Rewa 2-1 Erakor Golden Star

Rewa have one last match to get points on the board in Group D. Credit: OFC via Massimo Colombini

Rewa have their first win of the 2017 OFC Champions League after beating Erakor Golden Star 2-1.

Rewa FC: 1. Simione TAMANISAU (GK) (C), 2. Peniame DROVA, 4. Josaketi TAMUDU, 8. Marcelo TANNUS, 9. Iosefo VEREVOU, 11. Madhwan GOUNDER, 12. Tevita WARANAIVALU, 13. Kohei MATSUMOTO, 15. Elias SILVA, 16. Amani MAKOE, 20. Samuela KAUTOGA

Substitutes: 3. Lorima DAU, 5. Mitieli NAMUKA, 7. Usaia TADAU, 10. Savenaca NAKALEVU, 14. Epeli SAUKURU, 17. Koalasito POSIANO, 18. Taione KEREVANUA, 19. Vuniuni TIKOMAIMEREKE, 21. Manasa WAQAVOU (GK)
Suspended: 6. Diego MAXIMO

Erakor Golden Star: 22. Chikau MANSALE (GK), 2. Brian KALTACK (C), 4. Jacques WANEMUT, 5. Jason THOMAS, 6. Jesse KALOPONG, 10. Kalserei ARSEN, 11. Nemani ROQARA, 14. Jean KALTACK, 16. Bernard DANIEL, 17. Jacky RUBEN,19. Tony KALTACK
Substitutes: 1. Serge DANIEL (GK), 7. Robert TOUKOUNE, 8. Kaltfer KALTACK, 9. Anderson TAKAU, 12. Gershom KALSONG, 13. Lucien HINGE, 15. Tonly KALOTANG, 18. Barry MANSALE, 20. Johnny KALORUS,
Suspended: 3. Michell KALTACK

Coach: Etienne MERMER (VAN)

HALF-TIME SUB MAR | Abraham INIGA is replaced by Robert LAUA

FULL-TIME | Rewa 2-1 Erakor Golden Star

90’+2′ | YELLOW CARD | Amani MAKOE is cautioned

90′ A minimum of three minutes additional time

90′ SUB EKR | Kalserei ARSEN is replaced by Lucien HINGE 

88′ YELLOW CARD | Tony KALTACK knows he’s earned it when he’s cautioned for a tackle on Amani MAKOE

86′ Jacky RUBEN does well with two defenders on his tail but can’t quite keep the ball in play

85′ SUB REW | Tevita WARANAIVALU is replaced by Usaua TADAU

84′ JUNIOR comes up the left but sends his cross too deep to trouble MANSALE

83′ Jason THOMAS slides in to put the ball out of play as Tevita WARANAIVALU travels up the left

82′ Cool, calm and collected from Brian KALTACK as he takes the ball of a racing GOUNDAR

81′ A foul from Samuela KAUTOGA on Jacky RUBEN as the striker leaps over his leading leg

80′ The corner is lifted in at the near post where a leaping ROQARA tries to flick into goal but he’s just off-target

79′ Rewa put themselves under pressure as they fail to clear the ball and Erakor win a corner

78′ Brian KALTACK covers his keeper well at the far post as he clears out a well weighted cross

77′ MANSALE makes a save as JUNIOR comes in from his right

76′ Shot from ROQARA is headed away, he wins it back but this time can’t get the shot on target

73′ Tony KALTACK has plenty of time on the ball but plays direct to a Rewa defender

72′ SUB REW | Iosefo VEREVOU makes room for Taione KEREVANUA

70′ YELLOW CARD | Iosefo VEREVOU is cautioned after a tackle on Jacky RUBEN in front of the fourth offficial

69′ Great work from TUBEN and ROQARA up the right but Jacques WANEMUT can’t finish

68′ Rewa have numbers on attack with just Brian KALTACK and THOMAS to beat but GOUNDAR plays his shot straight to the waiting keeper

67′ Barry MANSALE whips a shot in front distance but TAMANISAU is up to take

63′ SUB REW | Elias SILVA is replaced by Savenaca NAKALEVU

62′ YELLOW CARD | Tevita WARANAIVALU is cautioned for a foul on Barry MANSALE

61′ Another attack from Erakor up the right and Tony KALTACK is halted only by a quick-thinking DROVA

