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Fiji have held off a fight back from Papua New Guinea to secure a 3-2 win on Match Day 4.

Fiji: 1. Ateca TUWAI (GK), 2. Cecelia NAINIMA, 4. Sekola WAQANIDROLA, 5. Veniana RANADI, 6. Ledua SENISEA, 7. Koleta LIKUCULACULA, 8. Timaima VUNIYAYAWA, 9. Asenaca DIRANUVE, 10. Luisa TAMANITOAKULA (C), 11. Cema NASAU, 17. Miliana BUREITAU
Substitutes: 12. Silina QARAWAQA, 13. Louisa SIMMONS, 14. Miriama BAKANICEVA, 15. Maca RALAGI, 16. Aliza HUSSEIN, 18. Cynthia DUTT, 19. Laca TIKOSAYA, 20. Maria PARR (GK)
Suspended: 3. Mereoni TORA

Coach: Saroj KUMAR (FIJ)

Papua New Guinea: 1. Faith KASIRAY (GK), 2. Natasha SAGEM, 3. Margret JOSEPH, 4. Isabella NATERA, 5. Bridget PAIME, 8. Alison PAULIAS, 9. Selina UNAMBA, 10. Nicollete AGEVA, 12. Belinda GIADA, 13. Ramona PADIO, 18. Jacklyn MAIYOSI
Substitutes: 7. Marity SEP, 14. Leah KARO, 16. Serah TAMGOL, 17. Melisa JOFARI, 19. Gorethy PAOFA, 20. Amatha MISTERA

Coach: Rachel Wadunah (PNG)


90’+2′ SUB FIJ | Timaima VUNITAYAWA is replaced by Eliza HUSSEIN

90’+1′ KASIRAY sends long but it’s brought down by Fiji and PNG scramble to clear

90′ A minimum of two minutes of additional time

89′ VUNITATAWA plays the ball through the defence but she’s given it enough that it runs to a wiating KASIRAY

88′ TUWA slides in to save right inside the top edge of her area

87′ A powerful drive from UNAMBA from the edge of the box is just tipped around the upright by TUWA

86′ Great weaving and winding from PADIO before she shoots off-target

85′ Another knock for BUREITAU as she clears the ball off the feet of PAULIAS

85′ Free kick for Fiji

82′ PADIO with a great shift in the centre that sees her dribble past three players before releasing

81′ GIADA puts in a strong challenge on NASAU to halt the advancing midfielder after she beats past one player

80′ YELLOW CARD | GIADA is cautioned for that challenge

80′ Belinda GIADA comes in behind BAKANICEVA and it’s a free kick for Fiji and the returned BUREITAU takes

79′ Veniana RANADI tries to put the ball through but Isabella NATERA gets a boot in

78′ Great work from GIADA and PADIO to turnover and make a rapid advance, the eventual cross from UNAMBA is too high for a leaping AGEVA to finish

77′ BUREITAU was injured in that challenge and is helped to the sideline to receive treatment

75′ A sliding challenge in the box but play is waved on, the cross comes for an unmarked UNAMBA to finish but she’s sent it wide

75′ JOSEPH does well to hold up DIRANUVE

73′ Koleta LIKUCULACULA wins off PADIO and sends upfield

72′ SUB FIJ | Miriama BAKANICEVA replaces Ledua SENISEA

71′ JOSEPH’s clearance only gets as far as TAMANITOAKULA who takes a couple of touches and shoots, but KASIRAY dives on it

70′ TUWA loses the ball with MAOYOSI ready to pounce, PNG go for goal but it takes a touch out for a corner

69′ The ball is put across the Fiji goal and just requires a nudge in but UNAMBA is a little late arriving at the far post

68′ AGEVA puts the ball through for MAIYOSI but it’s well read  by NAINIMA who puts out

66′ GOAL!!! FIJ 3-2 PNG | This time it’s KASIRAY who leaves her line for a clearance and Asenaca DIRANUVE who puts the ball in the net

65′ PADIO puts a monster challenge in on VUNIYAYAWA who goes down clutching her head but after winning a free kick soon recovers without treatment

64′ GOAL!!! FIJ 2-2 PNG | TUWA leaves the goal empty allowing Jacklyn MAIYOSI to finish in behind her

60′ A long ball is put behind the Fiji defence and BUREITAU has to give chase, she manages to put out with MAIYOSI on her back

59′ YELLOW CARD | Asenaca DIRANUVE is cautioned for Fiji

58′ NASAU brings down a goal kick but AGEVA is right on her back to cause a disruption

