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Auckland City 11-0 Malampa Revivors

Malampa Revivors win the ball against Lae City Dwellers. Image: OFC via Phototek

Auckland City FC defeated Malampa Revivors 11-0 on the last day of action for Group C in the 2017 OFC Champions League.

Auckland City FC: 1.Enaut ZUBIKARAI (GK), 4. Mario BILEN, 5. Angel BERLANGA (C), 9. Darren WHITE, 10. Ryan DE VRIES, 11. Fabrizio TAVANO, 13. Alfie ROGERS, 16. Daewook KIM, Joao MOREIRA, 19. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 21. Harry EDGE.
Substitutes: 18. Danyon DRAKE (RGK), 24. Jacob SPOONLEY (RGK), 2. Harshae RANIGA, 3. Takuya IWATA, 6. Cam HOWIESON, 7. Reid DRAKE, 8. Albert RIERA, 14. Clayton LEWIS, 15. Mario ILICH, 20. Emiliano TADE, 22. Abdullah AL-KALISY, 23. Marko DORDEVIC.

Coach: Ramon Tribulietx (ESP)

Malampa Revivors: 1. Jimmy LUKAI (GK), 3. Ismael SAM, 5. Dondy KILETEIR, 6. Walla JACOM, 8. John ALICK (C), 10. Ismael EDWARD, 11. Andre BATICK, 15. Remy TIMAS, 16. Michael HURI, 17. Edwin BAI, 23. Brian IAVRO.
Substitutes: 20. Naruel MALIU (RGK), 2. Anthony MAAN, 9. Esly JAPHET, 12. Marcelin PILOE, 13. Pedro WIS, 18. Pierre MALERE, 21. Samuel WAMILY, 22. Trevor LENGA,
Suspensions: 4. Greg BANI.

Coach: Percy AVOCK (VAN)
Assistant Coach: Steven HAM (VAN)

FULL TIME: Auckland City 11-0 Malampa Revivors 

90 + Free kick to Auckland City after a foul in the box

90′ One minute additional time

90′ Auckland City has the ball again

89′ SAM loose the ball to Auckland City

88′ Another high goal attempt from MOREIRA

87′ DRAKE timming the ball at sideline but loose to Malamapa Revivors defense

86′ Auckland City back line passing and holding their ball possession by dropping back

85′ EDGE sends the ball to ROGERS and passes back to ILICH

84′ LEA’ALAFA attempting for a goal but ball went too high the goal post

83′ Joao MOREIRA attempts to cross but the ball deflects off a Malampa player and goes out of play

83′ LEA’ALAFA attempting for a goal but ball went to the side of the net

80′ JAPHET is given the offside call

79′ LUKAI on ground after defending an attempt from LEA’ALAFA

77′ Free kick for Auckland City after a foul from Malampa Rivivors

76′ GOAL!!! AUC 11-0 MLP | Ryan DE VRIES wins the 1v1 against Jimmy LUKAI and has time to place the ball in goal

76′ Darren WHITE chases a through ball but the offside call is given

75′ WHITES short passing to TAVANO

74′ Auckland City back line dominating ball possession

73′ Sam drops a kick to the sideline for IAVRO for an attempt but looses the ball

71′ Unsuccessful corner kick from PILOE to ZUBIKARAI gloves

70′ KIM cross to TAVANO and passes to LEA’ALAFA but hits SAM shoulder

69′ EDWARD passes to IAVARO but loose the ball to ZUBIKARAI

68′ ILICH crosses to ROGERS but ball rolls out of sideline

67′ LEA’ALAFA carrying through four Malampa Revivors players but ball rolls out

66′ GOAL!! Auckland City 10-0 Malampa Revivors | Ryan DE VRIES dropped a goal in front of LUKAI

65′ Free kick to Auckland City after a foul on Darren WHITE from Marcelin PILOE

64′ SUB Malampa Revivors | John ALICK is replaced by Marcelin PILOE 

63′ WHITE heads the ball out Malampa Revivors box

62′ SUB Auckland City | Angel BERLANGA is replaced by Mario ILICH 

61′ WHITES passes to EDGE and sends a kick to LEA’AFALA on the side but JACOB steals the ball

59′ GOAL!!! Auckland 9-0 Malampa Revivors | Joao MOREIRA dribble freely with the ball inside Malampa Revivors box 

58′ KILETEIR passes the ball to SAM but KIM kicks to ROGER

57′ LEA’ALAFA drippling alongside LUKAI and JACOB but looses the ball to the line

