Magenta 4-2 Central Sport

Nicolas Marin of AS Magenta. Image: Alain Vartane

Magenta has taken the lead in Group A of the OFC Champions League after a 4-2 win over Central Sport of Tahiti this evening.


AS Magenta: 1. Steeve IXOEE (GK), 2. Jean-Christ WAJOKA, 3. Jean Brice WADRIAKO,  5. Jeremie DOKUNENGO (C), 6. Kevin MAITRAN, 7. Joseph ATHALE,   11. Kevin NEMIA, 13. Yorick HNAUTRA, 14. Nicholas MARIN, 15. Didier SIMANE, 16. Eric HENESSEWENE
Substitutes: 29. Victor MESSEAUD (GK),  30. Mickael ULILE (GK),4. Gregory TARAMOIN,9. Gwena POULAWA, 10. Joerisse CEXOME,12. Yorick IEKAWE, 17. Pierrot JELEWED,18. Wilsen POAMENO,19. Marek AUCHER, 21. Kevin LOLOHEA,20. Bill NICHOLLS, 8. Tado WELEPANE

Coach: Alain MOIZAN [FRA]

AS Central Sport: 1. Bruno TETUANUI (GK) (C),  4. Teiki KANANOU, 8. Miguel ESTAY, 9. Matatia PAAMA, 10. Manuarii HAUATA,  13. Diego CIFUENTES, 15. Cesar CASTILLO, 20. Jay WARREN 23. Raimana DHALLUIN, 24. Sergio SANDOVAL, 30. Fenedy MASAUVAKALO
Substitutes:  2. Kensi TANGIS, 3. Stephane FAATIARAU,  5. Teheiarii TAUPOTINI,  6. Gaetan SANCHEZ, 12. Manutahi TETARIA,  16. Vaiarii HALLIGAN (GK), 18. Anipea TAATA,, 21, Fred TISSOT, 22. Valdo YAKEULA
Injured: 7. Efrain ARANEDA

Coach: Cyril KLOSEK [FRA]

FULL TIME| AS Magenta 4-2 Central Sport

90+2 A long shot from Jean-Christ WAJOKA falls on Kevin NEMIA but he outs its over

90+1 Four minutes additional time

90’+1 RED CARD CEN |Fred TISSOT is sent off for a second cautionable offence

90′ RED CARD MAG| Kevin MAITRAN gets his marching orders after recieving a second caution

87′ Nicholas MARIN wins a free kick

86′ Nicholas MARIN caught offside

81′ SUBS CEN | Teiki KANANOU is replaced by  Manutahi TETARIA

80′ GOAL !!! AS Magenta 4-2 Central Sport| Nicholas MARIN finds the net from the spot with a powerful kick which catchest goalkeeper Bruno TETUANUI stunned.

79 ‘YELLOW CARD CEN |Fred TISSOT is cautioned by referee Joel HOPKEN

77′ GOAL !!! AS Magenta 3-2 Central Sport| Marek AUCHER puts Magenta into the lead after getting a through pass from Nicholas MARIN

76′ The game resumes after the break with Magengta throw in


73′ Central gets a corner kick

71′ SUB CEN | Raimana DHALLUIN is replaced by Kensi TANGIS

70′ Joseph ATHALE takes a free kick and its cleared out of danger by Central defense

67′ Fred TISSOT gets his first touch walk into the box but is destructed by the defense

66′ SUB CEN | Fred TISSOT goes in for Jay WARREN

64′ Tado WELEPANE takes a powerful shot but it goes is easily read by Bruno TETUANUI

63′ SUB MAG | Yorick HNAUTRA is replaced by Marek AUCHER

60′ Cesar CASTILLO tries to sneak through but is stopped on his way

56′ SUB MAG | Goal scorer Eric HENESSEWENE is replaced by Tado WELEPANE

55′ GOAL!!! AS Magenta 2-2 Central Sport| Eric HENESSEWENE finds the net after receiving a neat cross from Nicholas MARIN giving fans something to cheer for

