After a neck-and-neck match at Stade Pater in Papeete, New Zealand have defeated Solomon Islands 2-1 on the second day of action in Group B at the 2017 OFC U-17 Championship.


New Zealand: 12. Zac JONES (GK), 2. Jordan SPAIN, 3. Josh ROGERSON, 4. Liberato CACACE, 5. Jake WILLIAMS, 6. Leon VAN DEN HOVEN, 9. Max MATA (C), 11. Matthew CONROY, 14. Kingsley SINCLAIR, 16. Oliver WHYTE, 17. Matthew PALMER.
Substitutes: 1. Dylan BENNETT (RGK), 7. Elijah JUST, 8. Oliver DUNCAN, 10. Willem EBBINGE, 13. Matthew JONES, 15. Ben DEELEY, 18. Charles SPRAGG.

Coach: Danny HAY (NZL)

Solomon Islands: 1. Joel NANAGO (GK), 2. John AETA (C), 3. Aengari GAGAME, 4. Junior ASHLEY, 5. Raymond DAUABU, 7. Junior KAONI, 9. Don KEANA, 10. Elis MANA, 11. Ali MEKAWIR, 15. Alfred ELVIS, 18. Steward TOATA.
12. John BROWN (RGK), 8. Simon JEDZINI, 13. Stanley RYNIKER, 14. Danny OFENI, 16. John MANA, 17. Michael LALO, 19. Richmond HATARAU, 20. Junior ALLEN.

Coach: Marlon HOUKARAWA (SOL)

FULL TIME: New Zealand 2-1 Solomon Islands 

90’+6 TOATA plays a perfect through ball to Stanley RYNIKER but Zac JONES makes back-to-back saves as RYNIKER attempts again on the rebound

90’+5 Alfred ELVIS receiving treatment on the field after taking a boot to the face

90′ A minimum of six minutes additional time

90′ SUB SOL | Raymond DAUABU is replaced by Danny OFENI 

89′ YELLOW CARD | Alfred ELVIS is cautioned for Solomon Islands

88′ SUB SOL | Junior KAONI is replaced by John MANA 

86′ Matthew PALMER’s free kick bounces off the wall giving New Zealand the corner

86′ Free kick to New Zealand just outside the Solomon box

84′ GOAL!! NZL 2-1 SOL | Charles SPRAGG follows up a shot from Max MATA that bounced off the crossbar and back into play

83′ SUB SOL | Junior ASHLEY makes room for Stanley RYNIKER 

79′ Free kick to Solomon after a collision between Alfred ELVIS and Kingsley SINCLAIR

78′ Play resumes with a New Zealand goal kick


76′ Solomon put the New Zealand backline under pressure as the pass the ball around and wait for an opportunity on goal

73′ Junior KAONI shoots and his attempt deflects off a New Zealand player winning Solomon the corner

71′ Alfred ELVIS shoot from well outside the box but Zac JONES has plenty of time to make the catch

68′ Free kick to Solomon after a foul from Charles SPRAGG

68′ SUB NZL | Matthew CONROY makes room for Charles SPRAGG 

66′ YELLOW CARD | Matthew CONROY for going down easily in the box

65′ TOATA heads a cross from Don KEANA but Zac JONES makes the easy catch

64′ Elis MANA fires from well outside the New Zealand box but sends his attempt just high of the goal’s right corner

63′ What a save! Liberato CACACE runs down the line and sends a perfect ball to Max MATA who smacks it first time but Joel NANAGO in full stretch reaches it with a foot sending it out for the corner

62′ Fancy footwork from the Solomons pressure the New Zealand backline but Elis MANA lets the ball too far in front and Zac JONES picks up the ball

60′ Steward TOATA receives the corner on his chest at back post and tries to volley it in but sends his attempt over the crossbar

60′ Don KEANA skins Jake WILLIAMS and sends in a cross which bounces off a defender and wins Solomon the corner

58′ Joel NANAGO makes a one-handed diving save after sending his clearance to a New Zealand foot outside the box

58′ Ali MEKAWIR fires the free kick straight at the wall

57′ Free kick to Solomon Islands outside the New Zealand box after a hard tackle on Ali MEKAWIR

56′ New Zealand win the corner and Kingsley SINCLAIR returns to the field to take the kick

54′ Kingsley SINCLAIR comes of the field to receive treatment for a head injury

54′ Free kick to New Zealand after a tackle from Steward TOATA on Matthew CONROY

53′ Elis MANA cuts inside and fires a shot from outside the box but his attempt flies over the crossbar

51′ Alfred ELVIS sends in a long range shot but Zac JONES hits the ball down to the ground then catches it

50′ Jake WILLIAMS stops Don KEANA from charging into the box with the ball but gives away the corner

49′ The intensity of the game picks up as both teams battle for the lead

47′ GOAL!! NZL 1-1 SOL | Junior KAONI follows up a miscued clearance from the New Zealand backline and fires it past Zac JONES 

47′ a shot from Don KEANA is blocked by Jake WILLIAMS but wins Solomon the corner

46′ Elijah JUST receives Jake WILLIAMS’s cross at front post but can’t get enough angle to send his header towards goal

