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Madang 3-7 Central Sport

Madang's Jacob Sabua in action for PNG. Image: OFC via Phototek

Central Sport have beaten Madang FC 7-3 in the opening match of the 2017 OFC Champions League.

Madang FC: 1. Glen AGAT (GK), 3. Nigel MALAGIAN, 4. Don ANGONGI, 5. Langarap SAMOL, 6. Samuel KINI, 7. Maximillion SENGUM, 9. Patrick AISA, 11. Vanya MALAGIAN, 13. Hanson TOPIO, 16. Papalau AWELE, 17. Jacob SABUA
Substitutes: 8. Solomon MAPAI, 10. Eliuda POHEI, 12. Darren STEVEN, 14. Michael TOLE, 15. Vincent WAROI,  18. Stahl GUBAG, 19. Steven INIA, 20. Kusuga KOMOLONG (GK), 21. Maskulan PULUNG, 23. Leehan MANASEH (GK)

Coach: Francis MOYAP [PNG]

AS Central Sport: 1. Bruno TETUANUI (GK) (C), 4. Teiki KANANOU, 7. Efrain ARANEDA, 9. Matatia PAAMA, 10. Manuarii HAUATA, 13. Diego CIFUENTES, 15. Cesar CASTILLO, 20. Jay WARREN, 23. Raimana DHALLUIN, 25. Sergio SANDOVAL, 30. Fenedy MASAUVAKALO
Substitutes: 2. Kensi TANGIS, 3. Stephane FAATIARAU, 5. Teheiarii TAUPOTINI, 6. Gaetan SANCHEZ, 8. Miguel ESTAY, 12. Manutahi TETARIA, 16. Vaiarii HALLIGAN (GK), 18. Anipea TAATA, 21, Fred TISSOT, 22. Valdo YAKEULA

Coach: Cyril KLOSEK [FRA]

FULL-TIME | Madang 3-7 Central Sport

90’+5′ GOAL!!! Madang 3-7 Central Sport | Miguel ESTAY fires in a late one

90’+4′ Madang is looking to pull closer in line but they may just run out of time

90′ A minimum of five minutes additional time

88′ Madang win a free kick and loop it towards goal but TETUANUI saves

86′ Madang on a break away courtesy of Solomon MAPAI but Central win the ball back through Raimana DHALLUIN

85′ GOAL!!! Madang 3-6 Central Sport | Nigel MALAGIAN fires left as TETUANUI dives the opposite direction

84′ PENALTY | The referee points to the spot after a Madang player is brought down in the box

83′ Madang deep in their opponents half causing trouble

81′ GOAL!!! Madang 2-6 Central Sport | Kensi TANGIS is part of a four-pronged attack that eventuates in his first goal of the tournament

80′ Fred TISSOT sends centre – the shot is saved but fumbled by AGAT before CASTILLO fires wide

78′ GOAL!!! Madang  2-5 Central Sport | Eliuda POHEI finds the back of the net against the run of play

70′ SUB CEN | Efrain ARANEDA is replaced by Miguel ESTAY

70′ SUB MDG | Vanya MALAGIAN makes room for Eliuda POHEI


69′ SUB MDG | Double change for Madang as Solomon MAPAI comes in for Papalau AWELE and Nigel MALAGIAN is replaced by Vincent WARIO

68′ Hanson TOPIO sends over the backline but Diego CIFUENTES clears

66′ SUB CEN | Kensi TANGIS comes on for Teiki KANANOU

66′ Madang make an advance but they fire over the target

64′ GOAL!!! Madang 1-5 Central Sport | Fred TISSOT fires past AGAT just minutes after coming on

60′ SUB CEN | Fred TISSOT replaces the hard-working Jay WARREN

59′ A hefty challenge on HAUATA could be dangerous for Madang’s Don ANGONGI but the referee opts to give him another chance

58′ GOAL!!! Madang 1-4 Central Sport | Cesar CASTILLO puts the finishing touch on an excellent team build up from Central

56′ GOAL!!! Madang 1-3 Central Sport | Sergio SANDOVAL has his initial shot blocked by the keeper but he can’t hold on and it dribbles over the line

