Fiji and Solomon Islands have fought to a 1-1 draw in a very close match on the first day of action in Group B at the OFC U-17 Championship 2017. will be bringing you live text updates of this encounter, please refresh your browser for the latest.

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Fiji: 1. Mohammed Alam (GK), 2. Kishan Sami, 6. Mohammed Naizal (C), 7. Semi Matalau, 8. Shaneel Narayan, 12. Kemueli Uluikavoro, 14. Shivam Naidu, 15. Iliesa Rakuka, 16. Ratu Dau, 17. Jone Sukulu, 19. Mohammed Jamil.
Substitutes: 20. Asaeli Batikasa (GK), 3. Paula Tuinaserau, 4. Simione Nabenu, 5. Jovilisi Muloca, 9. Shaheel Gounder, 10. Navau Tikoruku, 11. Fardean Hussein, 13. Waisake Soga, 18. Romit Narayan.

Coach: Shalen Lal (FIJ)

Solomon Islands: 1. Joel NANAGO (GK), 2. John AETA (C), 3. Aengari GAGAME, 4. Junior ASHLEY, 5. Raymond DAUABU, 7. Junior KAONI, 9. Don KEANA, 10. Elis MANA, 11. Ali MEKAWIR, 15. Alfred ELVIS, 18. Steward TOATA.
Substitutes: 12. John BROWN (GK), 6. Bobby RAMO, 8. Simon JEDZINI, 13. Stanley RYNIKER, 14. Danny OFENI, 16. John MANA, 17. Michael LALO.

Coach: Marlon HOUKARAWA (SOL)


90’+4 Solomon counter attack but Mohammed ALAM makes a diving save and returns possession to Fiji

90’+3 Fiji pressure the Solomon Islands with a quick counter attack but Shivam NAIDU sends his attempt along the ground to Joel NANAGO

90′ Four minutes additional time

90′ TOATA charges all the way to the defensive third to tackle Shaneel NARAYAN but gives away the corner

89′ TOATA hooks his foot around a ball and volleys it to the penalty spot but the Fiji backline are the first to the ball and make a quick clearance

87′ Free kick to Solomon Islands after a tackle on Steward TOATA

87′ SUB SOL | Junior KAONI makes room for Simon JEDZINI 

85′ Ali MEKAWIR nearly gets his cross to Steward TOATA but the Fiji backline just manage to get a head to the ball and make the clearance

82′ YELLOW CARD | Elis MANA is cautioned after a hard tackle on Kishan SAMI in front of the Fiji box

80′ Solomon make a quick counter-attack but the offside call is given and play returns to their defensive half

79′ Mohammed NAIZAL tries to play the ball in the Solomon box the backline is first to the ball and plays it up field

78′ TOATA attempts to cut inside to line up a shot but the Fiji backline clears the ball wide

76′ Water break

75′ An unmarked TOATA hits a cross first time from back post but miscues the ball and sends it just wide of goal

75′ Ratu DAU has an attempt from well outside the box which Joel NANAGO misses when he dives but the attempt goes just wide of goal

72′ Mohammed ALAM runs out to beat a charging Don KEANA to the ball but collides with Kemueli ULUIKAVORO and both Fijians fall to the ground injured

72′ SUB FIJ | Jone SUKULU makes room for Simione NABENU 

69′ Junior ASHLEY sends in a cross from well out wide but Mohammed ALAM gets his gloves to the ball first

67′ YELLOW CARD | Navau TIKORUKU is cautioned for a hard tackle to break the Solomon Islands counter attack 

64′ Free kick to Solomon Islands after a foul from Ratu DAU on Alfred ELVIS

63′ Free kick to Solomon Islands after a tackle on Junior ASHLEY in their defensive third

62′ YELLOW CARD | Raymond DAUABU is cautioned after a collision with a Fijian player 

61′ Mohammed ALAM runs out and dives on a through ball before Don KEANA can get a foot to it

60′ Steward TOATA charges down the line but can’t keep the ball in play

59′ Don KEANA is tackled after a long run down the field but wins the corner for Solomon Islands

57′ Ali MEKAWIR attempts to get a through ball under control in front of goal but the ball slips under his foot and is picked up by Mohammed ALAM

56′ Four Fijians meet the corner but the ball is headed well over the crossbar

55′ Junior KAONI fires in an attempt but ball just breezes over Mohammed ALAM’s finger tips and over the crossbar for the corner

53′ Junior KAONI looks to score near post but the ball bounces off the side post and out of play

51′ GOAL!! FIJ 1-1 SOL | Elis MANA fires the ball into the net after the Fiji backline tries to clear a 45 degree pass from TOATA to Ali MEKAWIR 

49′ Another free kick to Solomon after Fardean HUSSEIN tackles Junior ASHLEY but ASHLEY sends his attempt straight to the keeper again