58′ GOAL!!! REW 2-1 EKR | Tony KALTACK shoots and scores, taking a clear lead in the scoring for Group D with 5 in total

58′ Tony KALTACK lines up a shot

56′ YELLOW CARD | Elias SILVA is cautioned for that challenge

55′ SILVA takes down an advancing DANIEL and it’s a free kick for Erakor

53′ Peniame DROVA makes a desperate tackle to deny ROQARA a shot from close range

50′ Jacky RUBEN goes 1v1 with TAMANISAU but takes a touch inside allowing Josateki TAMUDU to cut in and block the shot

49′ Rewa on attack as SILVA plays to MATSUMOTO wide but the pass up to JUNIOR goes astray

47′ An advance from Tony KALTACK is halted by TAMANISAU

46′ Back underway with Rewa kicking off the second half

HALF-TIME | Rewa 2-0 Erakor Golden Star

45’+1′ TAMANISAU sends a free kick upfield and Rewa look to play SILVA through tbut he’s offside

45′ A minimum of one minute additional time

45′ ROQARA break but the tackle in the box is deemed passable and now Rewa are on the counter

44′ The cross is met by Kalserei ARSEN who fires over the cross bar

43′ Bernard DANIEL tries to skim the ball into the back of the net but it goes just wide

41′ Jesse KALOPONG has time up the left but mis-hits his cross which goes out for a goal kick

40′ Long ball over the crowd for GOUNDAR deep in the Erakor corner but he can’t bring it under control

38′ SUB EKR | Jean KALTACK makes room for Barry MANSALE

38′ Erakor with an advance but they’re thwarted by the length of the pitch

36′ No-one in the middle to meet the cross from JUNIOR, VEREVOU picks it up on the other side of the field and shoots low and wide

35′ Beautifully struck, curling effort from Brian KALTACK which is tipped just over by TAMANISAU

34′ MATSUMOTO brings down Nemani ROQARA and Erakor in a good position with this free kick

33′ KALOPONG raesc back to close down an rapid counter attack from JUNIOR up the right

31′ GOAL!!! REW 2-0 EKR | Iosefo VEREVOU cuts his pass back from the goal line to a waiting Madhvan GOUNDAR who fires past MANSALE

31′ Jean KALTACK tries to backheel through the defence for Tony KALTACK to chase but it’s blocked

29′ A break into the box from Erakor but the ball is put out for a corner

28′ A low shot from JUNIOR goes just wide of the upright

26′ Erakor win a free kick inside their opponent’s half but can’t create anything threatening

24′ GOAL!!! REW 1-0 EKR | Marcelo JUNIOR finishes off a pass from Iosefo VEREVOU

21′ Erakor make and advance but can’t get a clean finish to test TAMANISAU

15′ Double save from Chikau MANSALE to deny GOUNDAR twice

13′ Nemani ROQARA drives a shot in low but Simione TAMANISAU drops to save

11′ Low shot from Madhvan GOUNDAR who sends it just wide of the post

9′ JUNIOR chases the ball into the box but can’t get off a decent shot and it’s out for a corner

8′ A mistake from Erakor allows SILVA to win the ball, he plays wide for Marcelo JUNIOR but Jesse KALAPONG gets a foot in on the shot

7′ B. KALTACK plays wide to Jason THOMAS who clears out

6′ Kohei MATSUMOTO makes an advance but he loses possession and hurries back to position

5′ Erakor make an advance upfield but they’re closed down and Rewa counter

4′ Rewa try to find Elias SILVA up front but Jason THOMAS gets his boot in first to clear

3′ Free kick for Erakor on the half mark as Brian KALTACK is fouled

1′ Underway at Stade Pater for the opening Match Day 3 encounter in Group D

Match Officials
Referee: Campbell-Kirk WAUGH (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: John PAREANGA (COK)
Assistant Referee 2: Mark WHITEHEAD (NZL)
Fourth Official: Peter LINNEY (NZL)

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