New Caledonia just squeezed in a 3-2 win over Papua New Guinea at Stade Mahina in the opening match of the OFC U-17 Championship in Tahiti.

New Caledonia: 20. Unë KECINE (GK), 3. Titouan RICHARD, 4. Kiam WANESSE, 5. Cameron WADENGES, 6. Abiezer JENO, 7. Raymond LUEWADRIA, 8. Cyril NYIPIE, 11. Paul GOPE-FENEPEJ, 12. Bernard IWA, 16. Pierre BAKO, 18. Robert CAIHE.
Substitutes: 1. Germain ITA (GK), 2. Josuah HLEMU, 9. Vita LONGUE, 10. Lionel THAHNAENA, 13. RAOUL WENISSO, 14. Japhet QAEZE, 15. Ezeckiel TAOUAVAMA, 17. Jean-Pierre ENOKA, 19. Henri KAPOERI.

Coach: Michel CLARQUE (NCL)

Papua New Guinea: 20. Graham BERIGAMI (GK), 3. Kimson KAPAI, 4. Sylvester LUKE, 5. Freeman GIWI, 7. Emmanuel SIMONGI, 8. Aben PUKUE, 11. Yagi YASASA, 12. Ricky WADUNAH, 16. Jonathan ALLEN, 17. Dopson NOI, 19. Abraham ALLEN.
Substitutes: 1. Charley NINGIKAU (GK), 2. Milton BIWA, 6. Samuel DETNOM, 9. Barthy KEROBIN, 10. Oberth SIMON, 13. Thomas KONGRAGLE, 14. Emmanuel YOPIYOPI, 15. Dunstan JEFFEREY, 18. Wolfram KOB.

Coach: Harrison KAMAKE (PNG)

FULL-TIME: New Caledonia 3-2 Papua New Guinea

90’+4′ A great ball is played by Robert CAIHE for Vita LONGUE but the flag goes up

90’+3′ GOAL!!! NCL 3-2 PNG |  Bernard IWA converts from the spot to send NCL back into the lead

90’+1′ A great run into the box from captain Abiezer JENO before he’s taken down in the box and a penalty is awarded

90′ Five minutes additional time

90′ Papua New Guinea with the best chances as the clock ticks down

89′ SUB NCL | Lionel THAHNAENA comes in for Cyril NYIPIE

88′ A great break from PNG as they have the NCL defence running in circles before a deflection sees the shot go over

87′ SUB PNG | Abraham ALLEN is replaced by Emmanuel YOPIYOPI

85′ Barthy KEROBIN takes the dead ball and fires it well over the cross bar

84′ YELLOW CARD | Abiezer JENO is cautioned for New Caledonia

84′ Dangerous territory for the Francophones as they give away a free kick on the edge of their penatly area

83′ Pierre BAKO goes directly for goal but he’s well off-target

82′ Free kick for New Caledonia as Titouan RICHARD is brought down by KAPAI

80′ Great play from ALLEN who beats two men to lay off to Barthy KEROBIN out wide, his chip at the back post almost falls inside the upright

79′ A lazy foot in from Kimson KAPAI brings down Cyril NYIPIE and NCL are lining up a free kick

77′ An excellent run into the box by Jonathan ALLEN requires two defenders to slow him down


75′ Free kick from Pierre BAKO is lofted in at the back post but it’s inches over the cross bar

74′ Cross drops in front of goal for NYIPIE but his header goes over the cross bar

73′ Papua New Guinea with a long throw into the penalty area but it’s overturned and a swift counter attack is launched by Cyril NYIPIE

71′ SUB NCL | Paul GOPE-FENEPEJ is replaced by Vita LONGUE

67′ YELLOW CARD | Oberth SIMON receives a caution for that tackle

67′ Crunching challenge from Oberth SIMON leaves Abiezer JENO writhing

64′ GOAL!!! NCL 2-2 PNG | Super-sub Barthy KEROBIN with a stunning equaliser to make this anyone’s game

63′ BERIGAMI sends upfield and New Caledonia are on the backfoot as their opponents apply pressure

61′ SUB PNG | Yagi YASASA is replaced by Oberth SIMON

59′ New Caledonia’s Cyril Nyipie fires the ball at goal but Papua New Guinea’s Graham Berigami jumps and punches the ball out for the corner.

57′ Titouan Richard runs the ball down the wing all the way to the goal line but Papua New Guinea’s Graham Berigami runs out and dives on the ball.