54′ Nicholas MARIN fails to hit the target with his free kick

53′ Didier SIMANE wins a free kick just at the edge of the penalty box

50′ YELLOW CARD CEN | Manuarii HAUATA is booked for a foul on Jean-Christ WAJOKA

50′ Nicholas MARIN looks for a through pass to Kevin NEMIA but its cleared by Teiki KANANOU

48″ Nicholas MARIN takes a free kick but its not read well by the strikers

47′ Kevin NEMIA puts behind the goalkeeper but he is caught offside

46″ The second half gets underway at Stade Numa Daly

HALF TIME | AS Magenta 1-2 Central Sport

45’+3 Kevin NEMIA takes another powerful shot but its read well by goalkeeper Bruno TETUANUI

45’+2 Cesar CASTILLO walks into the box but he has no power in his kick and is easily collected by goalkeeper Steeve IXOEE

45″ Three minutes extra time added

44′ Central could get their 3rd goal but Magenta defender clears it away

43′ Kevin NEMIA takes a power full shot which hits the cross bar and cleared by Central defense

42′ Central gets a free kick just outside their box

41′ GOAL!!! AS Magenta 1-2 Central Sport| Matatia PAAMA takes the spot kick and puts it in the back of the net

39′ Penalty to Central after a foul by goalkeeper on Manuarii HAUATA

37′ Joseph ATHALE takes the free kick it hits the defense and goes out of play for throw in

36′ Jean Brice WADRIAKO tries to go through into the penalty box but his fouled and Magenta gets  a free kick

35′ Kevin NEMIA sneaks through the defense but there is no one to finish it off

33′  Matatia PAAMA looses possession and Magenta gets a out throw

32 ‘Cesar CASTILLO is caught offside

31’ Central gest a free kick just few meters away from the 18 yard but Fenedy MASAUVAKALO kick goes out of play

30″ Central is putting up pressure on Magenta defense

28′ GOAL!!! AS Magenta 1-1 Central Sport | Matatia PAAMA gets the equaliser after IXOEE failed to grip the ball which landed on the foot of Paama and blasted it into the goal.

25′ Raimana DHALLUIN pumps a long drive into Magenta territory but Magenta  clears it away

24′ Kevin NEMIA walks his way through two defenders but the ball goes out of play

22′ Nicholas MARIN takes a shot at goal and is easily collected by Bruno TETUANUI

21′ Central gets free kick on far left side and a corner kick awarded with touch on Magenta defender

19′ Eric HENESSEWENE had an opportunity to get his name on score sheet but his attempt sails over the goal mouth

17′ Central’s Cesar CASTILLO and a Magenta defender are down injured after a collission

16′ Matatia PAAMA tries to get the target buthis powerful shot is saved by GK Steeve IXOEE

14′ YELLOW CARD | Jay Warren is also cautioned

14′ YELLOW CARD | Eric HENESSEWENE is cautioned by referee

11′ GOAL!!! AS Magenta 1-0 Central Sport| Nicholas MARIN gets Magenta into lead with a neat finish after receiving a pass from left flank.

8′ A long drive from Yorick HNAUTRA is headed back to the goalkeeper by  Jean-Christ WAJOKA

7′ Magenta gets their first corner kick but its is cleared out of the box

6′ Kevin NEMIA walks into the penalty box and has only goalkeeper to beat but he fails to finish it

4′ 14. Nicholas MARIN takes a free kick just outside the penalty box but it hits the wall and takes another shot and it is cleared by Central defense

3′ Central gets a free kick in the Magenta territory and  20. Jay WARREN’s kick is punched by goalkeeper Steeve IXOEE

2′ Goalkeeper Steeve IXOEE gest his first touch

1′ The match gets underway at Stade Numa Daly with Magenta taking the move

Match Officials
Referee: Joel HOPKEN [VAN]
Assistant Referee 1: Bernard MUTUKERA [SOL]
Assistant Referee 2: Mark RULE [NZL]
Fourth Official: Roger ADAMS [PNG]

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