Fiji have beaten Samoa 3-0 in their second OFC U-17 Championship encounter at Stade Pater.

Fiji: 1. Mohammed ALAM (GK), 4. Simione NABENU, 6. Mohammed NAIZAL, 7. Semi MATALAU (C), 8. Shaneel NARAYAN, 10. Navau TIKORUKU, 14. Shivam NAIDU, 15. Iliesa RAKUKA, 16. Ratu DAU, 17. Jone SUKULU, 19. Mohammed JAMIL.
Substitutes: 2. Kishan SAMI, 3. Paula TUINASERAU, 5. Jovilisi MULOCA, 9. Shaheel GOUNDER, 11. Fardean HUSSEIN, 12. Kemueli ULUIKAVORO, 13. Waisake SOGA, 18. Romit NARAYAN, 20. Asaeli BATIKASA (RGK).

Coach: Shalen Lal (FIJ)

Samoa: 1. Pele FATU (GK), 2. Kitiona NAUER, 3. Harlen RUSSELL, 4. Sefa MAMEA-HIND, 5. Solomon GRANGER, 6. Stanley MAMEA, 7. Willie SAUILUMA (C), 9. Darcy KNIGHT, 10. Falaniko NANUMEA, 15. Jay POPESE, 17. Julius DUFFY.
Substitutes: 22. Talita HAFOKA (RGK), 8. Jackson NAUTU, 12. Lotial MANO, 13. Dilo TUMUA, 14. Jefferson FAAMATAU, 16. Osa SAVELIO (RGK), 18. Jenuem KEPU, 19. Elijah THEODOR.

Coach: Desmond Faaiuaso (SAM)

FULL-TIME | Fiji 3-0 Samoa

90’+5′ Free kick from Fiji is taken and whipped over the goal

90’+3′ The Fijian player is still down receiving treatment following that tackle

90’+1′ RED CARD | Harlen RUSSELL takes a walk after a crunching challenge on 

90′ Four minutes additional time

89′ YELLOW CARD | Sefa MAMEA-HIND is cautioned for a challenge on Shivam NAIDU

87′ FATU  palms the ball down and claims

86′ YELLOW CARD | Pele FATU is cautioned 

85′ Julius DUFFY with ample time to line up his shot but he sends it up the face of the goal

83′ Fiji with another shot but they can’t break the defensive line who rally to clear out the danger

81′ ALAM has to make a save but is soon sending his teammates back up the other end

80′ He may have returned but it wasn’t for long – GRANGER has to be helped off the field

79′ GRANGER is set to come back on the field as play returns after the break


75′ Semi MATALAU lashes the ball at goal but it slices off the outside of his boot

74′ SUB FIJ | Mohammed NAIZAL is replaced by Waisake SOGA 

73′ Free kick for Fiji is lofted over the goal

71′ Solomon GRANGER goes down injured and has to be helped off the field for treatment

70′ MAMEA-HIND does well to close down the counter attack from Fiji

69′ TUMUA tries to start an attack but Fiji swarm around him preventing him from making a pass

67′ SUB SAM | Jay POPESE is replaced by Dilo TUMUA

66′ SUB SAM | The injured Kitiona NAUER is replaced by Elijah THEODOR 

65′ Samoan keeper Pele FATU has gone down injured and requires treatment

64′ MAMEA goes down in a challenge but manages to carry on play

62′ GOAL!!! FIJ 3-0 SAM | Ratu DAU nets another for Fiji taking their tally to three 

61′ YELLOW CARD | Mohammed NAIZAL is cautioned

60′ Whipped in at the post but the keeper makes a great save

59′ Samoa with a corner and a chance to create something from the set piece

58′ SUB FIJ |Jone SUKULU his replaced by Paula TUINASERAU

57′ Fiji advance into the penalty area but a toe to the ball just prevents the shot

55′ A dispute on the field erupts between the two sides and it takes the referee Arnold TARI a little while to calm it down

