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Fiji have beaten New Caledonia 2-1 in their final match at the OFC U-19 Women’s Championship at Ngahue Reserve in Auckland, New Zealand.

Fiji: 1. Ateca TUWAI (GK), 2. Cecelia NAINIMA, 4. Sekola WAQANIDROLA, 5. Veniana RANADI, 6. Ledua SENISEA, 7. Koleta LIKUCULACULA, 8. Timaima VUNIYAYAWA, 10. Luisa TAMANITOAKULA (C), 11. Cema NASAU, 15. Maca RALAGI, 17. Miliana BUREITAU
Substitutes: 3. Mereoni TORA,  12. Silina QARAWAQA, 13. Louisa SIMMONS, 14. Miriama BAKANICEVA, 16. Aliza HUSSEIN, 18. Cynthia DUTT, 19. Laca TIKOSAYA, 20. Maria PARR (GK)
Suspended: 9. Asenaca DIRANUVE

Coach: Saroj KUMAR (FIJ)

New Caledonia: 1. Karine XOZAME (GK), 2. Darnelle HACE, 3. Joséphine SAKILIA, 4. Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA, 5. Sonia HNANGANYAN, 6. Isabelle ILENGO, 7. Océane FOREST, 8. Shaya IHMELING, 9. Alice WENESSIA (C), 13. Ivonne XOWI, 18. Isabelle HNAWEONGO
Substitutes: 11. Jeanine HUMUNIE, 12. Johana TAKAMATSU, 15. Valérie HOLUE, 16. Donatienne BALY, 17. Moïsette BROUSTET, 19. Marie WANEUX, 20. Kathleen WAUNIE (GK)
Suspended: 14. Cassidy CAWA, 10. Marie-Laure PALENE

Coach: Kamali FITIALEATA (NCL)


90’+56′ New Caledonia corner sent into the side net by AJAPUHNYA

90’+4′ Play resumes with a Fiji corner after BAKANICEVA is stretchered off

90’+4′ SUB FIJ | The injured BAKANICEVA is replaced by Cynthia DUTT

90’+3′ SUB NCL | Oceane FOREST is replaced by Marie WANEUX

90’+2′ The shot came from Miriama BAKANICEVA and she’s injured herself in the process

90′ A minimum of three minutes additional time

90′ A fantastic attack from Fiji lead by their captain, but the save from XOZAME is up to the challenge

89′ RANADI puts the ball out for a New Caledonia throw

87′ NASAU and TAMANITOAKULA strong a series of 1-2s together up the left before AJAPUHNYA manages to put in a saving tackle

85′ Long all and sub TAKAMATSU gives chase heaping the pressure on RANADI to clear

83′ SUB NCL | Darnelle HACE makes room for Donatienne BALY

82′ Offside from TAMANITOAKULA as Fiji  line up a shot in front of goal

78′ TUWA makes a save on the feet of Isabella HNAWEONGO who whacks her head on the ground and needs treatment

77′ SUB NCL | Alice WENESSIA makes room for Johanna TAKAMATSU

76′ New Caledonia putting some pressure on Fiji’s backline but can’t quite get a lethal shot off

73′ WENESSIA gives chase after a long ball is launched over the back line but it rolls wide before she reaches

72′ BUREITAU slows up the attack from IHMELING

70′ XOZAME comes to the edge of the box to collect before launching the ball upfield

69′ Free kick for New Caledonia after HACE is taken out by two Fijian players

68′ YELLOW CARD | Shaya IHMELING is cautioned for a challenge on Cema NASAU

67′ Free kick for New Caledonia is sent upfield but controlled down by Fiji

64′ BUREITAU attempts to bring the ball through the middle but IHMELING wins off her and tries to play WENESSIA on

63′ WENESSIA prevents a long clearance from VUNIYAYAWA, keeping the ball in the Fiji half

61′ ZOXAME catches the corner at the near post

60′ IHMELING puts the ball out for a corner giving her side time to regroup

59′ WENESSIA with the ball in the Fiji corner goes to cross but NASAU whips the ball from her foot and it’s a Fiji free kick

58′ TUWA launches a looping ball upfield but it’s caught by the wind and drops in her own half

