Papua New Guinea have defeated hosts Tahiti 2-1 on the last day of action in Group A at the OFC U-17 Championship 2017.

Papua New Guinea: 20. Graham BERIGAMI (GK), 3. Kimson KAPAI, 4. Sylvester LUKE, 5. Freeman GIWI, 7. Emmanuel SIMONGI, 8. Aben PUKUE, 9. Barthy KEROBIN, 11. Yagi YASASA, 12. Ricky WADUNAH, 16. Jonathan ALLEN, 17. Dopson NOI.
Substitutes: 1. Charley NINGIKAU (RGK), 2. Milton BIWA, 6. Samuel DETNOM, 10. Oberth SIMON, 13. Thomas KONGRAGLE, 14. Emmanuel YOPIYOPI, 15. Dunstan JEFFEREY, 18. Wolfram KOB.

Coach: Harrison KAMAKE (PNG)

Tahiti: 16. Moana PITO (GK), 2. Ariimana TAAROAMEA, 3. Taumihau TEHAAMOANA, 6. Kavai’ei MORGANT, 8. Eddy KASPARD, 10. Yann VIVI, 12. Bryand TETUANUI, 14. Tautu HEITARAURI, 17. Terai BREMOND, 19. Diego ARANEDA, 20. Nohoarii GARBUTT.
Substitutes: 1. Tevaearai TAMATAI (RGK), 4. Tohivea HARING, 5. Giovanni BOOENE, 7. Ryann BOUKROUMA, 9. Tutehau TUFARIUA, 11. Hitiora HANERE, 13. Herearii KOHUMOETINI, 18. Moanahau LAI.

Suspensions: 15. Kalahani BEAUMERT.

Coach: Patrice FLACCADORI (FRA)

FULL TIME: Papua New Guinea 2-1 Tahiti

90’+5 Papua New Guinea counter attack and Barthy KEROBIN receives a ball just inside the Tahiti box but sends his attempt just over the crossbar

90’+4 Yann VIVI sends the free kick straight to Graham BERIGAMI

90’+3 Tahiti win a free kick just outside the Papua New Guinea box

90’+3 Tahiti push hard for the equaliser but cannot break the Papua New Guinea backline

90’+2 Wolfram KOB sends in an attempt from outside the box but can’t get enough power behind it to challenge Moana PITO

90′ Free kick to Papua New Guinea after a foul on Freeman GIWI

90′ Four minutes additional time

87′ GOAL!! PNG 2-1 TAH | Emmanuel SIMONGI gets his head to the corner and puts Papua New Guinea in the lead

87′ Barthy KEROBIN fires the free kick towards the goal but Moana PITO dives and punches the ball out for the corner

86′ YELLOW CARD | Hitiora HANERE is cautioned for a tackle just outside the Tahiti box 

85′ SUB TAH | Kavai’ei MORGANT is replaced by Hitiora HANERE 

80′ Free kick to Papua New Guinea after a foul from Kavai’ei MORGANT

79′ YELLOW CARD | Dopson NOI is cautioned for pulling on Tutehau TUFARIUA’s shirt 

77′ Play resumes with a throw in from Freeman GIWI


73′ Freeman GIWI skins two Tahiti players but can’t keep the ball close enough to take on a third

71′ GOAL!! PNG 1-1 TAH | Jonathan ALLEN places the ball past Moana PITO for the equaliser 

70′ Eddy KASPARD receives a ball on the ground from Tutehau TUFARIUA and smashes it first time towards goal but his attempt curves wide of the post.

69′ SUB PNG | Aben PUKUE makes room for Emmanuel YOPIYOPI

67′ Herearii KOHUMOETINI sends in a free kick for Tahiti but his attempt at goal hits the side post and bounces back into play

67′ SUB TAH | Diego ARANEDA is replaced by Tutehau TUFARIUA 

65′ Emmanuel SIMONGI fires the ball towards goal after Moana PITO fumbles the ball but his attempt is blocked by a wall of Tahiti players

65′ Papua New Guinea win the corner

61′ YELLOW CARD | Ricky WADUNAH is cautioned for sliding in on Herearii KOHUMOETINI 

60′ YELLOW CARD | Emmanuel SIMONGI is cautioned for a hard tackle 

58′ Ariimana TAAROAMEA passes a ball back to Yann VIVI who takes a touch then sends his attempt towards back post but it drifts just wide of goal

57′ Papua New Guinea win the corner

54′ Eddy KASPARD’s shot is blocked but with Graham BERIGAMI off his line Tutehau TUFARIUA sends the follow up across the face of the goal and out of play

51′ SUB PNG | Yagi YASASA makes room for Oberth SIMON 

51′ Barthy KEROBIN chases a through ball but can’t get a foot to it before it rolls out of play