52′ POPESE has a pop but sends it just over the cross bar

51′ An effort from distance from Fiji but it’s an easy claim for FATU

50′ Long ball sent upfield by Solomon GRANGER but Fiji get there first to bring it down and counter

48′ POPESE breaks and lays off to DUFFY who has Simione NABENU on his back and the keeper to beat but Mohammed ALAM does well to slide the ball of the striker’s foot

47′ A low drive from Shivam NAIDU but it’s an easy scoop for FATU

46′ The match resumes and Fiji are making an early advance into Samoan territory

HALF-TIME SUB FIJ | Navau TIKORUKU is replaced by Shaheel GOUNDER

HALF-TIME | Fiji 2-0 Samoa

45’+4′ Lotial MANO with a ball-winning tackle but he can’t keep it in

45’+2′ Samoa’s Solomon GRANGER is working hard up the left trying to penetrate the final third

45′ SUB SAM | The injured Falaniko NANUMEA is replaced by Lotial MANO

45′ A minimum of four minutes additional time

44′ Kitiona NAUER does enough to block the shot from Shivam NAIDU away from goal

43′ Big challenge from MAMEA on DAU but the striker doesn’t stay down long

42′ KNIGHT whips the free kick in at the back post but the finisher isn’t there

42′ NANUMEA is assisted off the field for treatment

40′ An injury to Falaniko NANUMEA as he leaps for a header and goes down hard when Ratu DAU goes under his legs

37′ Samoa press forward and the eventual shot comes from Solomon GRANGER but he drills it wide

36′ Fiji try to build from the back but they’re struggling to work through a high, flat Samoan defence

34′ A cheeky shirt tug from DAU on Kitiona NAUER but it doesn’t disrupt play too much as the defender heads the ball away

33′ Julius DUFFY attempts to poke the ball through the defence to Kay POPESE but Fiji anticipate well

32′ Back underway after the water break and Samoa have a chance on goal! But it’s over the target


29′ TIKORUKU brings down his opponent giving away a free kick

27′ Falaniko NANUMEA clears the ball into touch giving his team a chance to get back into position

26′ Navau TIKORUKU takes a knock but picks himself up as Fiji earn a free kick

25′ Samoa defending well at present to keep Fiji’s enthusiastic attack at bay

23′ FATU dives at the feet of DAU to prevent the impending close-range shot

22′ Great footwork from Mohammed JAMIL as he weaves his way up the left wing

21′ Shivam NAIDU receives on the run but tangles his legs as he attempts to cross

19′ Darcy KNIGHT wins the ball and launches a swift counter attack but a big tackle on Staney MAMEA sees Fiji win the ball back

17′ GOAL!! FIJ 2-0 SAM | Ratu DAU finishes with a powerful shot that has FATU soundly beaten

15′ Free kick for Fiji is sent wide of the wall and the goal mouth

14′ Another set piece for Fiji could be dangerous thanks to their height advantage

12′ The ball takes a deflection off a shot from Shivam NAIDU and only just goes around the upright

11′ Fiji whip in a corner and Samoa scramble to clear the ball

9′ GOAL!!! FIJ 1-0 SAM | Captain Semi MATALAU has keeper Pele FATU well beaten to open the scoring

9′ Falaniko NANUMEA attempts from distance but floats the ball just over the goal

6′ Shaneel NARAYAN with a handball in the centre of the park sees Samoa awarded a free kick

5′ Shivam NAIDU cuts a cross in at the goal mouth but Semi MATALAU

4′ The ball rolls up the line and somehow manages to stay in as Fiji’s Ratu DAU and Samoa’s Kitiona NAUER give chase

3′ Staney MAMEA tries to chest the ball down but can’t keep it inside the lines

2′ Falaniko NANUMEA goes down in a challenge and Samoa have a free kick which is hoofed upfield by Sefa MAMEA-HIND

1′ Samoa get things underway at Stade Pater in Tahiti

Match Officials:
Referee: Arnold TARI (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: John PAREANGA (COK)
Assistant Referee 2: Denson SALE (VAN)
Fourth Official: Mederic LACOUR (NCL)

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