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Samoa and Papua New Guinea have battled to a draw in the closing match of the OFC U-19 Women’s Championship.

Samoa: 18. Jecky TOMA (GK) 2. Renee ATONIO, 3. Hunter MALAKI, 4. Epi TAFILI, 5. Mariecamilla AH KI, 7. Rachael TAGATAULI, 8. Liana SOIFUA, 9. Tianna SEKONA, 10. Shalom FISO (C), 12. Talaiesea MULITALO, 17. Vineta FALEAANA,
Substitutes: 1. Katarina AH SUI (RGK), 6. Sonya TANUVASA, 11. Matalena FASSAVALU, 13. Mole SAOFAIGA, 14. Emele PALETASALA, 15. Natiflo PEREIRA, 16. Conzuella VATU.

Coach: Martin TAMASESE (SAM)

Papua New Guinea: 20. Amatha MISTERA (GK), 2. Natasha SAGEM, 3. Margret JOSEPH (C), 5. Bridget PAIME, 8. Alison PAULIAS, 9. Selina UNAMBA, 10. Nicollete AGEVA, 13. Ramona PADIO, 14. Leah KARO, 16. Serah TAMGOL, 18. Jacklyn MAIYOSI.
Substitutes: 1. Faith KASIRAY (RGK), 4. Isabella NATERA, 7. Marity SEP, 17. Melisa JOFARI, 19. Gorethy PAOFA.
Suspended: 12. Belinda GIADA

Coach: Rachel Wadunah (PNG)

FULL TIME | Samoa 1-1 Papua New Guinea

90′ Two minutes additional time

88′ SUB PNG | Serah TAMGOL makes room for Gorethy PAOFA 

84′ SUB SAM | Talaiesea MULITALO makes room for Sonya TANUVASA 

82′ Melisa JOFARI meets a cross but sends the ball out of play on her first touch

79′ Samoa press high but can’t break through the Papua New Guinea backline

77′ Nicollete AGEVA and Jecky TOMA meet for a 1v1 but the keeper manages to punch the attempt over the crossbar

75′ The ball switches between the two halves but neither backline can be broken

71′ Nicollete AGEVA sends an attempt into the side net

71′ SUB PNG | Leah KARO is replaced by Isabella NATERA 

68′ Serah TAMGOL follows up a miscued clearance forcing Jecky TOMA to make another save

66′ Ramona PADIO sends in a powerful attempt but Jecky TOMA makes an impressive save

63′ Free kick to Samoa after a foul from Ramona PADIO

60′ Selina UNAMBA and Hunter MALAKI sprint after a ball rolling towards the Samoa goal but MALAKI gets there first and makes the clearance

58′ Shalom FISO charges through the Papua New Guinea defence but Amatha MISTERA just manages a hand to block the attempt

57′ Papua New Guinea push players into the attacking third but can’t break through the Samoa backline

55′ Shalom FISO finds the ball at her feet but is quickly shut down by three Papua New Guinea defenders

54′ SUB PNG | Jacklyn MAIYOSI is replaced by Melisa JOFARI 

53′ Jacklyn MAIYOSI attempts to cross while on the move but can’t get enough angle and sends the ball out of play

52′ Vineta FALEAANA connects with the ball from outside of the box but her attempt drifts wide of the top left corner

51′ Shalom FISO sends a high ball into the penalty box but Amatha MISTERA reaches up to get to it first

49′ Hunter MALAKI fires in a free kick but no Samoa player meets it at back post

48′ Nicollete AGEVA tries to get her foot on a through ball but Hunter MALAKI guides it out of play

46′ Samoa get the second half underway

HALF-TIME | Samoa 1-1 Papua New Guinea

45’+1 GOAL!!! SAM 1-1 PNG | Hunter MALAKI finds the back of the net from a long range free kick

44′ Liana SOIFUA sends a through ball past the Papua New Guinea backline but no Samoa player chases

42′ Back-to-back attempts from Papua New Guinea are blocked by the Samoa backline

41′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-1 PNG | Nicollete AGEVA finally finds the back of the net after a strong build-up from Papua New Guinea 

40′ Ramona PADIO sends a perfect ball to Selina UNAMBA but her following attempt is sent well wide of goal

39′ Jacklyn MAIYOSI receives a ball in front of goal but Mariecamilla AH KI sweeps in and makes the clearance

37′ Nicollete AGEVA pressures Renee ATONIO to give away another corner

36′ Renee ATONIO clears the ball but gives Papua New Guinea a corner kick

35′ Samoa counter attack and Tianna SEKONA has an attempt from outside the box but Amatha MISTERA makes the save

35′ Jacklyn MAIYOSI sends a cross along the ground but Jecky TOMA dives down to save it

33′ Liana SOIFUA sends a ball for Shalom FISO to chase but it rolls out of play before she can reach it

30′ Papua New Guinea send in another corner but Jecky TOMA pulls off an impressive save once again

29′ Jacklyn MAIYOSI heads a ball towards goal but can’t get enough power behind it to challenge Jecky TOMA

28′ Papua New Guinea push forward but Hunter MALAKI breaks down the play by clearing the ball out wide

26′ Nicollete AGEVA fires at goal but the ball hits the crossbar and bounces back into play

26′ Hunter MALAKI gets power behind the free kick but sends the ball straight to Amatha MISTERA

24′ Samoa is awarded a free kick after a foul from Margret JOSEPH on Tianna SEKONA in the Papua New Guinea half

22′ Nicollete AGEVA wins the ball off Mariecamilla AH KI but Samoa is awarded a free kick for the challenge

21′ Nicollete AGEVA is tackled in the box but wins the corner kick for Papua New Guinea

19′ Talaiesea MULITALO tries to carry the ball down the line but Margret JOSEPH sweeps in with a strong tackle to regain possession

18′ Jacklyn MAIYOSI and Jecky TOMA meet in a 1v1 but the keeper punches the attempt at goal clear

17′ Both teams battle for possession in the middle of the park

15′ Shalom FISO chases a ball into the box but the offside call is given

14′ Tianna SEKONA chases another through ball but can’t get it under control before it rolls out of play

12′ Hunter MALAKI sends a dangerous through ball for Tianna SEKONA to chase but Margret JOSEPH slides in and clears wide

11′ Nicollete AGEVA battles for possession up wide but sends the ball out of play

8′ Selina UNAMBA can’t get enough power behind a long range attempt to challenge Jecky TOMA

7′ Free kick to Samoa after a foul on Shalom FISO just inside the Papua New Guinea half

6′ Nicollete AGEVA’s attempt is blocked by Hunter MALAKI but earns Papua New Guinea a corner kick

5′ The corner kick falls deep in the Samoa box but Jecky TOMA jumps up and punches it away

4′ Papua New Guinea win the corner kick

1′ Papua New Guinea get the match underway

Match Officials
Referee: Morgan ARCHER (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Lata KAUMATULE (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Beth RATTRAY (NZL)
Fourth Official: Torika DELAI (FIJ)

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