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Erakor Golden Star 2-4 AS Tefana

AS Tefana will welcome newcomers Erakor Golden Star to the OFC Champions League on Saturday night. Image: OFC via Phototek

Hosts AS Tefana have run to a 4-2 victory over debutants Erakor Golden Star in the second of the opening day matches of Group D at the OFC Champions League.

Erakor Golden Star: 1. Serge DANIEL (GK), 2. Brian KALTACK (C), 3. Michell KALTAK, 4. Jacques WANEMUT, 5. Jason THOMAS,10. Kalserei ARSEN, 11. Nemani ROQARA,16. Bernard DANIEL, 17. Jacky RUBEN, 18. Barry MANSALE, 19. Tony KALTACK, 20. Johnny KALORUS
Substitutes:  6. Jesse KALOPONG, 7. Robert TOUKOUNE, 8. Kaltfer KALTAK, 9. Anderson TAKAU,  12. Gershom KALSONG, 13. Lucien HINGE, 14. Jean KALTAK, 15. Tonly KALOTANG, 22. Chikau MANSALE (GK)
Coach: Etienne MERMER (VAN)

AS Tefana: 29. Mikael ROCHE (GK)3. Taumihau TIATIA, 4. Tehevarii LUDIVION, 5. Viritua TIAIHO, 6. Tunoa TEVAERAI, 7. Temarii TINORUA, 11. Sylvain GRAGLIA, 12. Alvin TEHAU, 13. Stanley ATANI, 14. Jonathan TEHAU, 19. Heimano BOUREBARE
Substitutes: 1. Stevens HIRIGA (GK), 2. Farearii TUTEINA, 8. Jess HOROI, 9. Tehina TEMORERE, 10. Tautua LUCAS, 15. Jean Claude CHANG KOEI CHANG, 16. Manutea TAAE, 18. Kaena ONUU, 22. Nicolas VALLAR, 23. Moana PITO (GK), 25. Toriki GUYOT,  30. Lorenzo TEHAU
Coach: Sébastian LABAYEN (TAH)

90’+5′ GOAL!!! EKR 2-4 TEF | A poor clearance from ROCHE is pounced on by Tony KALTACK who gets a late one for Erakor

90’+2′ Teheivarii LUDIVION has gone down and needs treatment

90′ A minimum of three minutes additional time

90′ GOAL!!! EKR 1-4 TEF | Stanley ATANI puts a wonderfully touch on the ball to beat Serge DANIEL

89′ YELLOW CARD | Heimano BOUREBARE is cautioned for Tefana 

88′ SUB TEF | Taumihau TIATIA makes room for Lorenzo TEHAU

86′ Bernard DANIEL goes for a shot with TIAIHO doing enough to put him off and earn a goal kick

85′ Jean KALTACK goes 1v1 with ROCHE and the keeper does well to fill the goalmouth and block

85′ Erakor manage to get the ball bouncing forward and ROCHE is on the edge to claim

83′ Jacques WANEMUT makes a great block to deny LUCAS from coming into the box

82′ The free kick hits the wall and Tefana are on a rapid counter attack

81′ Erakor have a free kick outside the box and have pushed forward as best they can being a man down

79′ SUB TEF | Temarii TINORUA makes room for Tauatua LUCAS

77′ GOAL!!! EKR 1-3 TEF | Viritua TIAIHO fires the ball directly into the net 

73′ YELLOW CARD | Taumihau TIATIA is cautioned for Tefana

73′ SUB TEF | Jonathan TEHAU makes room for Manutea TAAE

70′ Jean KALTACK whips through three defenders but can’t get off a clean shot

68′ A temperamental Taumihau TIATIA is fortunate just to receive a verbal warning from the referee

67′ RED CARD | Brian KALTACK receives his second caution and has to take a walk

66′ Erakor have been awarded a free kickjust off the corner of the Tefana area

64′ SUB EKR | Substitute Gershom KALSONG is replaced by Jean KALTACK

62′  YELLOW CARD | Temarii TINORUA us cautioned

60′ YELLOW CARD | Another caution for Erakor this time Jacky RUBEN has gone in the referee’s book

60′ ROCHE fortunate to make a save right on the edge of his area as Erakor come in hard and fast

59′ A quick advance from Tefana as they look to seal this match but DANIEL and Michell KALTACK do well to deny

57′ GOAL!!! EKR 1-2 TEF | Sylvain GRAGLIA with a back post header to give the home side the lead

