NZL 12-0 PNG

New Zealand's Elizabeth Anton. Image: Phototek

New Zealand have defeated Papua New Guinea 12-0 on the first day of action at the OFC U-19 Women’s Championship 2017.

New Zealand: 1. Anna LEAT (GK), 2. Saskia VOSPER, 3. Rebecca LAKE, 4. Elizabeth ANTON, 5. Sarah MORTON, 6. Grace JALE, 7. Emma MAIN, 8. Malia STEINMETZ (C), 9. Samantha TAWHARU, 10. Hannah BLAKE, 11. Jacqui HAND.

Substitutes: 13. Nadia OLLA (RGK), 14. Claudia BUNGE, 15. Michaela FOSTER, 16. Nicole METTAM, 17. Dayna STEVENS, 19. Deven JACKSON, 20. Serena MURRIHY.

Coach: Gareth Turnbull (NZL)

Papua New Guinea: 1. Faith KASIRAY (GK), 2. Natasha SAGEM, 3. Margret JOSEPH (C), 4. Isabella NATERA, 7. Marity SEP, 9. Selina UNAMBA, 10. Nicollete AGEVA, 12. Belinda GIADA, 13. Ramona PADIO, 14. Leah KARO, 18. Jacklyn MAIYOSI.
Substitutes: 5. Bridget PAIME, 16. Serah TAMGOL, 17. Melisa JOFARI.

Coach: Rachel Wadunah (PNG)

FULL TIME | New Zealand 12-0 Papua New Guinea

90’+5 GOAL!!! NZL 12-0 PNG | Samantha TAWHARU scores from the penalty spot 

90’+4 Penalty to New Zealand after a foul from Leah KARO in the Papua New Guinea box

90’+3 Dayna STEVENS and Emma MAIN charge towards goal but Margret JOSEPH slides in to clear the ball

90’+1 Samantha TAWHARU reaches her head to a cross but the offside call is given

90′ Three minutes additional time 

90′ Emma MAIN attempts a cross to Samantha TAWHARU but Isabella NATERA is first to the ball

87′ GOAL!!! NZL 11-0 PNG | Hannah BLAKE finds the net again after a quick counter attack from New Zealand

86′ Papua New Guinea push into the New Zealand box but Elizabeth ANTON makes the clearance wide

84′ GOAL!!! NZL 10-0 PNG | An unmarked Hannah BLAKE receives the ball in front of goal and carefully places the ball out of Faith KASIRAY’s reach

81′ Ramona PADIO beats a New Zealand defender but Saskia VOSPER sweeps in and makes the tackle

76′ GOAL!!! NZL 9-0 PNG | Substitute Dayna STEVENS finds the goal a third time 

75′ Hannah BLAKE dribbles towards goal but lets the ball too far in front allowing Faith KASIRAY to pick up the ball

74′ Emma MAIN fires a ball towards goal but sends her attempt wide

67′ SUB PNG| Marity SEP makes room for Serah TAMGOL 

66′ GOAL!!! NZL 8-0 PNG | Dayna STEVENS finds the net again

65′ SUB NZL | Grace JALE makes room for Nicole METTAM

64′ SUB NZL | Rebecca LAKE makes room for Serena MURRIHY 

64′ GOAL!!! NZL 7-0 PNG | Emma MAIN just reaches her foot to a cross and taps the ball into goal

61′ Hannah BLAKE sends in an impressive ball but Emma MAIN can’t reach a foot to it as it crosses the PNG goal face

60′ Faith KASIRAY is beaten but Margret JOSEPH charges toward the PNG goal and clears the ball from the line

59′ Nicollete AGEVA charges down the field but can’t get enough power behind her attempt at goal

56′ Malia STEINMETZ fires the free kick deep into the Papua New Guinea box but Faith KASIRAY runs out and catches the ball

56′ YELLOW CARD | Belinda GIADA is cautioned for a foul on Elizabeth ANTON 

54′ Ramona PADIO has a long range attempt forcing Anna LEAT to dive and save

53′ Free kick to Papua New Guinea after a foul on Melisa JOFARI

52′ Samantha TAWHARU is tackled by Leah KARO but wins the corner kick for New Zealand