56′ GOAL!!! FIJ 2-1 PNG | Papua New Guinea hit back immediately with Nicollete AGEVA netting for her side

55′ GOAL!!! FIJ 2-0 PNG | A brace from TAMANITOAKULA as she capitalises on some confusion in the box

54′ Fiji finds some width on attack but as the cross comes in from VUNIYAYAWA, it’s chested out for a corner by Alison PAULIAS

51′ DIRANUVE is on goal with just KASIRAY to beat, she tries to put the ball around the keeper and inside the back post but it’s gone outside

50′ Cema NASAU has the goal in her sights but GIADA slides the ball off her foot and out for a throw

48′ BUREITAU clears the ball forward and a tussle between GIADA and VUNIYAYAWA sees it out for a Fiji corner

46′ PNG get the second half underway with a long ball looking for UNAMBA


45’+2′ Poor challenge from Koleta LIKUCULACULA and PNG pick up a free kick

45’+1′ PAIME misses the ball but she has JOSEPH and GIADA in behind to collect

45′ A minimum of two minutes additional time

44′ Corner for Fiji is curled in at the near post but PADIO raises to head clear

43′ NAINIMA clears the ball long and gains ground but PNG are there to quell the pressure

40′ Great challenge from Bridgit PAIME who wins the ball but has committed a foul

36′ GOAL!!! FIJ 1-0 PNG | Fiji take the lead after captain Luisa TAMANITOAKULA pokes in a loose ball

35′ Great work up the left from UNAMBA but the cross comes off her foot wrong and rolls to TUWA rather than AGEVA

34′ PADIO drops deep and launches a counter attack, the ball eventually gets sent long for AGEVA but she can’t get there before TUWA clears

34′ SAGEM can’t keep it in and Fjii have a throw in the final third

32′ Both PADIO and Belinda GIADA behind the free kick – PADIO strikes low but gets the feet of the wall

32′ YELLOW CARD | Miliana BUREITAU receives a caution 

31′ Miliana BUREITAU looks to have taken it in the face but it’s a hand ball

30′ Koleta LIKUCULACULA chips the defence hoping TAMANITOAKULA will reach it but she’s given it too much

28′ AGEVA breaks through the defence , there’s no flag, she shoots but TUWA claims with ease

27′ NASAU delivers the corner ball across the face of the goal, there’s a slight touch from a teammate but nothing to trouble KASIRAY

26′ The cross comes in for NASAU who has a trail of PNG defenders behind with one managing to block for a corner

26′ PNG take their time getting to a ball allowing DIRANUVE to win it and launch a counter attack

23′ The defender stays down and eventually gets back to her feet after the physio comes on to treat her

22′ Ramona PADIO lines up a shot from distance but fires it directly at NAINIMA who takes it in the face

21′ A PNG free kick drops just in front of NAINIMA who heads it back

20′ Foul throw from Fiji sees a turnover

19′ Cema NASAU has gone down in the middle of the PNG half and needs to be assisted off the field

18′ Fiji break through the middle but are slowed by a Margret JOSEPH tackle

16′ A halting tackle from NATERA on DIRANUVE slows the striker down

13′ Fiji look to be in with a chance as VUNIYAYAWA plays around the defender to Asenaca DIRANUVE but the flag goes up

12′ KASIRAY scurries across the goal mouth and is relieved to see the ball roll just outside her upright

11′ A second chance for the striker as she has the ball at her feet in front of goal but Faith KASIRAY claims

11′ A missed clearance from PNG almost allows Timiaima VUNIYAYAWA on goal

10′ Jacklyn MAIYOSI makes a break up the right but the Fiji backline rallies to close her off the ball

8′ Fiji’s Luisa TAMANITOAKULA tries to score but can’t quite keep the ball in play

7′ Nicollete AGEVA has a go at goal from the edge of the box, but Ateca TUWA dives to save

5′ Cecilia NAINIMA wins ahead of Selina UNAMBA and clears the ball upfield

4′ Faith KASIRAY claims and PNG go on attack

3′ Fiji head into the PNG area and a header from Belinda GIADA sees Fjii with a corner

2′ Papua New Guinea win a throw and Isabella NATERA boots it upfield

1′ Underway with a Fiji kick-off in the final match of the day

Match Officials:
Referee: Tapaita LELENGA (TGA)
Assistant Referee 1: Natalia LUMUKANA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Nikola HOLIKA (TGA)
Fourth Official: Rani PERRY (TAH)

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