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Magenta 2-2 Team Wellington

AS Magenta and Team Wellington ahead of the 2016 semi-final. Credit: OFC via Phototek

There was plenty of drama at Stade Numa Daly as Magenta and Team Wellington played out a 2-2 draw.

AS Magenta: 1. Steeve IXOEE (GK), 2. Jean-Christ WAJOKA, 3. Jean Brice WADRIAKO, 5. Jeremie DOKUNENGO (C), 6. Kevin MAITRAN, 8. Shene WELEPANE, 9. Gwena POULAWA, 11. Kevin NEMIA, 14. Nicholas MARIN, 15. Didier SIMANE, 18. Poameno WILSEN
Substitutes: 4. Gregory TARAMOIN, 7. Joseph ATHALE, 13. Yorick HNAUTRA, 16. Eric HENESSEWENE, 17. Pierrot JELEWED, 20. Bill NICHOLLS, 30. Mickael ULILE (GK)
Suspended: 10. Joerisse CEXOME

Coach: Alain MOIZAN (FRA)

Team Wellington: 1. Scott BASALAJ (GK), 2. Justin GULLEY, 4. Guillermo MORETTI, 5. Bill ROBERTSON (C), 7. Leo VILLA, 9. Tom JACKSON, 12. Andy BEVIN, 15. Joel STEVENS, 16. Ben HARRIS, 19. Joshua MARGETTS, 21. Niko KIRWAN
Substitutes: 6. Taylor SCHRIJVERS, 10. Nathanael HAILEMARIAM, 11. Mario BARCIA, 17. Sam BLACKBURN, 18. Nicolas ZAMBRANO, 23. James McPEAKE (GK)

Coach: Jose FIGUEIRA (ENG)

FULL TIME | Magenta 2-2 Team Wellington 

90’+2′ GOAL!!! Magenta 2-2 Team Wellington | Nicolas MARIN places it out of BASALAJ’S reach from the spot

90’+1′ YELLOW CARD | Mario BARCIA handles the ball in the box and it’s a penalty for Magenta

90′ A minimum of three minutes additional time

90′ IXOEE tested but he manages to tip the ball over the goal

89′ SUB MAG | Poameno WILSEN is replaced by Eric HENESSEWEN

87′ Magenta just skim over the cross bar with an effort

83′ A free kick awarded to Wellington deep in the right corner is curled in by VILLA and IXOEE is taken out as he claims

82′ SUB WEL | Joel STEVENS is replaced by Sam BLACKBURN

81′ GOAL!!! Magenta 1-2 Team Wellington | Andy BEVIN is at the back post to head in a ball that tips just over the keeper

80′ The advance from Magenta is swift, but MORETTI again puts in a good effort at the back to turnover

78′ Bill NICHOLLS with a powerful run forward, his shot is just blocked away by MORETTI

75′ SUB WLG | Nathanael HAILEMARIAM comes in for Josh MARGETTS

73′ YELLOW CARD | Leo VILLA with a challenge on WILSEN that earns a caution

71′ SUB MAG | Bill NICHOLLS replaces Gwenael POULAWA

71′ SUB WLG | Niko KIRWAN makes room for Mario BARCIA

68′ ATHALE sets an attack in motion but some backtracking and hustle on the left from Wellington keeps them out

67′ WOW! The chip from JACKSON has IXOEE beaten it hits the crossbar and the follow up is sent over the empty goal

66′ BASALAJ comes off his line but doesn’t get a clean punch, the ball spirals back towards the goalmouth but is cleared

64′ SUB MAG | Joseph ATHALE replaced the hardworking Shene WELEPANE

63′ YELLOW CARD | Nicholas MARIN is cautioned after he fouls and follows up with dissent

61′ BASALAJ has to punch out for a corner after a powerful effort comes at this top left corner

60′ GOAL!!! Magenta 1-1 Team Wellington | Tom JACKSON sends the ball past IXOEE from the spot

60′ This is Wellington’s chance as they’re awarded a penalty

58′ The ball is hooked around a player beautifully by Shene WELEPANE for a moving MARIN but the Frenchman can’t quite make it – great idea though

