Hienghène 3-1 Puaikura

The hosts will take on Puaikura at 8:00pm at Stade Yoshida. Image: OFC Media

Hienghène Sport have finished their maiden OFC Champions League campaign on a high beating Puaikura FC 3-1 at Stade Yoshida.

Hienghène Sport: [NCL]   19. Rocky NYIKEINE (GK), 4. Pothin POMA, 5. Jordan DINET,  9. Jefferson DAHITE, 10. Miguel KAYARA, 11. Bertrand KAI (C), 12. Warren HOUALA, 13. Roy KAYARA, 28. Franck SINEM, 29. Johanès BERNOL, 30. Yvanoe BAMY.

 Substitutes: 1. Jean Yann DOUNEZECK (RGK), 18. Renaldo POINDJIAO (GK), 3. William YENTAO,  7. Anthony KAI, 24. Rudy KAYARA, 27. Giani KAYARA,  33. Iamel KABEU.
Injured: 6. Adolphe BOAOUTHO.
Coach: Felix TAGAWA (FRA)

Puaikura FC: [COK] 1. Liam LITTLE (GK), 4. Pekay EDWARDS,  6. Kimiora SAMUELA,  8. Grover HARMON (C), 9. Tyrell BARRINGER-TAHIRI, 10. Jeremias PEREZ, 11. Dwayne TIPUTOA,  13. Andre ESTAY, 14. Ishak MOHAMMED,  16. Hone FOWLER, 17. Paul DAY.

Substitutes: 3. Anthony SAMUELA, 5. Paul POILA, 7. Samuel COX, 12. Harlem SIMIONA, 15. Junior MATANGI, 18. Conroy TIPUTOA.
Coach: Kevin FALLON (ENG)

FULL-TIME | Hienghène Sport 3-1 Puaikura FC

90+2 | YENTAO through on goal, tries to chip the on-rushing LITTLE but he misses the target.

90′ There will be a minimum of two additional minutes

88′ PEREZ strikes a long range shot well in terms of power but it’s just lacking the accuracy.

86′ SUB PUA | Puaikura also make a change as Anthony SAMUELA replaces Pekay EDWARDS

86′ SUB HGN | Rudy KAYARA comes in for Pothin POMA

84′ SUB HGN | Jefferson DAHITE is replaced by Iamel KABEU 

82′ Puaikura try to pass their way through. It almost comes off but can’t quite get in behind the defence.

78′ Jefferson DAHITE sells MOHAMMED a dummy but then is tackled in strong challenge by PEREZ.

76′  A deep cross is taken comfortably by Rocky NYIKEINE.

73′ YELLOW CARD | Pekay EDWARDS is cautioned.

71′ GOAL!! HGN 3-1 Puaikura | Yvanoe BAMY gets on the end of the resulting free kick and his header beats Liam LITLLE.

69′ YELLOW CARDS | Both Jordan DINET (HGN) and Andre ESTAY (PUA) receive cautions

69′ A scuffle ensues as ESTAY fouls a Hienghène player and everyone has something to say.

68′ Four players collide. Poma’s boot is raised towards Andrew ESTAY but it’s one go his own players that seems to be worst off.

66′ Pekay EDWARDS tries to bustle his way through but defender gets enough body on him to allow NYIKEINE to come and collect first.

62′ SUB PUA | Dwayne TUPUTOA replaced by Conroy TIPUTOA

57′ A warning is given to Andre ESTAY who flew into an inevitable tackle on NYIKEINE

55′ Puaikura wins free kick and its taken by Paul DAY who sends it into the box but FOWLER is off the mark

52′ POMA attempts a bicycle trick on a corner kick from Bertrand KAI but its off target

51′ YELLOW CARD |Dwayne TIPUTOA is cautioned for a dangerous shoulder tackle on Warren HOUALA. KAI takes free kick

50′ Yvanoe BAMY tries his luck with a stinging boot but it lands right in LITTLE’s hands

49′ SUB | Harlem SIMIONA comes in for Kimiora SAMUELA

48′ A risky play in the box by MOHAMMED and FOWLER to keep the ball out of the clear. LITTLE collects to clear out wide

47′ HOUALA punts from close range and KAI gets in to finish but it sails over the crossbar

46′ Second half is underway with Hienghène Sport in control

Half time SUB | Miguel KAYARA is replaced by William YENTAO

HALF-TIME | Hienghène Sport 2-1 Puaikura FC 1

45+3′ Bertrand KAI ends the half with a stinging shot that LITTLE does well to get down and save.

45′ there will be a minimum of two minutes additional time.

45′ BAMY his luck but his effort is in no mans land between cross and shot.

43′ Hienghène clear their lines from the free kick and break quickly. Hone FOWLER ha to hit top gear to beat KAI to a through ball

42′ YELLOW CARD | Johanes BERNOLE receives a caution.

40′ GOAL!! HGN 2-1 PUA Bertrand KAI shrugs off a tackler and fires past LITTLE form the edge of the area.

39′ KAI fires the free kick in low, it evades everyone in the box but LITTLE is down well to save.

38′ YELLOW CARD | Jeremias PEREZ is cautioned for a foul on Yvonne BAMY

37′ PEREZ wins a free kick near touchline. Launched into the box and NYIKEINE punches clear

35′ NYIKEINE comes to claim the free kick, fumbles but regathers before there’s any drama.

33′ YELLOW CARD | Franck SINEM is cautioned for a foul on Jeremias PEREZ

29′ GOAL!! HGN 1-1 PUA Andre ESTAY’s stooping header beats Rocky NYIKEINE and Puaikura are level. 

29′ Jeremias PEREZ wins a free kick.

27′ KAI whips the free kick into the box but Miguel KAYARA can’t angle himself to get behind it. His header goes for a goal kick.

26′ Miguel KAYARA is brought down by Dwayne TIPUTOA

25′ A diving header from FOLWER prevents BAMY from getting in behind the Puaikura defence

24′ FOWLER heads clear the next corner but it eventually comes to KAI who hits the side netting.

22′ After soaking up some pressure, Hienghène break with pace and win a corner at the other end.Kai’s corner is headed on by team mate but noone close enough at back post to benefit.

21′ Ishak MOHAMMED strikes it with some venom but it keeps rising and flashes over the bar.

20′ EDWARDS takes a tumble as the free kick comes in and Puaikura are awarded a free kick on the edge of the area

19′ Dwayne TIPUTOA wins a wide free kick high up the pitch.

18′ KAI mishits a cross and it sails over the bar with runners in the box.

16′ EDWARDS has a header on the edge of the area but he can’t generate any power

15′ Pekay EDWARDS wins a free kick in the centre circle.

13′ Hienghène’s press is proving fruitful as they win the ball again. It eventually falls for POMA whose shot is saved low by LITTLE

7′ GOAL!! HGN 1-0 PUA Beautiful team goal from Hienghène as they pass through the thirds and KAI is on the end of a through ball to open the scoring.

7′ DAHITE hits a thumping drive but HARMON blocks well.

5′ KAI crosses but Paul DAY has good position and clears.

5′ Puaikura clear another corner

3′ DAHITE rises to meet a corner but LITTLE saves.

3′ Bertrand KAI almost through but Hone FOWLER bumps him off the ball

1′ We’re underway in our final game at Stade Yoshida

Match Officials
Referee: Arnold TARI (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Stephen SENIGA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Jeremy GARAE (VAN)
4th Official Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)

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