55′ GOAL!!! FIJ 2-1 NCL | An Alice WENESSIA corner is headed home by Isabelle HNAWEONGO 

54′ Isabelle ILENGO shoots from distance and TUWA touches it outside the upright for a corner

51′ Great turn from RANADI to fake past WENESSIA before she clears into touch

50′ Fiji with a throw in front of their bench but it’s a poor one from RANADI

47′ An attack from Fiji tests New Caledonia but they eventually manage to clear

46′ The second half gets underway with Fiji in possession


48′ A clearance from AJAPUHNYA gets stuck between the knees of Koleta LIKUCULACULA and Fiji are able to make a rapid attack that is eventually closed down

45′ A minimum of one minute additional time

44′ XOAZME claims a cross shot and sends short for a quick advance up the left

43′ Fiji with a corner which is floated in by Cema NASAU from the left but cleared out for a counter by WENESSIA

42′ TAMANITOAKULA from a similar position as the opener, hits at goal but XOZAME leaps to claim

40′ YELLOW CARD | Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA is cautioned for a poor challenge

38′ GOAL!!! FIJ 2-0 NCL | Luisa TAMANITOAKULA brings down a long ball and with just the keeper to beat, plays the ball inside the post for her second

38′ HACE beats two and plays up the line to a waiting FOREST

37′ HNANGANYAN clears upfield and finds the feet of WENESSIA who instantly goes on attack

35′ GOAL!!! FIJ 1-0 NCL | A perfectly struck free kick from Luisa TAMANITOAKULA floats into the top corner 

34′ NASAU breaks up the left for Fiji and a foul sees the side pick up a free kick just off the top of the penalty area

31′ Cema NASAU tries to turn on Josephine SAKILIA but the defender wins

31′ The flag is up at the other end of the park as TAMANITOAKULA receives out wide, but from behind the defence

30′ The offside flag goes up on New Caledonia as they make inroads into the Fiji half

29′ VUNIYAYAWA comes from behind on ILENGO and the ball is turned over

27′ Fiji have a chance but it’s quashed by the back-line

26′ SUB FIJ | Maca RALAGI makes an early exit, replaced by Miriama BAKANICEVA

25′ TAMANITOAKULA is released on a promising attack but the ball gets away from her and she can’t get off a clean shot

23′ Pressure from New Caledonia on Sekola WAQANIDROLA and Cecelia NAINIMA up the left but they manage it well

22′ Counter-attack from New Caledonia is slowed at the half-way line

20′ Timaima VUNIYAYAWA has taken a knock in a tackle and requires treatment

19′ Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA takes the free kick curling it over the wall but it drops just behind the cross bar

18′ Alice WENESSIA is taken out 10m off the top of the box and her side have a free kick

16′ YELLOW CARD | Isabelle HNAWEONGO had her warning earlier and this time picks up a caution

15′ HACE and Oceane FOREST combine well up the left

14′ Counter attack from New Caledonia sees the ball come up the left but BUREITAU collects before being bundled over by Isabelle HNAWEONGO

13′ Ledua SENISEA has a go from distance but XOZAME claims

12′ Fiji corner puts pressure on New Caledonia but they manage well and clear the ball off Fiji for a goal kick

11′ TAMANITOAKULA is on goal with the ball at her feet but the flag has gone up

10′ A free kick for Fiji is sent at goal by Miliana BUREITAU but she’s too deep and it’s an easy collect for XOZAME

8′ A chance for Fiji as TAMANITOAKULA heads goalwards but an excellent save from XOZAME to deny

7′ New Caledonia are on attack but a block sees an easy collect roll into the box for Ateca TUWA

6′ Fiji go for a chip of the defence and send both Darnelle HACE and Sonia HNANGANYAN racing back to clear from their own corner

4′ Fiji put in a cross but Shaya IHMELING intercepts and sends her side on attack

2′ Luisa TAMANITOAKULA makes a run at the New Caledonia goal but Karine XOZAME has it covered

1′ Underway with New Caledonia in possession

Match Officials
Referee: Nadia BROWNING (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Wanting YAGUM (PNG)
Assistant Referee 2: Regina TEUA (TAH)
Fourth Official: Tapaita LELENGA (TGA)

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