New Zealand have defeated Cook Islands 9-0 in the first semi-final of the OFC U-16 Women’s Championship 2017.


New Zealand: 13. Rylee GODBOLD (GK), 3. Aneka MITTENDORFF, 4. Hannah MACKAY-WRIGHT, 5. Amy WATERS, 6. Grace WISNEWSKI, 7. Kelli BROWN, 8. Maya HAHN (C), 10. Maggie JENKINS, 12. Macey FRASER, 15. Gabrielle RENNIE, 18. Britney CUNNINGHAM-LEE.
Substitutes: 1. Georgia CANDY (RGK), 2. Shannon TREBES, 9. Margot RAMSAY, 11. Arabella MAYNARD, 14. Mackenzie BARRY, 16. Jayda STEWART, 17. Aniela JENSEN.

Coach: Leon BIRNIE (NZL)

Cook Islands: 1. Dora IRIPA (GK), 2. Lyric DAVISON, 3. Teretia TEINAKI, 4. Ngame TARINGA, 5. Tia TUIVAGA (C), 6. Esther POTORU, 7. Piri MURARE, 8. Tehinnah TATUAVA, 9. Viorangi KITE, 11. Merran MUNRO, 12. Nathalia VIKING.
Substitutes: 15. Alma NGAMETUA (RGK), 10. Keana MAAKA, 13. Tepaeru NGAROI, 14. Eitiare TANGIRERE, 16. Ngarangi MAPU.

Coach: Theresa TATUAVA (COK)

FULL TIME | New Zealand 9-0 Cook Islands 

90′ Two minutes additional time

90′ Gabrielle RENNIE makes an impressive run through the Cook Islands half but is tackled when she reaches the penalty box

89′ SUB COK | Nathalia VIKING is replaced by Keana MAAKA 

86′ Jayda STEWART battles hard to line up a shot in the box but can’t find a gap in the Cook Islands backline

85′ Margot RAMSAY fires the ball just wide of goal

84′ SUB COK | Lyric DAVISON makes room for Tepaeru NGAROI 

83′ Cook Islands press into the New Zealand half but Hannah MACKAY-WRIGHT calmly returns the ball up the field

79′ GOAL!!! NZL 9-0 COK | Grace WISNEWSKI charges into the box and sends an impressive shot into the back of the net 

77′ Tehinnah TATUAVA comes off the field to receive treatment

76′ Maya HAHN sends in an impressive cross but Dora IRIPA just manages to punch it away

73′ Gabrielle RENNIE sends a dangerous cross but Dora IRIPA jumps up and makes the catch

72′ Margot RAMSAY fires a ball over the crossbar

69′ Teretia TEINAKI blocks a shot from Britney CUNNINGHAM-LEE but sends the ball out for a New Zealand corner

69′ Maya HAHN sends a long range attempt well over the Cook Islands crossbar

67′ Gabrielle RENNIE heads a ball through for Jayda STEWART but puts too much power behind it and sends it out of play

66′ Amy WATERS gets her head to a cross but sends the ball out of play

65′ Britney CUNNINGHAM-LEE attempts to cross but can’t get enough angle on the ball and sends it out of play

64′ Free kick to Cook Islands after a foul from Britney CUNNINGHAM-LEE

61′ SUB COK | Viorangi KITE is replaced by Ngarangi MAPU 

61′ GOAL!!! NZL 8-0 COK | Jayda STEWART follows up an attempt from a corner and fires past Dora IRIPA 

58′ Jayda STEWART is closed down by three players in the box and sends the ball straight to Dora IRIPA’s feet

58′ Gabrielle RENNIE charges forward to meet a long ball but the offside call is given

55′ Maya HAHN fires from outside the box but the shot is blocked by the Cook Islands backline and sent out of play

53′ Amy WATERS makes a run down the line but pressure from the Cook Islands backline forces her to send the ball out of play

52′ SUB NZL | Macey FRASER makes room for Shannon TREBES 

51′ Britney CUNNINGHAM-LEE’s shot is blocked but wins New Zealand the corner

49′ A New Zealand player reaches her head to a corner kick but Dora IRIPA pulls off an impressive save

47′ Piri MURARE challenges Rylee GODBOLD with the free kick but the keeper makes the save

47′ Free kick to Cook Islands after a foul on Viorangi KITE inside New Zealand’s half

46′ Maya HAHN fires a ball towards goal but Dora IRIPA makes the catch

46′ New Zealand get the second half underway

HALF-TIME | New Zealand 7-0 Cook Islands 

45′ One minute additional time

41′ GOAL!! NZL 7-0 COK | Margot RAMSAY gets her name on the scoresheet 

38′ GOAL!! NZL 6-0 COK  | Maya HAHN converts the penalty 

37′ Penalty to New Zealand after a handball in the box

35′ SUB NZL | Kelli BROWN is replaced by Jayda STEWART 

35′ SUB NZL | Maggie JENKINS is replaced by Margot RAMSAY 

34′ GOAL!! NZL 5-0 COK | Kelli BROWN finds the net again

34′ Britney CUNNINGHAM-LEE charges into the box but can’t line up a clear shot at goal

31′ GOAL!! NZL 4-0 COK | Kelli BROWN follows up and finds the net to bring her tally to two

31′ Kelli BROWN meets a ball in the box but Nathalia VIKING makes a strong tackle to win the ball

28′ GOAL!! NZL 3-0 COK | Maggie JENKINS follows up with another only seconds later

27′ GOAL!! NZL 2-0 COK | Maggie JENKINS connects with the ball in the box and sends it past Dora IRIPA 

25′ Macey FRASER sends an attempt over the crossbar

18′ GOAL!! NZL 1-0 COK | Kelli BROWN follows up a dropped save from Dora IRIPA and places the ball into goal

17′ Merran MUNRO blocks the cross but sends the ball out of play to give New Zealand the corner

17′ Britney CUNNINGHAM-LEE receives the ball up high but the offside call is given

15′  Hannah MACKAY-WRIGHT has a long range attempt but the ball hits the crossbar and bounces back into play

14′ Maggie JENKINS gets a touch of the ball in the box but can’t get it under control before Dora IRIPA claims it

13′ Macey FRASER sends a powerful attempt from outside the box but it drifts just over the crossbar

12′ Macey FRASER sends in a dangerous cross but Dora IRIPA jumps up and catches the ball

11′ Maggie JENKINS sends in a long corner but no New Zealand player can reach a head to it

10′ Kelli BROWN sends a cracker towards goal but Dora IRIPA makes the save

9′ Maya HAHN runs down the goal line then fires at goal but is blocked by a Cook Islands defender

7′ Gabrielle RENNIE sends a dangerous cross but no New Zealand player meets it as it crosses the goal face

5′ Kelli BROWN meets a through ball from Macey FRASER but can’t get enough power behind her following attempt

5′ Kelli BROWN’s attempt hits the side post and bounces out of play

3′ Macey FRASER attempts a through ball but puts too much weight behind the ball and sends it out of play

2′ Amy WATERS sends the through ball but no New Zealand player chases

2′ Kelli BROWN charges after a through ball but Dora IRIPA runs forward to meet it first

1′ Cook Islands get the match underway

Match Officials
Referee: Ben AUKWAI (SOL)
Assistant Referee 1: Shama MAEMAE (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Telesia TEISINA (TGA)
Fourth Official: Tapaita LELENGA (TGA)

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