57′ IXOEE has to dive on a loose ball and is almost taken out by his own player

56′ JACKSON hits side-net but it doesn’t matter that he’s missed as the flag has already been raised

55′ STEVENS with a weaving run through the middle, pokes the ball through for BEVIN and the flag goes up

53′ Jelen IXOEE forced to make a save after a powerful effort from Wellington

51′ Some great defending from Team Wellington as Magenta heap the pressure on in their opponent’s area

48′ BASALAJ with a great first save and then the follow up is fortunately fired wide as he’s out of position

46′ Back underway with Team Wellington kicking off the second half

HALF-TIME | AS Magenta 1-0 Team Wellington

42′ Wellington under a lot of pressure here as Magenta pass in and around the box, the shot eventually comes from DOKUNENGO who sends it over

40′ HARRIS is fuming when he goes down in a chase and there’s no foul awarded

39′ WILSEN and KIRWAN both go in hard for a 50-50 ball and both come out with knocks

38′ MARIN with a great shot on goal that is stopped short by BASALAJ

37′ Tom JACKSON and Ben HARRIS both in the Magenta box for Wellington but every effort is blocked

36′ A decent build-up from Magenta tests the opposing defence but BASALAJ eventually claims

35′ WAJOKA throws long for Gwenael POULAWA but the striker can’t keep it in

34′ A corner for Magenta after GULLEY has to slide in and put the ball out

32′ Another very near miss over the crossbar from Team Wellington

31′ Charging challenge from Poameno WILSEN on Andy BEVIN who picks up a free kick

30′ STEVENS has again been left alone out the left, he tries to bring the ball down on the sideline but can’t keep it in

29′ STEVENS is waiting for the flick over the back line and it finally comes but too late as he’s already drifted offside

25′ WAJOKA and STEVENS unlikely to be friends at the end of this encounter after a couple of iffy challenges from both

24′ NEMIA is 1v1 with BASALAJ and fires it straight at the keeper who blocks the shot

24′ An excellent run from Josh MARGETTS but he lets the ball get a little too far ahead and it’s played upfield

23′ Referee Kader ZITOUNI has come across to talk to Magenta coach Alain MOIZAN and there’s a lot of gesticulating from both parties

22′ BEVIN has switched sides and receives a great ball out top but as he plays it back it’s intercepted

19′ Well struck corner from Magenta skims the face of the goal mouth and BASALAJ punches out the other side

17′ Ben HARRIS with his back to goal, he tries to turn but instead sends wide for Andy BEVIN who is offside

16′ Jean Brice WADRIAKO heads upfield to clear and sends it straight to ROBINSON’s feet

14′ Excellent free kick curled into the box by Leo VILLA and somehow cleared off the line by a defender

13′ NEMIA with a foul on KIRWAN as they both leap to claim a lob

11′ Shene WALEPANE proving quite disruptive on attack as he manages to find gaps where you think there aren’t any

10′ Kevin NEMIA chases a long ball but between Bill ROBERTSON and GULLEY, Wellington have it covered

9′ Niko KIRWAN picks out a lone STEVENS who brings the ball down on the edge of the area but Jean-Christ WAJOKA is there to put out

8′ Wellington are pressing very high on their opponents as they attempt to win possession

6′ GOAL!!! Magenta 1-0 Team Wellington | Kevin NEMIA puts his side ahead with a low shot past Scott BASALAJ

5′ STEVENS is back in the game as Magenta prepare for a goal kick

4′ Joel STEVENS has taken a very heavy knock and goes down slowly clutching his stomach

3′ Magenta under pressure at the back as Jeremie DOKUNENGO has to clear under a lot of pressure from Ben HARRIS

2′ Some great triangles between Nicholas MARIN and Didier SIMANE that almost beats the line

1′ A long throw front and centre of the Wellington goal but Justin GULLEY has it well covered and clears

1′ The home side gets us underway here at Numa Daly!

Match Officials:
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Folio MOEAKI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Hilmon SESE (VAN)
Fourth Official: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)

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