SAM 0-11 NZL

New Zealand earned a comprehensive 11-0 victory over Samoa in the opening Group B match at Stade Pater this evening.


Samoa: 1. Eti Fatu (GK), 3. Harlen Russell, 4. Sefa Mamea-Hind, 5. Solomon Granger, 6. Stanley Mamea, 7. Willie Sauiluma (C), 9. Darcy Knight, 10. Falaniko Nanumea, 12. Lotial Mano, 13. Dilo Tumua, 16. Osa Savelio
Substitutes: 22. Talita Hafoka (GK), 2. Kitiona Nauer, 8. Jackson Nautu, 14. Jefferson Faamatau, 15. Jay Popese, 17. Julius Duffy, 18. Jenuem Kepu, 19. Elijah Theodor

Coach: Desmond Faaiuaso (SAM)

New Zealand: 1. Dylan BENNETT (GK), 2. Jordan SPAIN, 3. Josh ROGERSON, 4. Liberato CACACE, 5. Jake WILLIAMS, 8. Oliver DUNCAN, 9. Max MATA (C), 10. Willem EBBINGE, 14. Kingsley SINCLAIR, 17. Matthew PALMER, 18. Charles SPRAGG
Substitutes: 12. Zac JONES (GK), 6. Leon VAN DEN HOVEN, 7. Elijah JUST, 11. Matthew CONROY, 13. Matthew JONES, 15. Ben DEELEY, 16. Oliver WHYTE

Coach: Danny HAY (NZL)

FULL TIME | Samoa 0-11 New Zealand

90’+4′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-11 NZL | Charles SPRAGG sends in his third of the evening

90’+3′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-10 NZL | Matthew PALMER sends New Zealand into double digits

90’+1′ Willem EBBINGE misses a prime opportunity but New Zealand still pick up a corner

90′ Minimum of six minutes additional time

89′ Samoa have a defender go down with a leg injury that requires treatment

88′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-9 NZL | Max MATA adds one of his own to New Zealand’s growing tally 

86′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-8 NZL | Oliver WHYTE with a superb solo effort as he cuts in towards goal and shoots

83′ Offside flag goes up on MATA

82′ A stray shin pad on the field finds a home with Lotio MANO

78′ SUB NZL | Kingsley SINCLAIR is replaced by Oliver WHYTE


74′ In from behind by Oliver DUNCAN and Samoa have a free kick in their own half

73′ Darcy KNIGHT is signalling to the bench and perhaps has a touch of cramp that needs treatment

71′ Jay POPESE cuts between PALMER and the ball and does well to keep the attacker at bay

70′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-7 NZL | PALMER adds another after pulling the ball around the defender and firing low

70′ Free kick for Samoa is bashed upfield by Sefa MAMEA-HIND but New Zealand bring the ball down

67′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-6 NZL | An unmarked Matthew PALMER loops his header over an back-peddling FETU

66′ SUB SAM | The injured Solomon GRANGER is replaced by Julius DUFFY

65′ Samoa do well to crowd out an advance from New Zealand and launch a counter attack of their own

64′ YELLOW CARD | Jordan SPAIN picks up a caution for the late challenge

63′ Poor challenge from SPAIN who takes out Jay POPESE

61′ Back underway but Samoa have another injury on the far side of the pitch with Harlen RUSSEL having taken a knock

60′ An injury for Samoa in their own penalty area

57′ Long chip from ROGERSON takes a light touch allowing FETU to scoop up

55′ SUB SAM | Dilo TUMUA makes room for Jay POPESE

52′ Jordan SPAIN makes a very decent tackle on Dilo TUMUA

49′ Josh ROGERSON dives over a defender trying to head at goal but his effort is cleared

47′ New Zealand pressing forward as they look to add to their tally in the second half

46′ Second half gets underway

HALF-TIME SUB NZL | Oliver DUNCAN replaced by Leon VAN DEN HOVEN and Jake WILLIAMS replaced by Ben DEELEY

HALF-TIME SUB SAM | Osa SAVELIO makes room for Kitiona NAUER

HALF-TIME | Samoa 0-5 New Zealand

45’+4′ Low drive from SPRAGG goes just wide of the post

45’+2′ Cross flies in from WILLIAMS but MATA can’t get a foot to it and Samoa are lucky there’s no-one lurking at the back post

45′ A minimum of four minutes additional time

44′ First touch of the ball for NZL keeper Dylan BENNETT who comes out of his area to clear a shot from Lotial MANO

43′ Falinko NANUMEA with a foot out to block the cross from Jake WILLIAMS

41′ A counter attack from Samoa via Darcy KNIGHT but he loses the ball to fleet-footed Liberato CACACE

40′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-5 NZL | Charles SPRAGG gets on the board again with an excellent finish past a diving FETU

39′ Jordan SPAIN whips in a cross which FETU palms over the cross bar

37′ YELLOW CARD | Willie SAUILUMA is cautioned after taking down Matthew PALMER

36′ New Zealand get things back underway after taking on some water


32′ Harlen RUSSELL puts in a decent block to put the ball out for a corner

29′ Bit messy out there as possession passes back and forth between the two side

27′ New Zealand slowing the pace of the match down with a series of passes along the backline

25′ A little late with the trailing foot from Osa SAVELIO on PALMER earns a free kick for the Kiwis

24′ FATU punches clear with both SPRAGG and Max MATA bearing down

23′ Long ball from Liberato CACACE finds PALMER out wide but he can’t create anything

22′ Samoa still deep in their own half trying to slow the New Zealanders down

21′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-4 NZL | A quick follow up goal as Kingsley SINCLAIR sends a low drive in at the back post

20′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-3 NZL | Matthew PALMER delivers the cross and it’s a sweetly struck finish from Charles SPRAGG

16′ Matthew PALMER leaps up to meet a cross but sends just wide of the target

14′ Good build-up around the penalty area from New Zealand after SPRAGG won the ball with good hustle

13′ Samoa advance up the left with a series of throw ins

12′ Unbelievable! Off the bottom of the cross bar, bounces up and down but not over the line allowing FATU to claim the ball

10′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-2 NZL | Willem EBBINGE follows up on an attempted clearance from Osa SAVELIO

9′ Charles SPRAGG goes 1v1 with the keeper who races out of the comfort of his area to boot into touch

8′ Free kick for Samoa on the half mark after EBBINGE fouls

7′ A corner for New Zealand and despite a couple of Kiwis in his path FATU manages to punch clear

5′ GOAL!! SAM 0-1 NZL | Charles SPRAGG scores following the indirect free kick, chesting it down and volleying into the net

4′ Indirect free kick for New Zealand after FATU holds the ball for too long

3′ FATU is back on his feet and play resumes with an attack on goal from New Zealand

1′ An early worry for Samoa as keeper Eti FATU takes a knock and requires treatment

1′ The match gets underway with a Samoa kick-off

The match will begin after a moment’s silence for New Zealand’s 1982 World Cup captain and recipient of the FIFA Order of Merit Steve Sumner

Match Officials:
Referee: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Sione TEU (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Marc SINYEUE (NCL)
Fourth Official: Mederic LACOUR (NCL)

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