56′ SUB NCL | Raymond Luewadria makes room for Raoul Wenisso.

55′ Ricky Wadunah has an attempt but the ball bounces of the New Caledonia backline giving Papua New Guinea the corner.

54′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul from Jonathan Allen.

53′ Robert Caihe sends a ball down the line to Titouan Richard but he can’t get a foot to the ball before it goes out of play.

51′ Paul Gope-Fenepej chases a through ball but Papua New Guinea’s Graham Berigami runs out of his box and makes the clearance.

47′ YELLOW CARD Cyril NYIPIE is cautioned for a tackle in the Papua New Guinea box. 

46′ Back underway in Stade Mahina and New Caledonia are applying early pressure

HALF-TIME | New Caledonia 2-1 Papua New Guinea

45’+3′ New Caledonia on attack but GOPE-FENEPEJ can’t connect with RICHARD

45’+1′ Bernard IWA earns a talking to from George TIME this time after a big tackle on Abraham ALLEN

45′ Four minutes of additional time

45′ Nice series of passes from PNG up the right flank but they can’t get past Kiam WANESSE

44′ Barthy KEROBIN is lucky to escape with just a verbal warning for his late challenge on Une KECINE

42′ GOPE-FENEPEJ takes a knock and earns a free kick for the trouble

40′ Sliding challenge from Cyril NYIPIE earns a free kick for PNG

38′ A free kick for PNG on the left edge of the box is fired over the goal

36′ SUB PNG | Aben PUKUE is replaced by Barthy KEROBIN

35′ GOAL!!! NCL 2-1 PNG | Kimson KAPAI looks like he’s sending a long ball from the half – suprisingly he’s on target to bring PNG back into the game

34′ Play resumes with PNG on attack


31′ GOAL!!! NCL 2-0 PNG | A well timed pass from RICHARD is played in behind the kepper by Paul GOPE-FENEPEJ

30 Abiezer JENO bashes the ball at goal and BERIGAMI has to tip it away from the target

29′ Free kick blasted directly into the PNG wall by NYIPIE

28′ GOPE-FENEPEJ in control of the ball but needs support in order for New Caledonia to apply pressure at the back

26′ Cyril NYIPIE wins the ball and starts a counter up the left before being halted by Sylvester LUKE

24′ An exquisite touch from Emmanuel SIMONGI to prevent the ball getting to GOPE-FENEPEJ right in front of goal

23′ Swift counter attack from PNG and an excellent cross almost sees the earlier goal equalled.

22′ Titouan RICHARD is taking down in a crunching challenge after New Caledonia make a great break up the left

21′ Excellent defending from Bernard IWA on the right for New Caledonia – he wins a free kick after Jonathan ALLEN brings him down

19′ GOPE-FENEPEJ brings the ball down and tries to play LUEWADRIA through but PNG keep things tight at the back

17′ Free kick for New Caledonia is looped high but doesn’t drop kindly for either side

15′ New Caledonia with a free kick 30m in front of goal and although they clear the wall, Graham BERIGAMI is waiting to claim

14′ Poor clearance from LUEWADRIA forces KECINE to make a frantic save

13′ Great ball over the defence from New Caledonia but striker GOPE-FENEPEJ is caught by the off-side trap

11′ Ricky WADUNAH chases a through ball but can’t quite keep his cross in play

9′ Short corner from the right deleivered by Yagi YASASA but it’s cleared at the near post for a re-take

8′ PNG with another corner this time it’s coming in from the right – but it’s too long and Raymond LUEWARDIA clears upfield

7′ Close from the corner from PNG but somehow Une KECINE manages to punch away from the fray

5′ GOAL!!! NCL 1-0 PNG | Paul GOPE-FENEPEJ opens the scoring with a tap in past keeper Graham BERIGAMI

5′ Titouan RICHARD breaks up the left for New Caledonia

3′ Aben PUKUE breaks up the right only for his counterpart Cyril NYIPIE to win back

2′ Papua New Guiena win a free kick just inside the New Caledonia half and it’s Freeman GIWI who sends towards the centre

1′ Pierre BAKO in possession but loses the ball and has to hussle back

1′ New Caledonia get us underway at Stade Mahina!

Match Officials:
Referee: George TIME (SOL)
Assistant Referee 1: Folio MOEAKI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Gareth SHEEHAN (NZL)
Fourth Official: Hamilton SIAU (SOL)

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