57′ Jason THOMAS puts a stop to an attempted break from GRAGLIA and both Tony KALTACK and RUEBEN are offside

56′ GRAGLIA goes down in a challenge in front of the Tefana bench and his free kick is cleared out

54′ YELLOW CARD | Bernard DANIEL is cautioned for a challenge on Alvin TEHAU in the middle of the park

53′ YELLOW CARD | Kalserei ARSEN is cautioned after catching the trailing foot of BOUREBARE

51′ Tefana holding possession for now with some decent passing build-up

50′ The teams are taking a little time to settle into this second half with a lot possession passing back and forth in the middle

48′ An advance from Tefana is thwarted by Serge DANIEL

46′ Back underway as Erakor and Marist go in search of a winner in this match

HALF-TIME | Erakor Golden Star 1-1 Tefana

45’+1′ Tony KALTACK is causing problems for Teheivarii LUDIVON who looks to be tiring

45′ A minimum of two minutes additional time

44′ Jason THOMAS thwarts a through ball from reaching Stanley ATANI and Erakor eventually manage to clear

43′ Temarii TINORUA has gone down rather easily on the edge of the Erakor area and it’s play on

41′ Tefana get themselves out of difficulty and launch a quick counter

40′ YELLOW CARD | Michell KALTACK is cautioned after entering the field of play without permission

39′ GRAGLIA with a powerful attempt but he’s hit a defender who has cut in front to block

37′ Erakor’s Michell KALTACK limps off to receive treatment

34′ What a shot from Tunoa TEVAEARAI who forces DANIEL into full stretch to tip over the bar

33′ Long ball into the box and ROCHE just beats Jacky RUBEN to clear the danger

32′ SUB EKR | Johnny KALORUS makes room for Gershom KALSONG

31′ The corner is sent just past the back post by ATANI and BOUREBARE rises to meet but it’s just over the crossbar

30′ Corner for Tefana after Jacques WANEMUT is put under pressure

28′ GOAL!!! EKR 1-1 TEF | Temarii TINORUA sends the ball flying past DANIEL from the penalty spot to level the score

27′ YELLOW CARD | Brian KALTACK is cautioned for the challenge

27′ Brian KALTACK tackles Alvin TEHAU on the edge of the area and the ref is pointing to the spot

26′ Wicked shot from Sylvain GRAGLIA travels across the face of the goal. It doesn’t lack any power but it’s just a little wide

24′ Kalserei ARSEN sends a free kick goalwards from distance but ROCHE has the ball in his sights and leaps to capture

23′ Not the best goal kick from DANIEL as he sends it spiralling up high, somehow Erakor come away with the ball however

22′ Alvin TEHAU tries to beat Jacques WANEMUT but the defender makes a good tackle to turnover possession

21′ A free kick drops neatly into the waiting arms of keeper Serge DANIEL

19′ GOAL!!! EKR 1-0 TEF | Tony KALTACK with a low shot that Mikael ROCHE somehow lets slip under his fingers

18′ The block comes in from BOUREBARE after some great moving off the ball across the pitch from Erakor

17′ A handball from Jonathan TEHAU near the fourth official is picked up and Erakor has a free kick

15′ Swift counter attack from Tefana led by Stanley ATANI and Brian KALTACK has to race back to cover, the cross is pulled back to the top of the box but everyone in the middle has over run it

14′ Curled over the wall but somehow saved off the line by a Tefana defender

13′ A challenge from Taumihau TIATIA on Nemani ROQARA sees Tefana concede a free kick just to the left of their area

12′ Two major blocks from Brian KALTACK to deny Tefana an opening goal

9′ A free kick for Tefana is delivered just in front of the goalmouth by Jonathan TEHAU but DANIEL lepas to claim

7′ Keeper Serge DANIEL has to clear a pass back from Jacques WANEMUT leaving his goal unprotected

6′ Viritua TIAIHO goes down following a tackle from Johnny KALORUS

5′ Temarii TINORUA makes a strong advance into the the Erakor area but can’t keep the ball in play

3′ Jacky RUBEN goes down after a big challenge from Heimano BOUREBARE

1′ The match has kicked off with Erakor Golden Star making a rapid advance into Tefana’s area

Match Officials
Referee: Matthew CONGER (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Marc SINYEUE (NCL)
Fourth Official: Peter LINNEY (NZL)

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