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Central Sport 3-0 Lupe Ole Soaga

Lupe Ole Soaga are chasing a strong finish to the 2017 OFC Champions League. Image: Alain Vartane

The Tahiti club Central Sport beat Lupe Ole Soaga 3-0 in their final pool match of Group A to keep their chance alive for the semi final of the OFC Champions League 2017. The Central Sport will have to await for the result of Madang FC and AS Magenta in the next match at 8pm.

AS Central Sport: 1. Bruno TETUANUI (GK) (C), 2. Kensi TANGIS,   5. Teheiarii TAUPOTINI, 6. Gaetan SANCHEZ,  8. Miguel ESTAY, 9. Matatia PAAMA, 10. Manuarii HAUATA, 13. Diego CIFUENTES, 15. Cesar CASTILLO, 18. Anipea TAATA, 24. Sergio SANDOVAL,

Substitutes: 16. Vaiarii HALLIGAN (GK), 3. Stephane FAATIARAU, 4. Teiki KANANOU,7. Efrain ARANEDA,12. Manutahi TETARIA, 20. Jay WARREN, 22. Valdo YAKEULA, 23. Raimana DHALLUIN, 30. Fenedy MASAUVAKALO
Suspended: 21. Fred TISSOT

Coach: Cyril KLOSEK [FRA]

Lupe Ole Soaga: 1. Faalavelave MATAGI (GK), 2. Vaalii FAALOGO (C), 3. Spencer KELI, 4. Vaa TAUALAI, 5. Vito KHOUCHABA,   8. Samuel MALO, 10. Lapalapa TONI, 11. Tim HUNT,  14. Michael FIFI’I, 15. Faafua ATAGA LALOATA, 16. Cherbel KHOUCHABA, 17. Kareti SOAFA,  19. Bird VAGAIA, 20. Reasat ISLAM
Substitutes: 18. Jack KEMP (GK),6. Darren ALATINA TALILAI,12. Suepasi PELESA,13. John TEO, 7. Lawrie LETUTUSA
Suspended: 9. Suivai ATAGA

Coach: Paul UALESI [SAM]

FULL TIME | Central Sport 3-0 Lupe Ole Soaga

90’+5′ Central keeps possession

90’+3′ SUB LUP | Toni is replaced by John TEO after sustaining a injury

90′ DOUBLE SUB LUP | Suepasi PELESA & Kareti SOAFA replace Faafua ATAGA LALOATA and Vito LALOATA

88′ TONI tries make a move near the box but looses possession

87′ TANGIS take a run a goal but his attempt is blocked by MATAGI

86′ TAUPOTINI looks for a long pass but the ball goes out of play

84′ YELLOW CARD | Vito LALOATA receives a yellow card after a foul on FAATIARA

83′ TANGIS misses the header

83′ TANGIS tries his luck but is well read by MATAGI, Central gets a corner kick

80′ FAATIARAU takes a shot but is block by Vito KHOUCHABA

79′ TANGIS is caught offside

78′ YELLOW CARD | LETUTUSA is booked for pulling ESTAY

77′ The game resumes after the break


74′ KHOUCHABA takes the free kick just from the edge of the penalty box but his kick sails inches over the cross bar

73′ SUB CEN| HALLIGAN takes in-charge of the goal in replacement of HAUATA

72′ RED CARD CEN| Captain TETUANUI gets the marching order for handling the ball outside the box

71′ KHOUCHABA beats TETUANUI and puts the ball behind the net but the referee calls for a foul

70′ TANGIS floats the ball into the box, CASTILLO caught offside

67′ Yellow Card LUP | TONI gets the booking for a tackle on HAUATA

66′ TANGis takes a free kick from outside the box bit MATAGI reads it well

64.SUB CEN |YAKEULA goes in replacement of PAAMA

63′ YELLOW CARD CEN |HAUATA goes into referees book

61′ TANGIS tries to take a run into the box, LALOATA disturbs him and the ball goes out of play

