Tonga's Mele Kafa in action at the OFC U-19 Women's Championship 2017. Image: Phototek

Welcome to Ngahue Reserve in Auckland,  where Samoa play Tonga on the second day of action at the OFC U-19 Women’s Championship 2017. will be bringing you live text updates of this encounter, please refresh your browser for the latest.

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Samoa: 1. Katarina AH SUI (GK), 2. Renee ATONIO, 3. Hunter MALAKI, 4. Epi TAFILI, 5. Mariecamilla AH KI, 6. Sonya TANUVASA, 7. Rachael TAGATAULI, 8. Liana SOIFUA, 9. Tianna SEKONA, 10. Shalom FISO (C), 17. Vineta FALEAANA.
Substitutes: 18. Jecky TOMA (RGK), 12. Talaiesea MULITALO, 13. Mole SAOFAIGA, 14. Emele PALETASALA, 15. Natiflo PEREIRA, 16. Conzuella VATU

Coach: Martin TAMASESE (SAM)

Tonga: 1. Mele AKOLO (GK), 2. Fifi MOALA, 4. Meleseini TUFUI, 6. Siunipa TALASINGA, 7. Seini LUTU, 8. Halaunga TAHOLO (C), 9. Carmel UHILA, 11. Mele KAFA, 16. Katalina TALIAULI, 18. Sosefina HAVEA, 19. Alexandra FIFITA.
Substitutes: 20. Helen TAHITUA (RGK), 3. Michelle TUITUPOU, 5. Manusiu LATAVAO, 10. Teisa FUSI, 12. Ofa ATAONGO, 13. Peta FENUKITAU, 14. Patricia LIKILIKI, 15. Luseane VIVILI, 17. Kalolaine TALIAULI

Coach: Christian KOANETI (TGA)


90’+3′ A low shot from Samoa is easily claimed by AKOLO

90’+2′ KAFA receives and dribbles through the backline but her shot lacks power

90′ A minimum of two minutes additional time

90′ Free kick for Samoa after a challenge from Sose HAVEA

89′ GOAL!!! SAM 1-1 TGA | LUTU shoots but the ball goes in off AH SUI 

88′ MISS ! Captain TAHOLO takes the penalty but hits it off the cross bar

87′  YELLOW CARD | MOLITALA is cautioned

86′ The referee signals to the penalty spot after an incident in the area

85′ Two chances for Tonga but twice denied by some excellent defending

83′ Nipa TALASINGA is unlucky not to put the ball in the back of the net

82′ Seini LUTU has a go from distance and just floats it over the cross bar

80′ SUB TGA | Lina TALIAULI is replaced by Trish LIKILIKI

79′ SUB SAM | Sonya TANUVASA is replaced by Mole SOAFAIGA

78′ Samoa flick the ball wide for Sonya TANUVASA who gets closed down fairly quickly

77′ ATONIO has a chance with time to spare but fires wide

75′ AH SUI is off her line to claim as FIFITA approaches

75′ Tonga win a corner and LUTU again come to take

72′ AH SUI is back on her feet and we get back into action with Tonga winning back and attacking

70′ AH SUI hasn’t gotten up and is receiving treatment

69′ KAFA sends a low cross in but AH SUI drops at the near post to save and takes a hard knock in the process

68′ Great ball through to KAFA who attempts to poke it home but AH SUI gets in the way

67′ AH SUI comes to punch clear but the ball drops behind her, fortunately Epi TAFILI is there to clear for a corner

66′ It gets a wee bit physical with a series of challenges from both sides

65′ MALAKI comes wide to clear a loose ball

62′ KAFA breaks up the right and plays the ball middle for Alexandra FIFITA only for AH SUI to race off her line and collect

60′ SUB SAM | Vineta FALEAANA is replaced by Talaisea MULITALO

59′ Samoa on attack but a cut in sees Tonga take control

57′ AH SUI leaves the goal mouth empty but the shot is skied up the face and over the cross bar

56′ Well placed by LUTU again but Samoa hold off the attack once again forcing a corner out the other side

55′ KAFA leads the counter attack for Tonga but AH KI puts her body on the line to block the cross out for a corner

54′ FISO gets her head to a free kick that drops at the back post sending it just outside the post

53′ Seini LUTU delivers an excellent ball into the six-yard but her teammates can’t finish it

51′ AH KI with a timely header wide as Tonga look for a way through Samoa’s solid defence

48′ Renee ATONIA somehow manages to keep the ball in play as she sends it up the line and Samoa have a shot which is saved by AKOLO

47′ Samoa with a goal kick but this half the wind is against them and it drops for Tonga to collect

46′ Second half gets underway with a Samoa kick-off


43′ Lina TALIAULI steps over the ball as she goes to clear it but fortunately the last touch was for Samoa and it’s a Tonga throw

41′ Somehow AKOLO manages to smother the ball in a sea of legs

40′ Stunning solo effort from Lianna SOIFUA who dribbles through the centre and shoots just wide

38′ Tonga working to create something but struggling with the wind blowing against them in this half

36′ Tonga immediately press into the Samoa half but the ball is carried away from goal as they attempt a cross

35′ GOAL!!! SAM 1-0 TGA | An own goal from Tonga gives Samoa the lead

32′ Samoa turnover the ball in the middle and it’s played forward for FISO who takes a touch and shoots – but hits the crossbar!

31′ The ball comes wide for FALEAANA but she has to give chase and can’t quite reach it before it rolls out

29′ Keeper Katarina AH SUI has to assist her defence with a clearance

27′ KAFA with a great steal but Samoa are holding off every attempt by Tonga in front of goal

26′ MALAKI pushes forward to take the corner for Samoa and delivers a great ball but it’s carried out behind the back post

24′ Mariecamilla AH KI makes an excellent tackle before feeding through to FISO who shoots low but AKOLO captures

23′ Samoa’s free kick is carried out over the goal line with some help from the wind

22′ LUTU with a great first up tackle but she keeps going when on the ground and concedes a free kick

21′ TUFUI steals the ball and looks for the feet of KAFA who can’t quite make it ahead of her marker

17′ AKOLO feeds the ball out to Meleseini TUFUI as they try to build something from the back

16′ MALAKI sends the ball inside the wall and outside the upright

15′ Samoa have the wind at their backs as MALAKI line up a free kick 10m off the top of the Tongan area

15′ YELLOW CARD | Seini LUTU is cautioned

14′ Tonga make inroads into the Samoan half but some good defending from Lianna SOIFUA and Hunter MALAKI

12′ AKOLO makes a great save to deny an on-target Samoan strike

12′ A shot from Samoa is flashed just wide of the upright

11′ Mele AKOLO makes a great save off the foot of Tianna SEKONA

10′ Mele KAFA makes a break for Tonga up the right but it’s turned over following the cross

9′ A Samoan free kick is carried into the Tongan area dropping just in front of Mele AKOLO who palms down and grabs before TAGATAULI can put it away

6′ Tonga holding the middle well, but just struggling a bit with the wind as passes fail to feed through the Samoan defence

5′ FISO again caught by the offside trap as she attempts to break through the backline

4′ A poor clearance from Tonga finds the feet of Rachael TAGATAULI who plays wide looking for Vineta FALEAANA

3′ Shalom FISO looks to latch onto a through ball but the flag goes up

1′ Miscommunication between Seini LUTU and Pumu TAHOLO but the latter still manages to play the ball middle

1′ The final Match Day 2 encounter gets underway at Ngahue Reserve

Match Officials
Referee: Torika DELAI (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1:
Wanting YAGUN (PNG)
Assistant Referee 2:
Fourth Official:


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