Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu have played out an exciting 3-3 draw in their second match at the OFC U-17 Championship at Stade Mahina this evening.


Papua New Guinea: 20. Graham BERIGAMI (GK), 3. Kimson KAPAI, 4. Sylvester LUKE, 5. Freeman GIWI, 7. Emmanuel SIMONGI, 8. Aben PUKUE, 9. Barthy KEROBIN, 11. Yagi YASASA, 12. Ricky WADUNAH (C), 16. Jonathan ALLEN, 17. Dopson NOI.
Substitutes: 1. Charley NINGIKAU (GK), 2. Milton BIWA, 6. Samuel DETNOM, 10. Oberth SIMON, 13. Thomas KONGRAGLE, 14. Emmanuel YOPIYOPI, 15. Dunstan JEFFEREY, 18. Wolfram KOB, 19. Abraham ALLEN.

Coach: Harrison KAMAKE (PNG)

Vanuatu: 1. Joshua WILLIE (GK), 2. Jayson TARI, 3. Zidane MAGUEKON (C), 5. Jean-Claude BATICK, 7. Alberick WEQUAS, 8. Tom SAKSAK, 9. Rhydley NAPAU, 10. Abert VANVA, 15. Richard THOMAS, 16. Dilland NGWELE, 19. Jack WILLIE.
Substitutes: 20. Dgen LEO (GK), 4. Glendon LEKI, 11. Fred CHRISTION, 12. Andre DAMELIP, 13. Julio TEVANU, 14. Semy Chris IATI, 18. Tyson GERE.


FULL-TIME | Papua New Guinea 3-3 Vanuatu

90’+4′ SUB PNG | Jonathan ALLEN is replaced by Wolfram Kop GREGORY

90’3′ Papua New Guinea race into the Vanuatu box but can’t get off a clean shot

90′ A minimum of 4 minutes additional time

89′ Mis-fire from Emmanuel SIMONGI who lifts his foot over the ball in front of goal

87′ BATICK plays the ball through the defence for CHRISTION but the striker struggles to outpace Dopson NOI

85′ Free kick for PNG directly in front of goal but nothing comes of it

83′ GOAL!!! PNG 3-3 VAN | Zidane MAGUEKON whallops the ball at goal from a free kick and it slips through keeper BERIGAMI’s hands

81′ GOAL!!! PNG 3-2 VAN | Barthy KEROBIN finishes off a deflected ball to give his side the lead


77′ SUB VAN | Dilland NGWELE is replaced by Fred CHRISTION

75′ Fantastic one-two from PUKUE and ALLEN but LEO once again up to the challenge

75′ Papua New Guinea play a short corner and the final cross is poor

72′ Diving header from PUKUE draws applause from the crowd but it’s around the upright

71′ SUB VAN | Jayson TARI makes room for Andre DAMELIP

70′ Up the face of the goal from PUKUE with just the keeper to beat

69′ PUKUE and ALLEN go 2v1 on the keeper but LEO does incredibly well to make the low block and save

68′ Mis-timed from Tom SAKSAK and PNG win the ball

66′ Free kick for Vanuatu is fired into the side-net by BATICK

65′ SUB PNG | Yagi YASASA is replaced by Oberth SIMON

60′ YELLOW CARD | PNG captain Ricky WADUNAH is cautioned for his challenge on the keeper

60′ Shot from PNG is almost fumbled over the line by LEO but he recovers only for Ricky WADUNAH to charge in

59′ Shot from BATICK well over the goal

56′ Vanuatu follow up with another shot that’s on target but PNG do enough to deny

55′ GOAL!!! PNG 2-2 VAN | An equaliser for Vanuatu after BERIGAMI fumbles and Abert VANVA profits

53′ VANVA sends a goal kick rebounding back at the keeper but PNG get themselves out of danger

49′ Just a little too much on attack from NAPAU who gives away possession despite having a couple of options

46′ Foul from Rhydley NAPAU passes possession to PNG in the centre of the park

46′ Back underway at Stade Mahina

HALF-TIME | Papua New Guinea 2-1 Vanuatu

45’+4′ GOAL!!! PNG 2-1 VAN | Barthy PUKUE fires left of LEO from the penalty spot to put his side ahead

45’+4′ The referee points to the penalty spot for PNG!

