Fiji will meet New Caledonia at Churchill Park for the first leg of their two matches. Image: OFC via Phototek

Fiji have drawn 2-2 with New Caledonia in the first of their two 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ OFC Stage 3 matches.

Fiji: 1. Tevita KOROI (GK), 4. Kolinio SIVOKI, 5. Remueru TEKIATE, 6. Amani VALEBALAVU (C), 7. Epeli SAUKURU, 8. Christopher WASASALA, 12. Saula WAQA, 15. Samuela KAUTOGA, 16. Laisenia NAIOKO, 17. Iosefo VEREVOU, 21. Setareki HUGHES.
Substitutes: 20. Simione TAMANISAU (RGK), 2. Vuniuci TIKOMAIMEREKE, 3. Kavaia RAWAQA, 9. Roy KRISHNA, 10. Dave RADRIGAI, 11. Waisake TABUCAVA, 13. Sitiveni CAVUILAGI, 14. Laitia TUILAU, 18. Madhwan GOUNDER, 19. Manav PERMAL, 23. Andrew NAICKER.

Coach: Christophe GAMEL (FRA)

New Caledonia: 23. Mickael ULILE (GK), 4. Pierre KAUMA, 5. Jeremie DOKUNENGO, 6. Geordy GONY, 7. Joel WAKANUMUNE (C), 8. Emile BEARUNE, 10. Shene WELEPANE, 11. Mone WAMOWE, 12. Richard SELE, 15. Joseph ATHALE, 22. Roy KAYARA.
Substitutes: 20. Thomas SCHMIDT (RGK), 2. Romaric WALONE, 3. Iler HNAUK, 14. Didier SIMANE, 17. Willy WAIA.

Coach: Thierry SARDO (NCL)

FULL TIME: Fiji 2-2 New Caledonia

90’+5 YELLOW CARD | Laisenia NAIOKO is cautioned 

90’+3 SUB NCL | Roy KAYARA is replaced by Iler HNAUK 

90′ Five minutes additional time

89′ Joseph ATHALE carries the ball to the line but can’t cut inside the Fiji backline

84′ Saula WAQA runs into the New Caledonia box to receive a high ball but Mickael ULILE jumps and make the catch

83′ Laisenia NAIOKO charges up the line but Pierre KAUMA slides in with an impressive tackle

82′ Roy KAYARA sends a free kick from just outside the Fiji box well over the crossbar

80′ YELLOW CARD | Christopher WASASALA is cautioned for a foul 

78′ YELLOW CARD | Geordy GONY is cautioned for kicking the ball away after a foul on Roy KRISHNA 

77′ Mickael ULILE dives to reach a cross along the ground before Roy KRISHNA can connect with it

74′ Mickael ULILE charges out of his box to beat Roy KRISHNA to the ball

74′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul on Roy KAYARA

73′ Joseph ATHALE charges towards goal but Dave RADRIGAI makes a strong tackle to stop the play

70′ RED CARD | Emile BEARUNE receives his second yellow card and his given his marching orders 

69′ New Caledonia make a quick counter attack after an attempt from Fiji but Tevita KOROI pulls off an impressive save

67′ Roy KRISHNA sprints after a long ball and controls the ball perfectly but sends his following attempt just wide of goal

63′ Roy KRISHNA has a 1v1 with Mickael ULILE but the keeper makes the save

61′ SUB NCL | Shene WELEPANE makes room for Willy WAIA 

61′ Free kick to Fiji after a foul on Roy KRISHNA just inside the New Caledonia half

57′ Free kick to Fiji after a foul from Pierre KAUMA on Roy KRISHNA

56′ Roy KRISHNA and Saula WAQA chase a through ball but both players are called offside

54′ GOAL!! FIJ 2-2 NCL | Roy KRISHNA connects with the free kick and scores the equaliser 

54′ YELLOW CARD | Emile BEARUNE is cautioned for a tackle just outside the New Caledonia box 