49′ Free kick to Tahiti outside the Papua New Guinea box after a tackle from Emmanuel SIMONGI on Herearii KOHUMOETINI

48′ Barthy KEROBIN meets a cross with his head but sends the attempt straight to Moana PITO

47′ Ricky WADUNAH shoots from outside the box but hits the back of a Tahiti defender

46′ Tahiti kick off the second half

HALF TIME SUB TAH | Nohoarii GARBUTT makes room for Herearii KOHUMOETINI 

HALF TIME: Papua New Guinea 0-1 Tahiti

45’+5 PITO is on his feet to take the free kick

45’+3 Moana PITO remains on the ground receiving treatment after the collision

45’+2 YELLOW CARD | Jonathan ALLEN is cautioned for following through on his attempt and catches Moana PITO’s face as the keeper dived on the ball 

45′ Two minutes additional time

44′ Free kick to Papua New Guinea after a tackle from Diego ARANEDA but the Tahiti backline are first to ball and make the clearance wide

43′ Tahiti hold possession but can’t break through the Papua New Guinea backline

39′ Graham BERIGAMI completely misses his punching save but a Papua New Guinea defender clears the ball from the line

38′ Tahiti win another free kick in Papua New Guinea’s defensive third

37′ BREMOND sends it straight to Graham BERIGAMI’s hands

36′ Terai BREMOND lines up a free kick just outside the Papua New Guinea box

35′ Chaos in front of the Papua New Guinea goal mouth as several players scramble to get a foot on a corner ball, but Papua New Guinea connect with a clearance

34′ Hitiora HANERE has an attempt from out wide but Graham BERIGAMI just gets a hand to it to clear it out of the box

32′ Hitiora HANERE sends his cross straight to Eddy KASPARD’s head but the striker sends his attempt just wide of goal

31′ Graham BERIGAMI punches a cross but has to chase the ball and clear it wide when Eddy KASPARD charges in

31′ Eddy KASPARD chases a ball down the line but the Papua New Guinea backline makes the clearance wide

29′ Tahiti switch the ball across their backline waiting for an opportunity to break

28′ Play resumes with a goal kick from Tahiti


25′ Jonathan ALLEN sends his attempt over the crossbar

25′ Papua New Guinea string together a series of passes but can’t break through the Tahiti backline

23′ Tahiti play the ball along their backline but Bryand TETUANUI loses control of the ball and it rolls out of play

22′ Another free kick from Sylvester LUKE is cleared by a Tahitian head

21′ Yagi YASASA is knocked over by Terai BREMOND and Papua New Guinea are given a free kick inside Tahiti’s half

20′ Play switches between the two halves as both teams fight for possession

18′ Free kick to Tahiti after a foul from Jonathan ALLEN on Bryand TETUANUI

17′ Jonathan ALLEN’s corner is met by a Tahiti head and cleared out of the penalty box

17′ Freeman GIWI fires a long range shot towards goal forcing Moana PITO to punch the ball over the crossbar

16′ Papua New Guinea push into the Tahiti half and a dangerous cross meets Barthy KEROBIN’s feet but Taumihau TEHAAMOANA slides in to block the attempt

14′ With two defenders on his tail, Eddy KASPARD sprints to head a cross into goal but just misses the ball as it shoots across the goal mouth

13′ Both teams battle for possession in the middle of the park

12′  Wolfram KOB charges towards goal but cannot get enough power on his attempt and Moana PITO dives on the low ball

10′ GOAL!! PNG 0-1 TAH | An unmarked Eddy KASPARD chases the goal kick and fires the ball into goal after Moana PITO cleans up a Papua New Guinea counter attack

9′ Yann VIVI sends the free kick deep into the penalty box but Graham BERIGAMI jumps high and wins the ball

8′ Kavai’ei MORGANT sends the free kick straight at the wall but wins another free kick when he’s tackled picking up the rebound

8′ Kavai’ei MORGANT lines up the free kick just outside the Papua New Guinea box

7′ Eddy KASPARD gets his head to a long ball and sends his attempt just over the crossbar

6′ Taumihau TEHAAMOANA wins the free kick in Tahiti’s defensive third

5′ Sylvester LUKE sends in another dangerous free kick but Moana PITO charges to the front of the box and jumps to punch the ball clear

4′ Kavai’ei MORGANT has an attempt from well outside the box but Graham BERIGAMI has plenty of time to position himself and pick up the ball

2′ Eddy KASPARD meets Graham BERIGAMI in a 1v1 and gets past the keeper but can’t finish his attempt before the ball rolls out of play

2′ Sylvester LUKE sends in the free kick but the Tahiti backline are first to meet the ball in the air

1′ The match is underway with Papua New Guinea’s kick-off

Match Officials:
Referee: Matthew CONGER (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Gareth SHEEHAN (NZL)
Fourth Official: Hamilton SIAU (SOL)

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