48′ Junior ASHLEY sends the free kick straight to the hands of Mohammed ALAM

48′ Junior ASHLEY charges up the field from the back and earns Solomon the free kick when he is sandwiched between two Fijians

47′ Ali MEKAWIR runs the ball in from the wing but sends his attempt from outside the box well over the crossbar

46′ Fiji get the second half underway

HALF TIME SUB FIJ | Semi MATALAU  is replaced by Navau TIKORUKU 


45’+4 Ali MEKAWIR chips the keeper and hits the crossbar after Mohammed ALAM runs out of the box to head the ball away from a Solomon striker

45’+2 Junior ASHLEY forces Mohammed ALAM to jump and make the save on his attempt from the free kick

45’+1 YELLOW CARD | Kemueli ULUIKAVORO is carded for a hand ball stopping Solomon Islands through ball

45′ Four minutes additional time

45′ Free kick to Fiji after a tackle on Ratu DAU from Alfred ELVIS

45′ Ratu DAU pushes forward but Aengari GAGAME clears the ball wide

44′ TOATA looks to cross but is tackled in the Fiji corner

43′ Don KEANA charges forward for a one-on-one with Mohammed ALAM but the offside call is given

42′ Ratu DAU chases a through ball but can’t get his foot to it before it goes out of play for the Solomon throw

41′ Free kick to Solomon Islands after a tackle from Mohammed NAIZAL on Don KEANA

40′ Free kick to Solomon Islands just outside their box after a foul on John AETA

38′ Don KEANA charges down the line and earns the corner for Solomon Islands

38′ Mohammed ALAM catches the free kick from Junior ASHLEY but stays on the ground after a collision

37′ Solomon Islands earn a free kick in the Fiji half after a foul on Don KEANA

36′ Semi MATALAU runs the ball all the way down the line but a Solomon defender makes the tackle

35′ Don KEANA sends a cross straight across the goal face to TOATA who can’t get enough angle on his attempt and sends the ball out of play at near post

31′ Water break

30′ Mohammed ALAM runs out and effortlessly catches the free kick

29′ A series of quick passes push Solomon Islands into the Fiji half until TOATA is tackled and earns Solomon Islands the free kick

26′ Ratu DAU fires the ball at goal but Junior ASHLEY jumps in front of the ball and clears it off the line

24′ Junior ASHLEY sends the free kick deep into the Fiji box but Jone SUKULU clears the ball off the line after Mohammed ALAM is beaten

23′ Free kick to Solomon Islands after a tackle from Kemueli ULUIKAVORO on Raymond DAUABU

22′ Alfred ELVIS sends in a cross just before getting tackled but the Fiji backline are first to the ball

21′ Romit NARAYAN tackles Raymond DAUABU but gives Solomon Islands the throw deep in Fiji’s half

20′ TOATA tries to run through the Fiji backline to chases a through ball but is pushed off path

19′ Shivam NAIDU makes an attempt at goal but pressure from Junior KAONI forces him to send his attempt wide

18′ Shivam NAIDU fires in the free kick but Joel NANAGO jumps to make the save

17′ Free kick to Fiji after a foul on Ratu DAU after he charged down the line

16′ Don KEANA attempts to send a through ball but can’t break through the tall Fiji backline

14′ Kishan SAMI takes the free kick for Fiji after a Solomon foul but sends the attempt well wide of goal

13′ TOATA sends a long ball but puts too much power behind it and sends the ball wide

12′ Fiji are awarded a free kick but the Solomon Islands backline defends well in the air and pushes play back into Fiji’s half

10′ Elis MANA has an attempt off Kishan SAMI’s clearance of the corner but is blocked by the Fiji backline

9′ Raymond DAUABU sends in a dangerous cross to TOATA who earns the corner for Solomon Islands

8′ Iliesa RAKUKA chases a through ball but can’t get past the Solomon backline

7′ Low cross from Junior KAONI, Mohammed ALAM dives and saves but nearly slides over the goal-line

7′ Steward TOATA gives away a free kick after a tackle from behind.

6′ Ratu DAU is sent a long ball from his defender but can’t get the ball under control before it goes out of play

3′ GOAL!! FIJ 1-0 SOL | Ratu DAU receives the ball on the penalty spot and fires it past Joel NANAGO

3′ Ratu DAU charges down the line and attempts to cross but doesn’t give it enough angle and sends it just over the crossbar

2′ Junior ASHLEY sends the free kick straight to the hands of Mohammed ALAM

1′ Free kick to Solomon Islands after Kishan SAMI tackles Ali MEKAWIR from behind.

1′ Solomon Islands get the match underway

Match Officials:
Referee: Norbert HAUATA (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: John PAREANGA (COK)
Assistant Referee 2: Denson SALE (VAN)
Fourth Official: Arnold TARI (VAN)

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