45’+3′ Barhy KEROBIN flicks forward but there’s no-one ahead of him to receive for PNG

45’+1′ Massive block from LEO who comes off his line and chests down a close range shot from Aben PUKUE

45′ A minimum of five minutes additional time

44′ Free kick for PNG and keeper BERIGAMI hoofs the ball upfield

44′ A missed clearance in the box puts Vanuatu in trouble but they’re saved when KEROBIN sends his shot up and over

42′ Excellent solo effort from Aben PUKUE to win the ball, beat two defenders and unleash a shot that has LEO diving to save

41′ Powerful effort from Sylvester LUKE but he’s sent it well over the goal

39′ Great chip through the defence from Jayson TARI to NGWELE who is just offside

38′ A tidy turn from Jack WILLIE who receives with his back to goal, he shoots off-target

38′ BATICK wins a corner and prepares his delivery

37′ Another shot from Vanuatu this time it’s BATICK taking a chance from distance but going just over

36′ VANVA goes in on goal but can’t get a clean shot off allowing BERIGAMI to smother

35′ A PNG corner is cleared upfield for a Vanuatu counter attack

32′ Vanuatu win at the back and make a great advance up the right before VANVA switches


30′ A low cross into the box finds the feet of Jayson TARI who whips his shot just outside the upright

29′ Foul from Yagi YASASA on Rhydley NAPAU earns Vanuatu a free kick in the middle of the park

28′ Graham BERIGAMI comes to the edge to collect but fumbles and has to chase to clear

27′ PNG defender Freeman GIWI needs treatment following the goal

25′ GOAL!!! PNG 1-1 VAN | Very messy in the box as defence and attack try and get the last touch and its Dilland NGWELE who pokes the ball over the line

24′ Absolute firecracker from Jonathan ALLEN just lifts up over the cross bar

22′ Sliding challenge from Zidane MAGUEKON to halt the left flank advance of KEROBIN

21′ Play resumes with PNG in possession

20′ SUB VAN | That’s it for Joshua WILLIE as he’s replaced by Dgen LEO

17′ Joshua WILLIE is down injured following the restart of play and the physio has been called on

16′ GOAL!!! PNG 1-0 VAN | Aben PUKUE with wicked strike at goal that has Joshua WILLIE soundly beaten

15′ Corner for PNG after a period of sustained from Vanuatu

14′ Barthy KEROBIN unmarked at the back post as a cross comes floating down but he heads wide!

13′ Abert VANVA with a physical challenge on Freeman GIWI gives away a free kick

11′ A couple of long passes are taken by Vanuatu before BATICK cuts inside and shoots from distance – well off-target

10′ Bit messy in the left corner as Vanuatu try to find a way out of danger but PNG are pressing hard on that side led by Yagi YASASA

7′ Well-timed challenge from PNG to halt an advance from their opponent

6′ Jean-Claude BATICK goes down injured but it’s not too bad so he’s back on his feet

5′ Joshua WILLIE dives and does enough to upset the advance in front of the Vanuatu goal before Alberick WEQUAS clears

5′ Jayson TARI tries to play Abert VANVA up the right but the pair can’t connect

4′ Clearance under pressure by Dopson NOI and Papua New Guinea counter

3′ Barthy KEROBIN with an intercept. He passes, receives back and shoots but floats it over the cross bar

1′ Early pressure from Aben PUKUE who races into the opposition box but can’t lay off a cross

1′ Underway in Stade Mahina for Match Day 3 of the OFC U-17 Championship

Match Officials:
Referee: Hamilton SIAU (SOL)
Assistant Referee 1: Douglas METE (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Maleatala SALANOA (SAM)
Fourth Official: George TIME (SOL)

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