51′ GOAL!!! NZL 6-0 PNG | Emma MAIN charges into the box and fires the ball over Faith KASIRAY’s glove

49′ GOAL!!! NZL 5-0 PNG | Substitute Dayna STEVENS makes her presence on the field known by placing the ball into the back of the net 

46′ New Zealand get the second half underway 

46′ SUB PNG | Jacklyn MAIYOSI makes room for Melisa JOFARI 

46′ SUB NZL | Jacqui HAND makes room for Dayna STEVENS 

HALF-TIME | New Zealand 4-0 Papua New Guinea

45’+3 GOAL!!! NZL 4-0 PNG | Hannah BLAKE finds the back of the net seconds before the half-time whistle

45’+1 GOAL!!! NZL 3-0 PNG | Jacqui HAND follows up multiple attempts and finds the back of the net just before the end of the half

45′ Three minutes additional time

45′ Ramona PADIO fires in a free kick but Anna LEAT jumps and catches the ball

42′ Ramona PADIO hits the near post with the corner kick, sending the ball out of play

41′ Ramona PADIO is tackled deep in the New Zealand half but wins the corner for Papua New Guinea

38′ Emma MAIN charges into the box but meets Faith KASIRAY for a 1v1 but the keeper wins the ball

37′ New Zealand tries to play the ball up the line but Leah KARO makes the tackle and charges forward

34′ Emma MAIN charges into the Papua New Guinea box but Margret JOSEPH wins the ball and clears it up the field

33′ Hannah BLAKE has an attempt but sends the ball wide of goal

30′ GOAL!!! NZL 2-0 PNG | Samantha TAWHARU slots the ball past Faith KASIRAY from Emma MAIN’s pass 

29′ Malia STEINMETZ tries to profit from a defensive error from Papua New Guinea but can’t get enough power behind her attempt

25′ Free kick to New Zealand after a foul on Sarah MORTON just inside the Papua New Guinea half

24′ Free kick to Papua New Guinea after a foul on Belinda GIADA

23′ Sarah MORTON chases the ball to the line then sends in a cross but the PNG backline makes the clearance

21′ Malia STEINMETZ sends a through ball Samantha TAWHARU but Faith KASIRAY is first to it

19′ Samantha TAWHARU sends a ball into the Papua New Guinea box but no player from New Zealand comes to meet it

17′ Emma MAIN sends in an attempt along the ground but Faith KASIRAY dives to make the save

16′ GOAL!!! NZL 1-0 PNG | Hannah BLAKE follows up an attempt from a corner and fires the ball into the back of the net

15′ Samantha TAWHARU sends a dangerous ball across the face of the PNG goal but no player comes to meet it

13′ Malia STEINMETZ meets a cross at back post but the offside call is given

12′ Samantha TAWHARU has an attempt on goal but miscues the ball and sends it out of play

11′ Samantha TAWHARU meets a cross but sends her attempt well over the crossbar

10′ Free kick to New Zealand after a foul on Jacqui HAND just outside the New Zealand box

9′ Hannah BLAKE chases a through ball but Faith KASIRAY beats her to it

8′ Free kick to New Zealand after a foul from Natasha SAGEM

7′ New Zealand push numbers forward but can’t break through the Papua New Guinea backline

6′ Ramona PADIO has a long range attempt but Anna LEAT makes the easy save

5′ Free kick to New Zealand after a foul on Grace JALE

3′ Sarah MORTON sends in a dangerous cross but no New Zealand player can get a foot to the ball

3′ Grace JALE fires the ball towards goal but her attempt drifts wide and out of play

2′ Samantha TAWHARU chases a through ball but the offside call is given

1′ Papua New Guinea get the match underway

Match Officials:
Referee: Tapaita LELENGA (TGA)
Assistant Referee 1:
Assistant Referee 2:
Fourth Official:
Torika DELAI (FIJ)

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