEA’ALAFA,  21. Harry EDGE, 22. Abdullah AL-KALISY,

Coach: Ramon Tribulietx (ESP)

Lae City Dwellers: 1. Ronald WARISAN (GK), 3. Valentine NELSON, 4. Goropaul ALBERT, 5. Mosie MILUBWA, 6. Troy GUNEMBA, 7. Raymond GUNEMBA (C), 8. Alex KAMEN, 10. Obert BIKA,  14. Emmanuel SIMON, 16. Japhet TIAMPO, 22. George DEBENHAM.

Substitutes20. Matheson NASA (RGK), 2. Kenneth PILAILO, 9. George KOREI, 11. Adolf NAIDU, 12. Matthew DAVID, 13. John KICHANI, 15. Ken KEPE,  17. Billson BULLO, 18. Peter DABINYABA JNR, 19. Moses KAMAKENG, 21. Kiwa TEPO,

Coach: Peter Gunemba (PNG)

FULL TIME: Auckland City 2-0 Lae City Dwellers

90 + two additional minutes

90′ YELLOW CARD | Valentine NELSON for a foul

88′ IWATA send a long pass to TADE to cross throug LEA’ALAFA  for a goal attempt

86′ YELLOW CARD | Peter DABINYABA JNR receives card after foul 

85′ SUB AUC | Mario BILEN is replaced by Reid DRAKE

84′ Auckland City dominating ball possesion

83′ SUB LAE| Goropaul ALBERT is replaced by Ken KEPE

80′ GUNEMBA rolls over IWATA

79′ Auckland City back line taking their time by settling the ball within their team looking for an open area to set another goal

78′ BIKA smashed the ball towards DORDEVIC

76′ SUB AUC | Clayton LEWIS is replaced by Micah LEA’ALAFA

75′ KIM sends a long pass to TADE but ball rolls out

73′ YELLOW CARD | Cam HOWIESON receives cautioned after a foul on SIMON

72′ WARISAN cricketing the ball from one side to the other

70′ Auckand City back line passing the freely ball to settle he runners for another goal

68′ TAVANO sending the free kick after a foul from Lae City Dwellers

67′ SUB LAE | George DEBENHAM is replaced by Peter DABINYABA JNR,

67′ IWATA crosses to KIM looking for a runner to put in a goal

65′ Free kick for Auckland City after a foul from TAVANO

63′ SUB LAE | Alex KAMEN is replaced by Matthew DAVI

61′ GOAL!! AUC 2-0 MLP | Clayton LEWIS cross to TIDE  who fired it pass Ronald WARISAN

59′ HOWIESON in full force sends for a goal inside Lae City Dwellers box and went across the goal post

58′ TIAMPO dangerously send the ball to ZUBIKARAI gloves attempting for a goal

55′ Corner kick by  TADE but GUNEMBA steals the ball and drifting a long past to TIAMPO

54′ Albert RIERA sends a dangerous ball through for Emiliano TADE but Ronald WARISAN beats him to it

53′ TAVANO carries through Lae City Dwellers sideline but BIKA swift the ball from his foot

52′ DORDEVIC passes to BERLANGA for a long pass towards mid field pressing for a goal

50 RED CARD |  Troy GUNEMA sends off after receiving two YELLOW cards in within minutes 

48′ YELLOW CARD |  Troy GUNEMA for a foul outside the box

47′ SIMON sends a long cross attempting for a goal but Auckland City head the ball through goal post

46′ Second half is underway

HALF TIME | Auckland City 1-0 Lae City Dwellers  

45 + 2 Corner kick awarded to Auckland City

45 + One minute additional time

44′ GOAL!!  AUC 1-0 LAE | Clayton LEWIS gets behind Fabrizio TAVANO’s free kick and fires it into the net

42′ IWATA charges through Lae City Dwellers but loses control

41′ Free kick for Lae City Dwellers from a foul

40′ IWATA carrying the ball inside Lae City Dwellers box but SIMON threw a kick

38′ Auckland City attacking through Lae City Dwellers attempting for a goal

37′  LEWIS attempts for a goal but Lae City Dwellers defense is coming in full force

35′ BILEN runs through BIKA but loses the ball

33′ BILEN passes to IWATA from inside Lae City Dwellers box but hits WARISAN gloves

32′ BERLANGA passes to ZUBIKARAI looking for a ball carrier to take the ball out of the box

29′ Clayton LEWIS fires in a ball from the top of the box but Ronald WARISAN dives and clears the ball out of play

29′ IWATA attempts for a goal inside Lae City Dwellers box but DEBENHAM slides to the ball

27′ Eager for a goal, TADE took the risk by shooting inside Lae City Dwellers box and rolls wide of the goal

26′ TADE sends a strong attempt but WARISAN confidently made a save

25′ IWATA taps to TADE but BIKA crossed and steals the ball

22′ George DEBENHAM charges at Enaut ZUBIKARAI forcing the keeper to fire the ball up the field

21′ TADE again attempts for a goal and lands on WARISAN gloves

20′ BIKA steals the ball from Auckland City and carries towards the goal but BERLANGA attacked and pass towards mid field

18′ Lae City Dwellers captain Raymond is on the ground

17′ TADE attempts for a goal inside Lae City  Dwellers box

15′ Offside is given to Auckland City TAVANO

14′ ALBERT sending a lights shot  WARISAN gloves

13′ Obert BIKA attempts to cross but is closed down by the Auckland City back-line and unable to find enough power

10′ LEWIS on the ground colliding with Lae City player

10′ A nother unsuccessful long pass from BILEN to TADE for a goal

9′ BILEN passes to TADE across LEWIS but ball rolls to the goal line

8′ DORDEVIC sends a kick to the side line

6′ BILEN passes to TWATA for a goal attempt but Lae City Dwellers attacking back in full force

6′ Offside is given to Auckland City

5′ Both teams are driving the ball around from one side to another

3′ first goal attempt from RIERA but ball rolls through the goal line

3′ Auckland City backline holding on to the ball and making slow passes

1′ BERLANGA sends a long pass to  TAVANO

1′ The match is underway with Lae City Dwellers kicking off

Match Officials
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Bertrand BRIAL (NCL)
Assistant Referee 2: Douglas METE (SOL)
Fourth Official: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)


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