Marist 4-2 Rewa

Rewa's Iosefo Verevou in action for Fiji. Image: FIFA via Getty Images


Marist have beaten a nine-man Rewa 4-2 to claim an opening victory in the OFC Champions League.

Marist FC: 1. Phillip MANGO (GK), 2. James EGETA, 3. Michael BOSO, 4. Andre RIBEIRO MOROSINI, 5. Jeffery BULE (C), 6. Koriak UPAIGA, 7. Atkin KAUA, 8. Timothy BAKALE, 9. Guilherme SOARES GUEDES DE FREITAS, 11. Abraham INIGA, 17. Djair VEIGA FRANCISO JNR
Substitutes: 10. Rueben DOUGLAS, 12. Zantas KABINI (GK), 13. Robert LAUA, 14. Martin SALEIMANU, 18. Tutizama TANITO, 20. Joel PAKA, 23. Thomas TALOGA
Coach: Juliano SCHMELING (BRA)

Rewa FC: 1. Simione TAMANISAU (GK), 2. Peniame DROVA, 6. Deigo GALVAO, 8. Marcelo TANNUS, 9. Iosefo VEREVOU, 11. Madhwan GOUNDER, 13. Kohei MATSUMOTO, 14. Epeli SAUKURU, 15. Elias SILVA, 16. Amani MAKOE, 20. Samuela KAUTOGA
Substitutes: 3. Lorima DAU, 4. Josateki TAMUDU, 5. Mitieli MANUKA, 7. Usaia TADAU, 10. Savenaca NAKALEVU, 12. Tevita WARANAIVALU, 17. Posiano KALISITO, 18. Taione KEREVANUA, 19. Vuniuni TIKOMAIMEREKE, 21. Manasa WAQAVOU (GK)
Coach: Marika RODU (FIJ)

FULL-TIME | Marist 4-2 Rewa

90’+4′ Corner for Rewa as they attempt to pull one more back, and TAMANISAU has come right up the field to support

90’+4′ A free kick for Rewa this time a little further off the top of the box

90’+2′ GOAL!!! MAR 4-2 REW | GUEDES with a cheeky backheel flick past TAMANISAU 

90’+1′ SUB MAR | Robert LAUA comes in for Abraham INGIA 

90′ A minimum of four minutes additional time

89′ GOAL!!! MAR 3-2 REW | Well hit by Amani MAKOE who slices a powerful ball through the wall and under the outstretched arm of MANGO

88′ Foul again from Marist off the top of their area and after SILVA came very close with the last one he’ll be expecting to do better this time

87′ SUB MAR | BAKALE makes room for Thomeas TALOGA

85′ SUB REW | Third and final change for Rewa as Marcelo JUNIOR is replaced by Savenaca NAKALEVU

84′ With Rewa down to nine players this task just got a lot harder, however they’ve earned a free kick 10m off the opposition box

80′ RED CARD | Deigo MAXIMO gets a straight red after dropping an arm across the face of GUEDES

79′ GUEDES tangles with his fellow countryman MAXIMO with the latter picking up a free kick

77′ MANGO races off his line to claim a long ball and sends his team back up the other end of the field

75′ YELLOW CARD | A late challenge from Diego MAXIMO earns him a caution

74′ SILVA with a powerful shot that flies just wide of the post

72′ Rewa on attack but they’re struggling to break down a fairly solid pack of Marist defenders

71′ GOAL!!! MAR 3-1 REW | GUEDES beats three, plays middle for Timothy BAKALE who fires in a third

71′ Marist on attack with a great advance from GUEDES into the box

68′ SUB REW | Kohei MATSUMOTO is replaced by Tevita WARANAIVALU

67′ GOAL!!! MAR 2-1 REW | Guilherme GUEDES makes no mistake from the spot, converting the penalty to return the lead to Marist

66′ RED CARD | Peniame DROVA is given his marching orders 

65′ SUB REW | Iosefo VEREVOU makes room for Taione KEREVANUA

65′ The whistle sounds just before SILVA puts the ball in the top of the net for Rewa