60′ TONI puts the ball behind the net but is caught offside

57′ YELLOW CARD | TAUALA gets first booking in the match

57. Central are now keeping possession

56′ Free kick to Central midway in  Lupe’s half

55′ TANGIS takes a drive but is no near the target

54′ TONI gets the ball in the box, tussles with CIFUENTES who is not giving him chance to move and wins possession

53′ SUB  CEN | Stephane FAATIARAU replaces Sergio SANDOVAL

51′ PAAMA makes run, looks for CASTILLO but he fails to get the possession

50′ Central are keeping more possession and looking for more goals in their bag

48′ GOAL!!! CEN 3-0 LUP| ESTAY puts Central into 3-0 lead with neat finishing from the 18 yard box which caught MATAGI diving 

46′ KHOUCHABA takes a run but slips in the process and looses possession

46′ The second half match kicks off with Lupe making the move from the center spot


45’+1 KHOUCHABA runs near the edge of the box takes a shot but is no where near target

45′ Two minutes of additional time added

44′ KHOUCHABA makes a through pass but its fast for TONI, TETUANUI comes out and collects it easily

43′ PAAMA over laps the ball pass Lupe defenders but CASTILLO is caught in offside position

41′ Frrekick to Central, HAUATA takes it and two players are caught offside

39′ TANGIS walks into the box but is no where near target

38. LALOATA takes a long shot at goal. TETUANUI reads it well

37′ KHOUCHABA takes a run but is caught offside

36′ Central are enjoying their 2-0 lead and keeping possession

35′ Corner kick to Central. ESTAY drives it in the box headed by CIFUENTES away from the goal post

34′ GOAL!!! CEN 2-0 LUP | CASTILLO finds his second goal after a neat cross from PAAMA

32′ HAUATA takes a run into the box floats a neat pass to CASTILLO but his header is well read by MATAGI

31′ The match reumes

30′ Water Break

28″ GOAL!!! CEN 1-0 LUP | CASTILLO gets the opener after after a loose ball from MATAGI, takes a power full shot which MATAGI fails to reach.

27′ TANGIS makes a run into the box looks for CASTILLO but he has no power in his attempt.

25′ Freekick to Lupe and KHOUCHABA pumps it in the box, KELI is unable to control and losses possession

23′  HAUATA takes the freekick and is easily read by MATAGI

22′ Freekick to Central just outside the box

21′ ESTAY takes it deep into the box and a attempt from SANCHEZ is now where near target

20′ PAAMA takes a shot and it hits a Lupe defender for a corner kick

19′ CASTILLO makes a run in the box and takes a shot and MATAGI reads it well

18′ Corner kick to Central, ESTAY takes it ATAGA LALOATA clears it away

17′ MALO takes a shot at goal but is no where near target

16′ CASTILLO has a chance and only needed to beat MATAGI but he covers it well


13′ First corner kick to Central,ESTAY floats its deep into the box headed by CIFUENTES and MATAGI reads it well

11′ ESTAY beats FAALOGO and makes his way to box passes it to TANGIS but he  has no room to move and looses possession

10′ TANGIS a shot at goal but it sails over the cross bar

9′ PAAMA  makes a neat pass to CASTILLO but he looses back to him

7′ Lupe’s TAUALAI down injured but gets up and the match resumes

6′ Freekick to Central taken  by CIFUENTES

4′ Central keeps pressure on Lupe defense

3’KHOUCHABA takes a run from the right flank and makes a cross but there is no Lupe player and TAUPOTINI clears away

2′  CASTILLO with his first run near the box but is blocked by FAALOGO

1′ The match gets underway here at Stade  Numa Daly with Central’s  CASTILLO taking the move from centre spot

Match Officials
Referee: Roger ADAMS (PNG)
Assistant Referee 1: Jeffrey SOLODIA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)

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