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New Caledonia have defeated Tahiti 2-1 on the final day of action for Group A at the OFC U-16 Women’s Championship 2017.


New Caledonia: 1. Lorenza HNAMANO (GK), 2. Justine MALAXAN, 3. Cheyenne CIWE, 4. Babette SIMANE ©, 5. Melissa IEKAWE, 6. Lucinda KOINDREDI, 7. Imelda QENEGEI, 8. Jackie PAHOA, 9. Katinka TAKAMATSU, 10. Marie-Laure PALENE, 11. Edsy MATAO.
Substitutes: 20. Serena HULIWA (RGK), 13. Alizé SAKILIA, 14. Loéa AJAPUHNYA, 15. Fiona IHAGE, 16. Marthe KATRAWA, 17. Chloé UFEPI, 19. Lorna TARAWIE.

Coach: Matthieu DELCROIX (FRA)

Tahiti: 1. Vahinerii PURAGA (GK), 2. Hitiana LONG TANG ©, 3. Hana KIMITETE, 4. Joelle TEPEA, 7. Merehau IOTUA, 8. Tevahine TERIINOHOPUAITERAI, 9. Christiane TETAVAHI, 10. Tiare TEKAKIOTERAGI, 11. Tahia TAMARII, 12. Vahuariki TUFAUNUI, 13. Vahinerii PURAGA, 14. Vaihei SAMIN.
Substitutes: 16. Hélène TEMUTU (RGK), 5. Naniloa MARO, 6. Lokelani HAUATA, 12. Vahuariki TUFAUNUI, 15. Ranihei MAHAI, 17. Anais TUUA-TAVE, 18. Heidy MARAE, 19. Corail HARRY, 20. Pare FLORES.

Coach: Stéphanie SPIELMANN (TAH)

FULL TIME | New Caledonia 2-1 Tahiti

90′ Four minutes additional time

90′ Tahiti are given a free kick but Lorenza HNAMANO makes an impressive punching save when the ball comes in to the box

88′ Jackie PAHOA sends an attempt straight to the gloves of Vahinerii PURAGA

87′ SUB TAH | Merehau IOTUA makes room for Vahuariki TUFAUNUI 

84′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul from Hitiana LONG TANG

80′ SUB NCL | Edsy MATAO is replaced by Fiona IHAGE 

79′ YELLOW CARD | Joelle TEPEA is cautioned 

78′ SUB NCL | Imelda QENEGEI is replaced by Fiona IHAGE 

76′ SUB TAH | Tahia TAMARII is replaced by Corail HARRY 

73′ SUB NCL | Cheyenne CIWE makes room for Lorna TARAWIE 

72′ A high ball comes in to the New Caledonia box but Lorenza HNAMANO jumps up and makes an impressive save

71′ Vaihei SAMIN fires another long range attempt but the ball curves wide

69′ Vaihei SAMIN sends a long range attempt over the crossbar

66′ Marie-Laure PALENE chases a through ball but the offside call is given

64′ Vahinerii PURAGA blocks a powerful shot from Marie-Laure PALENE but gives away the corner kick

63′ SUB TAH | Christiane TETAVAHI is replaced by Ranihei MAHAI 

62′ Marie-Laure PALENE sends a dangerous ball into the Tahiti box but no New Caledonia player run in to meet it

61′ Katinka TAKAMATSU heads the ball in front of her then chases but Vahinerii PURAGA runs out of her box and clears the ball up the field

58′ Lorenza HNAMANO drops a save and sends the ball out of play to give Tahiti the corner kick

56′  GOAL!! NCL 2-1 TAH | Marie-Laure PALENE makes a dangerous run then hits the ball under a diving Vahinerii PURAGA

53′ Jackie PAHOA runs into the box and shoots but her attempt drifts across the goal face and out of play

51′ Marie-Laure PALENE has another attempt but after Vahinerii PURAGA manages a touch to it, it hits the sidepost and back in to play

50′ Marie-Laure PALENE runs down the line then shoots but her attempt hits the crossbar and bounces back into play

46′ GOAL!!! NCL 1-1 TAH | Jackie PAHOA charges through the Tahiti backline and fires the ball into goal

46′ Tahiti kick off the second half

HALF-TIME | New Caledonia 0-1 Tahiti

45′ Two minutes additional time

44′ Christiane TETAVAHI has an attempt under pressure but can’t get the angle right on her shot and sends the ball out of play

41′ GOAL!!! NCL 0-1 TAH | Heipua KOHUEINUI takes a touch at the top of the box before firing the ball into the back of the net 

40′ Free kick to Tahiti after a foul on Tahia TAMARII

39′ Tahia TAMARII sends in an attempt from the top of the box but can’t get enough power behind it to challenge Lorenza HNAMANO

38′ Tahia TAMARII tries to chip Lorenza HNAMANO but the keeper jumps and reaches up to make the catch

37′ Jackie PAHOA runs through the backline and fires at goal but the ball drifts wide

36′ Both teams battle for possession in the middle of the field

32′ Justine MALAXAN sends a long ball through for Edsy MATAO but the offside call is given

31′ Tahia TAMARII sends a free kick just over the New Caledonia crossbar and out of play

30′ Christiane TETAVAHI receives the ball out wide but Justine MALAXAN slides in to send the ball out wide

29′ Edsy MATAO charges down the line but Hitiana LONG TANG sweeps in and makes the tackle

27′ Heipua KOHUEINUI is taken off the field to receive treatment

26′ Heipua KOHUEINUI is on the ground requiring treatment

25′ Tahia TAMARII sends the ball wide after following an attempt from Merehau IOTUA that bounced off the crossbar

23′ Tahia TAMARII gets her heads to the free kick but sends the ball just wide of goal

22′ Another free kick to Tahiti after a foul on Tiare TEKAKIOTERAGI

21′ Free kick to Tahiti at the edge of the New Caledonia box after a foul on Tahia TAMARII

20′ Free kick to Tahiti after a foul from Marie-Laure PALENE just inside the New Caledonia half

18′ Jackie PAHOA attempt is blocked but wins New Caledonia the corner

17′ Hana KIMITETE is on the ground requiring treatment

15′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul on Marie-Laure PALENE

14′ Jackie PAHOA chases a through ball but Vahinerii PURAGA has plenty of time to pick it up before the striker arrives

13′ Tahiti press into New Caledonia’s half but can’t find enough time on the ball to line up a shot at goal

10′ Lorenza HNAMANO makes the save after dropping her first save and having the race the Tahiti attack to the ball

9′ Christiane TETAVAHI attempts to cross but Edsy MATAO jumps in front of the ball

8′ Justine MALAXAN passes back to Lorenza HNAMANO but pressure from Tahiti forces the keeper to clear the ball up the field

7′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul from Vaihei SAMIN

6′ Marie-Laure PALENE sends a strong through ball to Jackie PAHOA but Vahinerii PURAGA runs out and meets it first

5′ Edsy MATAO attempts to cross but Joelle TEPEA makes the tackle

3′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul from Merehau IOTUA on Marie-Laure PALENE

3′ Tahiti earn a corner but Tahia TAMARII  sends the ball into the side net

2′ New Caledonia make a break through the backline but the offside call is given

1′ New Caledonia get the match underway

Match Officials
Referee: Torika DELAI (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Lonisa DILIONI (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Jacinta TANGA (VAN)
Fourth Official: Sione MAU (ASA)

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