64′ Rewa on attack and a low drive from KAUTOGA is sent in but claimed by MANGO

63′ Andre MOROSINI sends in a blinding free kick and TAMANISAU has to leap over numbers to punch clear

62′ YELLOW CARD | Peniame DROVA is cautioned for Rewa

62′ SILVA very comfortable on the ball but he’s struggling to find options

60′ A save off the goal line at the other end as KAUTOGA puts in a great cross

59′ Atkin KAUA makes a stunning break and has TAMANISAU beat only for Kohei MATSUMOTO to block the shot in the goal mouth

58′ BOSO gets a toe to the ball to distrupt Rewa’s flow and Marist manage a turnover

56′ YELLOW CARD | Guilherme GUEDES is cautioned for Marist

55′ TAMANISAU drops the ball into the opposition box but Koriak UPAIGA covers the goal well and clears

53′ MANGO doesn’t make a clean save first time off a shot from SAUKURU but scrambles well to claim

52′ KAUA breaks and looks to lay the ball through for BAKALE however a foot from Diego MAXIMO denies him

50′ YELLOW CARD | A caution for Marist’s Timothy BAKALE

48′ YELLOW CARD | Marcelo JUNIOR is cautioned after a foul on Guilherme GUEDES right in front of the fourth official

46′ SILVA finds Iosefo VEREVOU in front of goal but the striker can’t finish

46′ Back underway at Stade Pater for the second half

HALF-TIME | Marist 1-1 Rewa

45′ A minimum of one minute additional time

44′ GOAL!!! MAR 1-1 REW | Marcelo JUNIOR with a delightful solo effort chipped around MANGO

40′ The ball rolls slowly past the Rewa upright in what is almost an own goal

38′ KAUA put through on the right but the flag goes up

34′ Marist counter attack but a poor touch from KAUA followed by a similarly bad first touch from INIGA sees Rewa take control

33′ Free kick for Rewa to teh left of the area after a foul on SILVA

32′ Shot from SILVA is tipped over the cross bar by a leaping MANGO

31′ Guilherme GUEDES is injured in a challenge and the free kick is lofted into the area but cleared by Samuela KAUTOGA

30′ MANGO comes out of his area to clear

28′ Marcelo JUNIOR Does well to hold onto the ball and makes a penetrating run through the middle

27′ MANGO pushes the ball wide and it’s cleared by BOSO to send the danger away

24′ Well-taken free kick that has Simione TAMANISAU diving but Abraham INIGA is off-side for the follow up

23′ Foul on Djair VEIGA on the edge of the box and Marist has a chance

21′ SILVA heads in to Epeli SAUKURU in front of the Rewa goal but he slices it wide of the target

20′ MANGO lets SILVA come to him on the goal line before claiming

18′ James EGETA plays a free kick short for BOSO who sends it upfield

15′ Marcelo JUNIOR makes a great advance up the left for Rewa before Andre MOROSINI forces it out for a throw

13′ Amani MAKOE takes a knock and has to leave the pitch as he’s bleeding from the head

11′ Koriak UPAIGA in control at the back but is forced to put out as Epeli SAUKURU applies pressure

10′ Phillip MANGO with a save, he sends it upfield and it’s brought down by Rewa who quickly counter attack

8′ Iosefo VEREVOU is working hard through the middle, he sends to SILVA who tries to send centre but it’s nicked by Marist

6′ The long ball is popped to Elias SILVA who is fouled by Michael BOSO

6′ Rewa passing around in the back as they try to find a passage out

3′ GOAL!!! MAR 1-0 REW | Andre MOROSINI finishes a free kick with style to put Marist ahead early

2′ Atkin KAUA tries to cut the ball back into the middle for Timothy BAKALE but Rewa cut in to claim

1′ Rewa gets us underway at Stade Pater

Match Officials
Referee: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: John PAREANGA (COK)
Assistant Referee 2: Mark WHITEHEAD (NZL)
Fourth Official: Campbell-Kirk WAUGH (NZL)

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