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Erakor Golden Star 2-1 Marist

Erakor Golden Star will take on the might of Marist. Image: OFC via Massimo Colombini

Erakor Golden Star have beaten Marist 2-1 on Match Day 2 of Group D action in Tahiti.

Erakor Golden Star: 22. Chikau MANSALE (GK) 3. Michell KALTAK (C), 4. Jacques WANEMUT, 5. Jason THOMAS, 10. Kalserei ARSEN, 11. Nemani ROQUARA, 13. Lucien HINGE, 14. Jean KALTAK,16. Bernard DANIEL, 17. Jacky RUBEN, 19. Tony KALTACK
Subsitutes: 1. Serge DANIEL (GK),6. Jesse KALOPONG, 7. Robert TOUKOUNE, 8. Kaltfer KALTAK, 9. Anderson TAKAU, 12. Gershom KALSONG,  15. Tonly KALOTANG, 18. Barry MANSALE, 20. Johnny KALORUS
Suspended: 2. Brian KALTACK

Coach: Etienne MERMER (VAN)

Marist FC: 1. Phillip MANGO (GK), 2. James EGETA, 3. Michael BOSO, 4. Andre MOROSINI, 5. Jeffery BULE (C), 6. Koriak UPAIGA, 7. Atkin KAUA, 8. Timothy BAKALE, 9. Guilherme GUEDES, 11. Abraham INIGA, 17. Djair VEIGA
Substitutes: 10. Rueben DOUGLAS, 12. Zantas KABINI (GK), 13. Robert LAUA, 14. Martin SALEIMANU,  20. Joel PAKA, 23. Thomas TALOGA

Coach: Juliano SCHMELING (BRA)

FULL-TIME | Erakor Golden Star 2-1 Marist FC

90’+2′ Erakor go on the break with numbers as Marist has thrown everything on attack, BULE gets back to help MANGO with BOSO

90’+1′ The intensity of this match has doubled as Marist desperately seek at least an equaliser for a share of the points

90′ A minimum of two minutes additional time

90′ Another outstanding save from MANSALE who has done well this evening

89′ Erakor go flying up the other end and substititute KALSONG thinks there’s been a foul but the referee says play on

88′ Corner whipped in for Marist comes off a defender and is saved by MANSALE

86′ Erakor under pressure but twice MANSALE blocks and saves to hold onto the lead

86′ SUB EKR | An injured Nemani ROQARA is replaced by Gershom KALSONG

85′ GOAL!!! EKR 2-1 MAR | Fantastic determination from Tony KALTACK whose perseverance pays off with a goal

84′ SUB MAR | Abraham INIGA is replaced by Robert LAUA

83′ Michell KALTACK wins possession but the turnover is quick as ROQARA can’t hold on

82′ Another save from MANSALE as Marist creep closer and closer to the Erakor goal mouth

81′ Flying save from the veteran MANSALE to claim an aerial ball before releasing to his midfield

79′ Sound defending from WANEMUT as he closes in on KAUA

78′ Jean KALTACK unleashes a powerful that MANGO palms down, Tony KALTACK arrives to poke in but the keeper smothers

76′ Erakor with some fantastic passing in the area but a second too long with the ball from Tony KALTACK allows Marist to put out for a corner

75′ The intercept from EGETA sees Marist make a rapid break up the right

74′ Pressure is on Erakor as they try to clear out of the box, Michell KALTACk does well before eventually being fouled

73′ KAUA looks to break up the left but the flag on the near side goes up as he receives the ball

72′ Opposing number 11s Abraham INIGA and Nemani ROQARA tangle with the free kick going in Marist’s direction

70′ The shot comes in but gets nothing but side-net although the linesman has already signalled offside

70′ Corner for Marist and Erakor still aren’t out of danger

69′ At the other end there’s a chance for Marist but the defence closes down

68′ At the same time Tony KALTACK has gone down in the Marist area with an injury

68′ Jean KALTACK with a chance as MANGO has left the goal open but the keeper manages to be in the right place at the right time to save