55′ Fenedy MASAUVAKALO uses his body to shield the ball from the Madang attack

54′ YELLOW CARD | A challenge on Sergio SANDOVAL earns Max SENGUM a caution

53′ Madang have four players crowding Matatia PAAMA off the ball. They counter but it’s an easy collect for TETUANUI

52′ Papalau AWELE finds himself in the opposition box going 1v1 with Bruno TETUANUI but fires off-target

51′ Defending is sound from Don ANGONGI but the hussle from Manuarii HAUATA sees him win back

49′ RED CARD | Jacob SABUA receives a second caution and with it his marching orders for a challenge in the middle of the park

47′ Big challenge from Samuel KINI to close down HAUATA

46′ Back underway at Stade Numa Daly and Central are in control

HALF-TIME | Madang FC 1-2 Central Sport

45’+1′ GOAL!!! MDG 1-2 CEN | Diego CIFUENTES is lurking at the back post to put the free kick from PAAMA into the back of the net

45′ YELLOW CARD | Jacob SABUA is cautioned

45′ Tidy backheel from PAAMA for CASTILLO to scoop up but he has his feet taken out from under him by acob SABUA

43′ Madang causing trouble for Central before an ambitious shot from Hanson TOPIO is fired in the wrong direction

42′ Free kick for Madang is taken short but it’s well read by CASTILLO who halts the attack

41′ Raimana DHALLUIN opts to play back to TETUANUI who clears upfield

40′ Jay WARREN goes down injured in a challenge but play continues around him

38′ GOAL!!! MDG 1-1 CEN | The pressure pays off for Central as Cesar CASTILLO finishes past a diving AGAT

37′ Central have Madang under pressure in their final third with a series of on target passes

35′ Powerful shot from the edge of the area by CASTILLO is just tipped over the cross bar by AGAT

34′ Incredibly unlucky for Central as the move the ball around their opponents penalty area with pace but can’t quite get the sought after finish

32′ Jay WARREN places the ball through the backline for MATATIA who has his shot blocked by Nigel MALAGIAN for a corner

30′ Fantastic effort from HAUATA really tests the keeper who just manages to smother

27′ WATER BREAK | The ref takes advantage of the break in play to give the players time for a water break

26′ YELLOW CARD | Samuel KINI is cautioned for Madang

24′ A brilliant solo effort in the box from Paplau AWELE as he cuts inside the defender and unleashes a powerful shot that rattles the bottom of the cross bar but doesn’t bounce over the line

23′ Central pushing further and further up the field as they search for an equaliser

19′ YELLOW CARD | Don ANGONGI is cautioned for Madang

18′ AGAT puts his body on the line as he blocks a close range effort from CASTILLO

17′ Cross comes in from Matatia PAAMA who acknowledges it could have been better as AGAT dives to claim

14′ The corner is well struck by Efrain ARENEDA but the lurking Manuarii HAUATA just heads it wide

12′ Ball is dropped in at the edge of the six yard box for CASTILLO to try and put away but he’s too short and Nigel MALAGIAN clears

11′ Big challenge from CASTILLO sees Jacob SABUA take a tumble but Madang can’t hold possession following the free kick

9′ A clash in Central’s half as both Jay WARREN and Don ANGONGI leap for the same high ball

7′ Central are on attack with the side making every effort to try and put Matatia PAAMA through

6′ Keeper Glen AGAT slides out to make a save with Cesar CASTILLO bearing down

4′ YELLOW CARD | Madang’s Nigel MALAGIAN is cautioned for a challenge on his opponent

2′ GOAL!!! Madang 1-0 Central Sport |  Vanya MALAGIAN fires past Bruno TETUANUI from the spot to give Madang an early lead

1′ Referee Campbell-Kirk WAUGH is pointing to the spot following a foul in the box

1′ Underway with Madang taking the kick-off

Match Officials:
Referee: Campbell-Kirk WAUGH (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Mark RULE (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Jeffery SOLODIA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Hamilton SIAU (SOL)

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