46′ New Zealand kick off the second half

HALF TIME SUB NZL | Oliver WHYTE makes room for Elijah JUST 

HALF TIME: New Zealand 1-0 Solomon Islands 

45’+4 Solomon win the corner after a dangerous shot from Junior KAONI

45’+2 Elis MANA fires in a shot from Alfred ELVIS’s pass after a series of powerful combinations between five Solomon players

45’+1 Max MATA sends in a cross which Joel NANAGO smacks to the ground then picks up

45′ Four minutes additional time

45′ Steward TOATA receives the ball but injures himself as he turns and falls to the ground requiring treatment

43′ John AETA sends a long ball across the field looking for Ali MEKAWIR but Jake WILLIAMS intercepts and counter attacks

42′ Ali MEKAWIR fires in a very high cross but Junior KAONI trips trying to run backwards to receive it and the ball goes out of play

41′ Jake WILLIAMS receives the ball out wide with plenty of time but miscues it and sends it out of play

40′ Matthew CONROY tries to run into the box but can’t push through the Solomon backline

39′ Elis MANA receives the rebound outside the New Zealand box but is closed down before he can line up his shot

38′ Jordan SPAIN sends in a cross but Max MATA’s header goes wide of goal

37′ New Zealand push into the Solomon half but can’t break the backline

34′ Junior KAONI receives a through ball at his chest on the move but is muscled off by Liberato CACACE

34′ Kingsley SINCLAIR chips the Solomon backline but Joel NANAGO catches the high ball

33′ SUB NZL | Leon VAN DEN HOVEN is replaced by Oliver DUNCAN 


30′ Junior KAONI fires the ball at goal after receiving it from Alfred ELVIS but the offside call is given

28′ Steward TOATA sends a dangerous cross into New Zealand’s box forcing Zac JONES to dive and save

27′ Alfred ELVIS sends in a dangerous shot which Zac JONES gets his fingers to to bring down to the ground

26′ Josh Rogerson heads Kingsley SINCLAIR’s free kick to Max MATA but his attempt in front of goal is just reached by Joel NANAGO who punches it clear

25′ Matthew CONROY wins the free kick after Raymond DAUABU tackles from behind to stop the counter attack

23′ Don KEANA wins the ball and carries it all the way down the line forcing Jake WILLIAMS to clear the ball wide

22′ New Zealand slow down the game passing across their backline

22′ Kingsley SINCLAIR takes on three players in the middle of park but Steward TOATA runs in and makes the tackle

21′ Max MATA takes on the Solomon Islands backline but the offside call is given

20′ Steward TOATA skims a New Zealand player and sends in a dangerous cross but no Solomon player runs in to meet it

20′ Matthew CONROY fires the ball first time towards goal but Junior ASHLEY jumps infront and wins the ball

19′ Ali MEKAWIR looks to send a through ball to Steward TOATA but is blocked by the New Zealand backline

18′ Solomon Islands backline blocks several attempts from Matthew CONROY, Max MATA and Matthew PALMER to eventually clear the ball

17′ Aengari GAGAME shuts down a counter attack but gives the corner to New Zealand

16′ Free kick to New Zealand after a foul on Max MATA

15′ Steward TOATA counter attacks but can’t keep the ball under control as it goes out of play to give New Zealand the goal kick

15′ Oliver WHYTE fires the ball at the Solomon wall but it bounces off and forces Joel NANAGO to jump up to catch the ball

14′ Free kick to New Zealand just outside the Solomon box after Aengari GAGAME takes out Matthew PALMER as he chased after a through ball

13′ Josh Rogerson throws the ball into the box and Matthew PALMER volleys the ball over the Solomon crossbar

12′ Josh Rogerson sends the free kick straight into the Solomon wall but the Kiwis win the throw

11′ Free kick to New Zealand just outside the Solomon box

11′ Matthew CONROY stops a through ball going out of play but loses his balance and Junior ASHLEY sweeps in for the ball

10′ Solomon Islands win the free kick just outside their own box after a foul on John AETA

10′ Free kick to New Zealand after a foul on Kingsley SINCLAIR

9′ Solomon look to counter attack but Jake WILLIAMS heads the ball out of play

8′ Matthew CONROY sends in a cross along the ground but Joel NANAGO dives on the ball before Matthew PALMER can reach it

7′ Jordan SPAIN skims through three players in the Solomon box but his 45 degree angle cross is not met by a Kiwi foot

6′ Free kick to New Zealand after a foul from Alfred ELVIS on Kingsley SINCLAIR

5′ Junior ASHLEY sends a free kick straight to Max MATA’s feet who sends the ball up field to Matthew CONROY but puts too much power into his distribution

4′ Matthew CONROY chases a long ball but can’t get a foot to it before going out of play for the Solomon Islands goal kick

3′ GOAL!! NZL 1-0 SOL | An unmarked Jake WILLIAMS meets a long throw at back post then fires it into goal

2′ New Zealand win the ball and switch it across their backline

1′ Solomon Islands get the match underway

Match Officials:
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Sione TEU (TGA)
Fourth Official: Norbert HAUATA (TAH)

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