55′ Auckland City plays with a corner kick from TAVANO but LEA’ALAFA heads the ball out

53′ LEA’ALAFA fires the ball to LUKAI gloves inside the box

53′ GOAL!!! Auckland 8-0 Malampa Revivors | Joao MOREIRA sends a goal for Auckland City 

52′ SUB MLP | Michael HURI makes room for Pierre MALERE

51′ GOAL!! Auckland City 7-0 Malampa Revivors |Reid DRAKE sending an easy goal to Malampas Revivors net

50′ KIM passes to WHITE but BAI sends the ball out

49′ Auckland City backline holds on a their ball possesion

48′ KIM passes to EDGE looking for a ball carrier

47′ LUKAI dives to the ball from an ROGERS attempt

46′ BERLANGA crosses through  JACOB  of Malampa REVIVORS and looses the ball to the sideline

46′ Second half is underway with Auckland City  kicking off

HALL TIME | Auckland City 6-0 Malampa Revivors  

45′ One minute aditional time

45′ GOAL!! Auckland City 6-0 Malampa Revivors | Ryan DE VRIES runs to meet a ball at the back post and fires into the net

44′ SUB | Malampa Revivors | Remy TIMAS is replaced by Trevor LENGA 

43′ WHITE crosses the ball to LEA’ALAFA but TIMA defends and sends the ball to BAI

41′ GOAL!!! AUC 5-0 MLP | Joao MOREIRA sends the ball into Malampa Revivors open net 

40′ LEA’ALAFA crosses the  ball to LUKAI gloves from the sideline

39′ Another good combination between BERLANGA to KIM

38′ A save by LUKAI from LEA’ALAFA attempts

36′ GOAL!!! Auckland City 4-0 Malampa Revivors | Harry EDGE connects with a cross and heads the ball into the net

35′ Joao MOREIRA meets Alfie ROGERS’s cross in front of goal but miscues the ball and sends it out of play

35′ ROGERS passes to BERLANGA to send it throw TAVANO but JACOBS attacks and threw to the line

33′ GOAL | Auckland City 3-0 Malampa Revivors Micah Lea’alafa comes back in full force dropping the goal infront of Malampa Revivors empty box 

31′ GOAL” | Auckland City 2-Malampa Revivors, Micah Lea’alafa taps the ball infront of LUKAI gloves 

28′ YELLOW CARD |  Malamapa Revivors Brian IAVRO  reckless tackle 

28′ Auckland City dominating ball possession whilst Malampa attacks in force

27′ ROGERS attempts for a goal but LUKAI makes a save

26′ ALICK carrying ball and pass to JACOB but ball rolls out

25′ MORERIA sends a dangerous kick inside Malampas Revivors box but hits the goal post

24′ TAVANO sending the corner kick but Malampa Revivors sends back the ball

22′ ROGERS dropping the ball and carrying for a goal attempt but he losses the ball

22′ BAI sending Malampa Revivors corner kick

21′ TAVANO sends a kick and hits LEA’AALAFA head and ball rolls out

21′  ROGER passing back and worth to BERLANGA looking for a good ball carrier

19′ High kick from Auckland City goalie but BAI heads  out to ROGERS

18′ Corner awarded to Auckland City crosses over to KIM’S head but ball rolls out

17′ BAI sends a ball drop to MOREIRA

16′ MOREIRA carrying ball towards sideline and pass through TAVANO

15′ Malampa Revivors ball possesion loose to Auckland City backline

13′ BILLEN head the ball towards ALICK which losses their ball to Malampa Revivors

11′ Offside given to TAVANO

11′ Second goal attempt from DE VRIES inside Malampa Revivors box but ball went over goal post

10′ MORERIA attempting for a pass to TAVANO but KIM took it to their goal keepers gloves

8′ TIMAS carrying the ball towards BILEN but Auckland City steals the ball

7′ GOAL!! | Auckland City 1-0 Malampa Revivors | Ryan DE VRIES sends a the ball into Malamapa’s Revivors net

5′ Offside from LEA’ALAFA ball switch for Malampa Revivors

4′ Long pass from LUKAI towards the Malampa Revivors sideline

2′ ALICK sends a long pass to HURI

2′ Free kick for Malampa Revivors

1′ Auckland City backline holding the ball at their sideline

1′ The match is underway with Malampa Revivors kicking off

Match Officials:
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Philippe REVEL (TAH)
Assistant Referee 2: Douglas METE (SOL)
Fourth Official: Rakesh CHANDRA (FIJ)

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