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New Zealand have all but wrapped up the title after securing their fourth straight victory, notching 6-0 over Samoa  

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New Zealand: 13. Nadia OLLA (GK), 2. Saskia VOSPER, 4. Elizabeth ANTON, 5. Sarah MORTON, 6. Grace JALE, 8. Malia STEINMETZ (C), 9. Samantha TAWHARU, 10. Hannah BLAKE, 11. Jacqui HAND, 14. Claudia BUNGE, 16. Nicole METTAM
Substitutes: 1. Anna LEAT (GK), 3. Rebecca LAKE, 7. Emma MAIN,  12. Emma CLARKE, 15. Michaela FOSTER, 17. Dayna STEVENS, 18. Alosi BLOOMFIELD, 19. Deven JACKSON, 20. Serena MURRIHY

Coach: Gareth Turnbull (NZL)

Samoa: 18. Jecky TOMA, 2. Renee ATONIO, 3. Hunter MALAKAI, 4. Epi TAFILI, 5. Mariecamilla AH KI, 7. Rachael TAGATAULI, 8. Lianna SOIFUA, 9. Tianna SEKONA, 10. Shalom FISO (C), 12. Talaisea MULITALO, 17. Vineta FALEAANA
Substitutes: 1. Katarina AH SUI (GK), 6. Sonya TANUVASA, 11. Matalena FAASAVALU, 13. Mole SAOFAIGA, 14. Emele PALETASALA, 15. Natiflo PEREIRA, 16. Conzuella VATU

90′ A minimum of three minutes additional time

‪88′ SUB SAM | 12 off 16 on #OFCU19W #NZLSAM 6-0‬

‪82′ GOAL NZL 6-0 SAM | Hannah Blake puts one past TOMA to take the lead to six

69′ GOAL!! NZL 5-0 SAM | Sam TAWHARU puts a fifth away for New Zealand #OFCU19W #NZLSAM 5-0

67′ GOAL NZL 4-0 SAM | Sub Emma MAIN gets on the board #OFCU19W #NZLSAM 4-0

63′ NZL SUBS | 11 out 7 in, 16 out 19 in and 2 out 15 in #OFCU19W #NZLSAM 3-0

56′ GOAL!!! NZL 3-0 SAM | New Zealand put a third on the board

54′ A low cross is flicked away from goal by AH KI, the follow-up comes from BLAKE but she flies it over

53′ Saskia VOSPER puts in a decent challenge to win the ball off SEKONA

51′ The wind and rain have set in for the second half and the conditions are making things difficult for both sides

50′ Another fantastic diving save from TOMA denies a decent effort from New Zealand

49′ The ball goes all the way back to BUNGE who is playing deep and sets New Zealand back on attack

47′ The ball slips under TOMA but ATONIO is there to clear it before any damage is inflicted

46′ Second half gets underway with a Samoa kick-off


44′ Long range shot comes from BLAKE but again she’s sent it just over the cross bar

43′ Samoa making an attack up the right but BUNGE interferes and plays out to JALE

42′ TAWHARU shoots from the edge of the box and again TOMA is up to the challenge, palming away from goal

41′ JALE plays back to BLAKE who puts a nice curl on her shot which is sent a little too high

40′ Fantastic save from TOMA to push a powerful shot wide

38′ Vineta FALEAANA has time on the ball but clears quickly to no-one and New Zealand are easily back in possession

37′ Samoa clear out hoping to hit Tianna SEKONA but she’s nudged off the ball by BUNGE

36′ MORTON puts in a deep cross which TOMA captures at the near post

34′ The ball bounces between MULITALO’s legs and New Zealand are able to go back on attack

33′ The cross from HAND is controlled down by Hannah BLAKE who hits it at keeper Jecky TOMA

32′ A rare outing into New Zealand’s half from Samoa is shut down fairly quickly

31′ GOAL!!! NZL 2-0 SAM | A second for New Zealand as Grace JALE puts it away 

30′ STEINMETZ has a fair whack at it from the edge of the box but ATONIO turns her back on it to block

29′ TAGATAULI gets in front of STEINMETZ to clear the ball away from goal

27′ METTAM sends long for TAWHARU but she’s hit it too hard and it runs long for a goal kick

25′ New Zealand play out from OLLA up the left, TAWHARU receives at the top but can’t beat past Talaisea MULITALO

24′ TAWHARU receives in front of goal but the flag goes up on the far side

22′ JALE attempts to keep the ball in play but it’s a Samoa throw

21′ GOAL!!! NZL 1-0 SAM | Sam TAWHARU is free at the back post to smash in a rebounded effort

20′ AH KI wins and tries to play out to TAGATAULI who hasn’t read the play well

19′ Another New Zealand attack is broken down in the back line

18′ STEINMETZ makes great ground up the left before attempting a cross off her left which she mis-hits

17′ New Zealand putting pressure on Samoa but they manage to put the ball wide for brief relief

16′ FISO sees the keeper high off her line and sends long but she’s too deep in her own half to trouble Nadia OLLA

15′ Shalom FISO tries to receive on the turn in the middle but METTAM is right on her back to steal

13′ Grace JALE heads a cross from Malia STEINMETZ in towards goal, TAWHARU lines it up but it bounces back off the post

11′ Claudia BUNGE has time and tries to play up the line to MORTON but sends it out instead

10′ A low shot comes in at goal but Samoa leave it to go out at the front post

9′ Nicole METTAM meets the Samoa goal kick and tries to push forward but Samoa remain solid at the back

7′ AH KI’s header spirals back over her towards goal, TOMA slaps it away before she leaps on it to secure on the goal line

6′ Sam TAWHARU wins on the edge of the box and plays it forward for Jacqui HAND but Jecky TOMA claims

5′ Renee ATONIO swings and misses her clearance but Mariecamilla AH KI is behind to tidy

4′ Sarah MORTON a bit too physical with a challenge on Rachael TAGATAULI and Samoa have a free kick

3’New Zealand working the ball around the top of the Samoa box before Rachael TAGATAULI boots it wide

2′ An attack from New Zealand doesn’t amount to anything and Samoa have a goal kick

1′ Underway with a New Zealand kick-off

Match Officials:
Referee: Torika DELAI (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Lata KAUMATULE (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Stephanie MINAN (PNG)
Fourth Official: Rani PERRY (TAH)


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