67′ BAKALE sends a ball in at goal that’s half-way between shot and cross

66′ MANSALE lobs to the half-way where Jean KALTACK controls and sends on for the offence to chase

65′ UPAIGA beats two and plays foward for KAUA but the youngster can’t get his touch in ahead of the defender

64′ MANSALE quick off his line as VEIGA tries to poke the ball through for GUEDES

63′ James EGETA has pushed high, he combines with BAKALE but both see their shots saved

61′ 1v1 for Jean KALTACK but MANGO does enough to put him off and see the shot go off target

60′ Tony KALTACK with another chance but he hits side-net

59′ Excellent attack from Erakor but between Jean and Tony KALTACK they can’t finish

57′ KAUA’s first touch off a ball wide from VEIGA allows WANEMUT to take possession

55′ YELLOW CARD | A caution for stand-in captain Michell KALTACK is his second of the competition meaning he’ll miss Erakor’s final group match

54′ Jean KALTACK takes the free kick but as with his first half effort, he flies it into the wall

53′ High boot from Michael BOSO on ROQARA and Erakor have a free kick just off the top of the area

52′ MANGO outside his area to boot clear with ROQARA bearing down on him at pace

50′ What a chance for Erakor as ROQARA arrives at the near post in possession but his cross is poor and easily intercepted

49′ Bernard DANIEL tries to go through too narrow a gap but still manages to win the ball

47′ A free kick goes Marist’s way deep in their own half after Andre MOROSONI takes a tumble

46′ Back underway in what should be an exciting second-half at Stade Pater

HALF-TIME: Erakor Golden Star 1-1 Marist

45′ KAUA has a go from distance with a left-foot flash but it’s just wide

43′ ROQARA puts a cross in behind one defender but there’s a second between Tony KALTACK and the ball

41′ Free kick for Marist with VEIGA once again behind it in a similar position but it’s cleared

38′ GOAL!!! EKR 1-1 MAR | Tony KALTACK claims an errant clearance and finds the back of the net for the equaliser

38′ The cross comes in from the left this time but it hits side-net

36′ A good attacking effort from Erakor but Jean KALTACK can’t get a shot off

35′ Erakor again with the ball at the back looking for a way forward

34′ Taken by Jean KALTACK but he whacks it straight at the wall 10m away

33′ Free kick off the top of the Marist box after ROQARA is brought down

31′ GOAL!! EKR 0-1 MAR | Guilherme GUEDES gets on the end of the delivery from VEIGA 

30′ Djair VEIGA behind a free kick for Marist

28′ Jacques WANEMUT with a big challenge concedes a free kick but it’s well cleared out by the defence

26′ A corner whipped in by ROQARA but it’s out for a quick Marist counter

23′ A chance for Jean KALTACK but a touch too heavy sees the ball roll out for a goalkick

22′ MANGO leaps high to claim a free kick lofted into the box by THOMAS for Erakor

21′ Erakor biding their time at the back as they regroup and look for a gap

18′ Jason THOMAS switches across the top of the box to Michell KALTACK who sends the ball upfield

17′ Lucien HINGE makes a fantastic block  out for a corner

15′ Tidy backheel from Koriak UPAIGA, to clear the danger from the back

12′ Bernard DANIEL flashes in a shot from the right but it lacks power and Phillip MANGO claims

10′ Back and forth crosses from Jeffery BULE and KAUA across the face of the goal but no-one can test Mansale

6′ Guilherme GUEDES breaks through the centre lays wide to KAUA who crosses back in front of the goal but GUEDES can’t quite reach

5′ Nemani ROQARA makes an advance up the right but can’t get a clean cross off

2′ An early chance for Atkin KAUA but it’s parried away by Chikau MANSALE who makes his first start of the competition

1′ Underway at Stade Pater for Match Day 2 of the OFC Champions League Group D

Match Officials
Referee: Peter LINNEY (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Folio MOEAKI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: John PAREANGA (COK)
Fourth Official: Matt CONGER (NZL)

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