52′ Free kick to Fiji after a foul on Christopher WASASALA

51′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul from Waisake TABUCAVA

50′ SUB FIJ | An injured Setareki HUGHES is replaced by Roy KRISHNA 

47′ Setareki HUGHES requires treatment after his collision with Emile BEARUNE

46′ Free kick to Fiji after a foul from Emile BEARUNE

46′ Fiji get the second half underway


45’+2 GOAL!!! FIJ 1-2 NCL | Saula WAQA connects his head with the ball and finds the back of the net 

45′ Four minutes of additional time 

45′ Shene WELEPANE sends an attempt well wide of goal

44′ Jeremie DOKUNENGO connects with the ball inside the Fiji box but sends his attempt wide of goal

43′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul on Jeremie DOKUNENGO just outside the Fiji box

42′ A handball from Kolinio SIVOKI gives New Caledonia a free kick just outside the Fiji box

40′ Mickael ULILE pulls off an impressive save to block a powerful attempt from Christopher WASASALA at the top of the box

38′ Roy KAYARA has a shot at goal off his first touch but Tevita KOROI makes the save

37′ Roy KAYARA crosses a dangeroud ball in to the top of the Fiji box but no New Caledonia player is there to meet it

36′ Jeremie DOKUNENGO throws the ball up the line but no New Caledonia player chases, giving Fiji the goal kick

35′ Shene WELEPANE attempts a through ball but can’t find a gap in the Fiji backline

34′ Richard SELE charges at Remueru TEKIATE forcing the defender to clear the ball

32′ Jeremie DOKUNENGO chases a ball to the far corner but the offside call is given

31′ Free kick to Fiji after a foul on Waisake TABUCAVA

28′ SUB FIJ | Epeli SAUKURU is replaced by Waisake TABUCAVA

28′ SUB FIJ | Iosefo VEREVOU is replaced by Dave RADRIGAI

24′ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-2 NCL | Mone WAMOWE gets his head to a cross and sends the ball in past the front post

24′ Roy KAYARA fires a long ball into the Fijian half but no New C

22′ Emile BEARUNE makes the tackle on Saula WAQA but sends the ball out wide

21′ Mone WAMOWE tries to take on a defender and Tevita KOROI but the keeper wins the ball

20′ Setareki HUGHES chases a long ball but can’t connect with it before it rolls out of play

18′ YELLOW CARD | Kolinio SIVOKI is cautioned for a tackle on Roy KAYARA 

17′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul on Joel WAKANUMUNE just inside the New Caledonia half

16′ Richard SELE cuts inside his defender and fires at goal but his attempt is blocked by Tevita KOROI

15′ Epeli SAUKURU fires in a free kick for Fiji but Mickael ULILE catches the following Fiji header

13′ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-1 NCL | Mone WAMOWE receives a cross and places the ball into the back of the net

11′ Setareki HUGHES receives a ball inside the New Caledonia box but can’t line up an attempt before he’s tackled

10′ Jefferson DAHITE sends in a dangerous cross but no New Caledonia player can connect with the ball

9′ Roy KAYARA charges up the line and crosses a ball to the top of the Fiji box but the Fiji backline makes the clearance

8′ Fiji push forward forcing Emile BEARUNE to clear the ball up the field

7′ Free kick to Fiji after a foul from Joel WAKANUMUNE just inside New Caledonia’s half

6′ Christopher WASASALA returns to the field after receiving treatment

5′ Free kick to New Caledonia just outside the Fiji box

4′ Richard SELE attempts to send a through ball to Shene WELEPANE but the Fiji backline intercepts

2′ YELLOW CARD | Joel WAKANUMUNE is cautioned

2′ Christopher WASASALA is on the ground receiving treatment

1′ free kick to Fiji after a foul on Christopher WASASALA

1′ New Caledonia get the match underway

Match Officials:
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1:
Sione TEU (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2:
Fourth Official:
George TIME (SOL)

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