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Lupe Ole Soaga 1-2 Magenta

Magenta's Pierrot Jelewed. Image: OFC via Phototek


Magenta have held on to secure a 2-1 victory over Lupe Ole Soaga in the second Group A match at Stade Numa Daly.

Lupe Ole Soaga: 1. Faalavelave MATAGI (GK), 2. Vaalii FAALOGO (C), 3. Spencer KELI, 4. Vaa TAUALAI, 5. Vito LALOATA, 6. Darren ALATINA TALILAI, 7. Lawrie LETUTUSA, 8. Samuel MALO, 9. Suivai ATAGA, 16. Cherbel KHOUCHABA, 19. Bird VAGAIA
Substitutes: 11. Tim HUNT, 12. Suepasi PELESA, 13. John TEO, 14. Michael FIFI’I, 15. Faafua ATAGA LALOATA, 17. Kareti SOAFA, 18. Jack KEMP (GK), 20. Reasat ISLAM
Suspended : 10. Lapalapa TONI

Coach: Paul UALESI [SAM]

AS Magenta: 1. Steeve IXOEE (GK), 2. Jean-Christ WAJOKA, 3. Jean Brice WADRIAKO, 5. Jeremie DOKUNENGO (C), 6. Kevin MAITRAN, 7. Joseph ATHALE, 9. Gwena POULAWA, 11. Kevin NEMIA, 13. Yorick HNAUTRA, 14. Nicholas MARIN, 15. Didier SIMANE,
Substitutes: 4. Gregory TARAMOIN, 8. Tado WELEPANE, 10. Joerisse CEXOME, 12. Yorick IEKAWE, 16. Eric HENESSEWENE, 17. Pierrot JELEWED, 18. Wilsen POAMENO, 19. Marek AUCHER, 20. Bill NICHOLLS, 21. Kevin LOLOHEA, 29. Victor MESSEAUD (GK), 30. Mickael ULILE (GK)

Coach: Alain MOIZAN [FRA]

FULL TIME | Lupe Ole Soaga 1-2 AS Magenta

90’+4′ YELLOW CARD | Another substitute is cautioned this time Joerisse CEXOME sees yellow

90’+2′ YELLOW CARD | Tado WELEPENE is cautioned for that challenge on KHOUCHABA

90’+2′ Foul from WELEPANE on KHOUCHABA

90′ A minimum of five minutes additional time

89′ WELEPANE wins the ball and switches for a quick counter-attack

88′ Seems to be a lot of space for Magenta as the move the ball up the pitch but the final cross from sub CEXOME is given too much height

87′ SUB LUP | Darren ALATINA TALILAI is replaced by Faafua ATAGA LALOATA

85′ SUB MAG | Nicolas MARIN makes room for Joerisse CEXOME

85′ WADRIOKA has pushed forward for the corner and is unmarked at the far side of the box but sends the volley wide

84′ Lawrie LETUTUSA does well to hussle the ball into the corner

83′ Suivai ATAGA is injured and limps off behind the goal-line for treatment

80′ SUB LUP | Samuel MALO is replaced by Suepasi PELESA

80′ SUB MAG | Yorick HNAUTRA makes room for Tado WELEPENE

78′ Vito LALOATA takes the goal kick but can’t clear past Yorick HNAUTRA


75′ Lupe have moved numbers back into defence leaving KHOUCHABA as the lone striker

73′ Kevin NEMIA has a shot that he sends well off-target

71′ SUB MAG | Gwenael POULAWA makes room for Marek AUCHER

68′ Kevin NEMIA had an golden opportunity but his shot hits the cross bar

67’Lupe is given attention and taken off the fied for treatment

67′ A Lupe player has gone down in is own box clutching his leg and it looks like he’ll need halp off the field

66′ A close shave for Lupe as a shot comes flying at goal but is fortunately just off-target

63′ Great diving save from MATAGI to deny an otherwise certain goal

62′ An aerial clearnance from MALO and he’s just clipped by WADRIKO and requires treatment

58′ Vaalii FAALOGO clears straight at ATHALE, the ball rebounds back towards the Lupe goal but MATAGI claims

57′ Jean-Brice WADRIAKO brings down a goal kick and sends his teammate Kevin NEEMIA up the left flank

56′ MARIN holds the ball too long allowing three defenders to swarm him and take the ball

54′ YELLOW CARD | Lupe’s Suivai ATAGA is cautioned

54′ Net is fixed and play resumes

51′ A problem with the net and Magenta and Lupe are working together to try and fix it

50′ ATHALE with a volley directly in front of goal but he’s smashed it wide

47′ Bird VAGAIA puts pressure on Jeremie DOKUNENGO and Kevin MAITRAN but neither concede possession

46′ Back underway at Stade Numa Daly with the hosts hoping to keep the lead and Lupe out for more goals of their own

HALF-TIME | Lupe Ole Soaga 1-2 Magenta

45’+2′ GOAL!!! LUP 1-2 MAG | Yorick HNAUTRA drills it low and hard past a sea of defenders and the keeper

45’+1′ Poor pass looking for WAJOKA out wide but it’s been fired too far ahead

45′ A minimum of three minutes additional time

45′ Bird VAGAIA takes a knock but manages to carry on

41′ MARIN starts a run up the left but as he receives the flag goes up

40′ Some confusion from Lupe in front of goal but they manage to dribble the ball clear

38′ Taken by MARIN and again he has it looping well over the wall but it doesn’t drop quite early enough falling just behind the cross bar

38′ ATHALE is heading goalwards before being brought down on the edge of the box winning a free kick

35′ Magenta with a decent effort on goal frm Yorick HNAUTRA but it’s just off-target

33′ Vaa TAUALAI dribbles at speed but is stopped short by Didier SIMANE

32′ Magenta hoping to find soem space as they play their way through the centre


28′ A foul on KHOUCHABA at the half-mark has Lupe looking ahead

26′ GOAL!!! LUP 1-1 MAG | Cherbal KHOUCHABA takes a chance and it pays off as his shot from distance curls over Jelen IXOEE

24′ Joseph ATHALE attempts to break up the left but is caught by the offside flag

20′ YELLOW CARD | Big challenge on the edge of the area from Jean-Christ WAJOKA sees him earn the first caution of the match

19′ Cherbal KHOUCHABA somehow manages to hold the ball despite having four Magenta players around him, eventually winning a free kick

17′ Lupe scramble back to cover and manage to dampen the attack which results in a lightly struck shot which MATAGI collects

17′ Poor clearance from MATAGI puts his side under pressure as POULAWA picks up the ball on the edge of the box

15′ Another big challenge from POULAWA while on attack and it’s Lupe’s ball

13′ Lupe defender Vaalii FAALOGO has taken a knock but is able to carry on

11′ Bird VAGAIA puts pressure on Jelen IXOEE to clear quickly

10′ AS Magenta are pressing high in the Lupe area but as the cross comes in it’s Samuel MALO working overtime to get the ball forward

5′ Gwenael POULAWA with a foul in the Lupe Ole Soaga box hands possession back to the Samoan side

4′ GOAL!!! LUP 0-1 MAG | Nicolas MARIN lifts the ball over the wall and the keeper into the top left corner to open the scoring

4′ Free kick for AS Magenta just inside the Lupe Ole Soaga penalty area

3′ A decent ball is popped through for MARIN but the keeper Faalavelave MATAGI gets there first

2′ Former St Etienne import Nicolas MARIN attempts to bring the ball up the right but can’t keep it in play

1′ Underway at Numa Daly for tonight’s second Group A match

Match Officials:
Referee: Roger ADAMS (PNG)
Assistant Referee 1: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Glen LOCHRIE (NZL)
Fourth Official: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)

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